The New Opium Sold in China

There are still so many people who are blind and do not want to see that all private and dirty cars and dirty factories as well as dirty coal cause smog in China and everywhere!!!

The Chinese government in the last 30 years or more has implemented finest and smartest national policies in many areas. On Monday December 30, 2013 China added one wisest and most prudent public policy in prohibiting Chinese leaders smoke in public places or buy cigarettes using public funds, and should encourage their colleagues to quit smoking. “It was also forbidden for government and party organs to provide tobacco or advertise cigarettes internally, and smoking should be prohibited in offices, meeting rooms, restrooms and cafeterias.The best part of the policy involves enforcement. In an announcement, “the State Council said those who smoke on high-speed trains can be fined up to 2000 yuan ($329.80), starting in January.” It is hoped this fine or penalty applies also to public places, offices, shopping malls, department stores, restaurants, restrooms (public or private toilet) and elevators. Good policy or good law is useless if it is not strictly enforced. There is no doubt that smoking harms smokers, and secondhand smoke harms non-smokers, and smoking pollutes the air and environment. Three culprits of air and environment pollutions are private cars, smokers, and dirty factories or industries. Big cities will never solve the smog problems until they take effective measures to get rid of 90 percent of private cars. Further measures need to include no fireworks and firecrackers (for October 1st and Chinese New Year, they are only allowed in designated places), no outdoors barbecue, no burning incense in temples, no trash burning, no forest burning, etc. Eventually, it will be great if China becomes the first smokeless nation with no smoking everywhere.

I have personally watched and witnessed the most spectacular successes and unprecedented achievements of Shanghai since 1985. Shanghai is one of the greatest or perhaps the greatest city in the world that even citizens of most advanced nations flock to Shanghai to work and live. There are two cities which I care most, namely Shanghai and Hangzhou. Whatever I suggest for Shanghai I also suggest for Hangzhou. My suggestions for Shanghai were written at first when things were progressing amazingly well and Shanghai was crowned with the glory and success of Shanghai Expo 2010. Things have changed drastically, there are some urgent suggestions that that I have to highlight them and put them right in front of this article for the sake of its vital importance. On December 6, 2013 Shanghai was invaded and shrouded by most dangerous, deadly and toxic air pollution in its history, even more smoggy than Beijing. Shanghai cannot afford to be self-satisfied in spite of its spectacular successes and unprecedented achievements that no other city in the history of mankind had ever achieved in the short period of 35 years. Whether Shanghai wants to be a Better City or New City, the following suggestions fit perfectly. Shanghai needs to apply all its resources and skills in attacking and solving the following most pressing problems with immediate action based on long-term and comprehensive plans:

(1). SMOG.

I personally witness smog is the no. 1 enemy of both Shanghai and Hangzhou.

Private cars are the no. 1 producer of smog.

Private cars are the public enemies no. 1.

Smog is so serious and toxic that it harms human health and life with clear and immediate effects. The detrimental and dangerous effects of smog have immediate and long-term consequences. Immediate effect increases large numbers of respiratory and pulmonary and cardiac conditions and diseases. For an asthmatic to wear mask going out causes breathing difficulty; if he wears glasses, hot air clouds and fogs his spectacles. Air-polluted environment produce asthmatic babies as it does in Los Angeles. Polluted air shortens human lives. Dirty air also pollutes environment including water and soil. Drastic problems call for drastic measures. The radical measures to reduce and eliminate air pollution are:

(a). Reduce private cars in Shanghai by half in half a year. This can be done by eliminating all cars that do not meet clean air standards. Sale tax of 100% can reduce buying new cars. It means if the car price is ¥1 million, sale tax is also ¥1 million. Heavy maintenance taxes (oil, gasoline, repairs, parking, and car wash with special taxes) and annual license car use tax can effectively make keeping a car very costly. All cars can only drive on odd or even days based on the last digit of its license plate. All cars not licensed by Shanghai are not allowed to enter or drive in Shanghai during rush hours: 5-10 a.m. and 4-10 p.m.

(b). Tax foreign car makers and dealers heavily. They have defrauded and overcharged Chinese consumers about 3 times they charge in their home countries for many years.

(c). Reduce businesses of parking and car wash and tax them heavily.

(d). Penalize all dirty factories and demand clean technology and move them to country side.

(e). Make Shanghai a smokeless city and that smoking is prohibitive everywhere even in your home or apartment. Caught smoking is to be fined ¥200 per offense. 

(f). Precious water cannot be wasted in washing dirty cars.


(a). On Smog Alert days, ground all private cars.

(b). Fine heavily drivers that honk unnecessarily, ¥700 per violation.

(c). Enforce all traffic rules and regulations.

(d). Fine heavily drivers and motorcycle and electric bikers who go through red light; ¥1,000 for car and ¥2,000 for truck, ¥500 for motorcycle and electric bike, and ¥200 for bicycle. Three time violations of going through red light, the vehicles will be confiscated.

(e). When pedestrians are walking on green light, no car, motorcycle, electric bike or bicycle may enter until it is save.

(f). Execute drunk drivers who kill as murderers.

(g). Fine pedestrian ¥100 for walking on red light per offense.

(h). Fine drivers who use high beam in driving on the street or express way or anywhere at  ¥800 per violation.


(a). Violation of food, drink, drug, oil, milk, baby formula, etc. safety that kills people will be executed and all assets seized.

Recently in July 2014 American fast food industries such as McDonald's, Kentucky, Burger King, Pizza Hut, etc. have been caught in selling expired, contaminated, harmful food to Chinese consumers for years.

(b). Fake food, drink, drug, oil, milk, baby formula, etc. that kills people will be executed and all assets seized.

(c). All foreigners who violate the law or abuse Chinese will be prosecuted, after completing jail sentence to be deported and never be allowed to reenter China.

(d). Foreign agents who threaten China’s national security will be punished according to law; the most serious one deserves death penalty.

(e). Foreign journalists who spread lies and rumors will be prosecuted according to law, fined, and after completion of jail sentence to be kicked out never allowed to return to China.

(f). All terrorist acts deserve death penalty. All police and military should be authorized to shoot terrorists at sight to kill. Civilians who kill a terrorist in the act should be rewarded.

(g). Serious human and drug-trafficking deserves death penalty. 

As of January 15, 2013 sadly toxic and heavy smog has invaded and pervaded in China’s major cities such as Beijing, Nanjing, Chongqing, Xian, Shanghai, etc. for days. Years ago I had warned China not to follow America in falling into the bottomless pit of petroleum. America has taken the wrong and destructive path in becoming the largest country of private cars. Today China is facing smog problems. There is no surprise because it is a natural consequence of air pollution caused by driving millions of cars, especially private cars. Ownership of private cars was promoted as Chinese dream; it has turned out to be a China’s nightmare.

On top of all the evil related to private cars, American, European and Japanese auto companies overcharge Chinese consumers 3 times what Americans, Europeans and Japanese pay for the same cars they bought. There is an urgent need for Chinese government to address the injustice and bust and severely penalize foreign auto companies and dealers which commit price fixing, predatory practices and excessive profits making, monopolistic practices, etc.

As vehicles (most of them private cars) crawl along major roads and streets, highways and expressways and cause traffic jams in many cities in China, smog (dark and dirty air pollutant) chokes the people and threatens the health, productivity and quality of life of more than 1 billion peoples and bring environmental disaster at incalculable cost. Without any doubt, motor vehicles are the chief culprit for the lung-choking and eye-tearing air and environmental pollutions. During Shanghai Expo the message was: Better City, Better Life. Millions of private cars do make worse city and worse life. Car is not the new symbol of prosperity; it is the deadly symbol of liability. Private cars which have led the United States falling into the bottomless pit of petroleum are now leading China to the same path of death and destruction. The time to act is now. Testing and hourly air quality updates do not solve air pollution; reducing private cars do. Hundreds of millions and millions of peoples in Europe live well without cars. Central and city governments need to reduce private cars drastically by the means suggested in this article, increase availability and convenience of clean and effective public mass transportation such as subways, light rails, electric buses, trains, etc. to make private cars unnecessary and very costly. Vehicle emissions of PM2.5 cannot be tolerated any longer. The car-driving way of life is the wrong way of life. There is no more hesitation or the battle against air pollution will be lost like that in America. Private cars are not Chinese dream, but Chinese nightmare. Problems caused by men can be and must be removed by men.

If you have known China from 1985 to 2014, you are furnished with a perspective to witness some most spectacular changes. You can be sure almost everything in China has improved and turned for better. China is getting better, cleaner, freer, richer and stronger every day. Only two things get worse: traffic and morality.

A. Traffic gets worse because of the proliferation of private cars – the new opium Western nations and Japan have sold and addicted Chinese people. The gullible and unsophisticated Chinese think private cars are Chinese dream; it turns out to be Chinese nightmare which is self-evident in every big city. Years ago I warned China not to follow the American steps in falling into the bottomless pit of petroleum. Some city governments thought by building more roads and highways and speedways and expressways to accommodate more cars will solve traffic congestion problems. That is a fallacy of dire consequences. The culture of private cars brings most pressing and depressing problems:

(1). Traffic congestion makes lives miserable for commuters. It takes longer and longer, and it goes slower and slower to get to work and other places. The uncivilized drivers honk incessantly with the arrogant attitude like declaring: I am the emperor and empress, get out of my way! Little those ignorant and dumb drivers realize, honking does not clear traffic jam; it only makes noise that increases the misery index.

(2). Traffic jam endangers operations of ambulance and fire trucks and police. The costs of lives lost because patients cannot get emergency help in time and the property lost because fire fighters cannot get to fire in time to put out fire cannot be calculated or estimated.

(3). Foreign car makers and dealers defraud Chinese customers by selling foreign cars many times the price they charged in America, Europe and Japan. These business predators even facetiously and falsely pass the blame on China’s import tax which is minimal. Foreign companies have fleeced and defrauded Chinese consumers for decades by overcharging every imported item with excessively high price, it is about time the Chinese government strike at the monopolistic and predatory practices and illegal collusion of price fixing committed by foreign corporations with hefty fines and penalties.

(4). Brazen violations of traffic rules and regulations such as driving or riding through red light, driving dirty and unsafe vehicles, illegal stopping or parking, driving at unsafe speed, changing lanes dangerously, driving at high beam, honking unnecessarily, driving or riding on sidewalk, driving at excess weight, using cellphones while driving, not using proper signal lights, plowing into pedestrians while walking on green light, etc. must be penalized and fined heavily. Three time violations of driving or riding on red light will suspend driver license for a year with big fine. It is high time for traffic police to get busy and productive. Actually the rule should be changed to make all police responsible to deal with all crimes including violations of traffic law.

(5). The car-related crimes mushroom in China from setting up and staging accidents to fraudulent license plates, to insurance frauds, to car thefts, to air and environmental pollutions, to noise created by unnecessary honking and heat created by tires running on the road, to wicked driving who blind others and pedestrians by high beams at night, etc., etc.

(6). Car wash is the greatest waste of precious water resources.

(7). Parking lots are the most unproductive use of limited land.

(8). The high cost of gasoline enriches OPEC and oil companies and makes the greatest transfer of wealth to foreign countries as America has suffered so many years.

(9). Drastic measures are necessary for the Central Government and city governments to reduce and control private cars by imposing heavy sale tax (same amount of sale price) on private cars, high tax on gasoline, car accessories, car wash, car repair and maintenance, car license, etc. Restrict car use through odd and even days based on odd and even numbers of license plate. All rules and regulation are intended to make buying and maintaining private cars unprofitable and unproductive and very costly.

(10). Excess cars can be exported, and some can be used in remote areas to serve transportation and industry needs.

B. Since the opening up, American culture has invaded China with dire consequences and lowering of Chinese moral standards.

(1). Divorce American style has multiplied. Some uneducated Chinese think divorce is fashionable.

(2). Sexual crimes such as rape, women trafficking, pimping and prostitution, pornography, sex and violent movies, sexual immorality and promiscuity, abortions, homosexuality, AIDs have mushroomed; capitalistic greed, fraud and counterfeit, bribery and kickback, official corruption, robbery, embezzlement, fraudulent billing, etc. have overwhelmed China. Radical problems require radical solutions. Chinese leaders must have courage to strike at crimes and deter crooks and criminals, and correct the deviant and the undesirable.

(3). Businesses and individuals who manufacture fake, contaminated and toxic drug, food, drink, oil, baby formula, etc. who kill and harm people must be executed as capital offense and all assets seized to pay the victims or their families.

(4). All uncivilized behavior such as smoking, spitting, littering, honking, shouting, dirty toilets, professional begging, forced selling, riding subway train without ticket, pick pocketing, etc. can be eradicated by the iron hand of the law.

(5). An unhealthy phenomenon appears in China is the obsession of breasts and bras. More and more Chinese women think and behave it is fashionable to wear dresses that expose their breasts on TV and in public. If you watch American movies you will find women are dressed to expose their breasts deliberately much more than before.

(6). China is inundated with incredible number of false and fake TV commercials making claims on medical treatment or cure, reduction of big belly, losing weight, miraculous speed in learning English, fantastic children education, unsubstantiated miracle products, etc.

(7). American way of life from violence, immorality, superficiality, greed, deviancy, life style, excess to vanity is portrayed as good and desirable by the mass media to fool and influence Chinese people.

I liked Hangzhou very much when I first visited China in 1985. You can say Hangzhou is one of China’s treasures. West Lake is Hangzhou’s treasure. Once I spent my winter vacation in Hangzhou when I was a professor hired by the Ministry of Education with pleasant memories. Now smog is getting so bad in Hangzhou due to proliferation of private cars. If the smog is not eliminated by massive reduction of private cars and dirty industries, smog will destroy West Lake and Hangzhou because tourists will not find it a pleasure to visit. There is no pleasure in visiting any heavily air-polluted and car-congested city anywhere in the world. It is hoped Hangzhou government will see the handwriting on the wall and take drastic measures to save Hangzhou and West Lake from destruction by air pollutions and traffic congestion.

There is nothing wrong with the useful Chinese invention of fireworks in connection with celebrations. It is proper and appropriate to celebrate Chinese New Year, etc. with fireworks which are nice and beautiful. I recall every New Year’s Eve maybe a million people jammed Disneyland to watch fireworks. Once I met a silly mother who did not go early to get a place where to watch that their children cried. In China, firecrackers are exploded day and night and fireworks are displayed continuously from evening to early morning for many days. This way of using firecrackers and fireworks is more than spreading festivities; they become fire hazards, destruction of environment because of air pollution and noise that disturbs sleep and peace. To survive in this world, individuals and nations need to adapt. Yesterday (2/16/13) I met a young mother with a daughter who told me how smoggy it was in Beijing. It is committing suicide to explode firecrackers and fireworks day and night continuously for a period of time in an already smoggy city. It would be wise for Chinese government and local governments to set a rule and regulation to control use of firecrackers and fireworks. For example, firecrackers and fireworks can only be used in designated places for 15 minutes at New Year’s Eve when the clock strikes at 12 midnight. All the rest is frivolous, superfluous and useless and harmful to people and environment. The excessive use of firecrackers and fireworks is meaningless, senseless, useless and a complete waste of money that creates serious problems for people and environment.

Some experts advocate wearing mask and washing your face and nose, etc. are measures that do not deal with the root causes of smog problems. What I am going to specifically suggest maybe painful as it is painful to remove a tumor; but if you don’t, the cancer will kill you. Smog can kill people and destroy a nation. I want to stand on the mountain top of China and shout to big cities leaders and people the following solutions to effectively reduce smog problems in the shortest time possible. The solutions will require sacrifice and obedience to the law that may preserve health, life, prosperity and stability of any society.

(1). Reduce private car ownership by 95%.

Cars are necessary such as ambulance, fire truck, truck that transports goods, bus, taxi, government official and corporate executive cars, etc., but most private cars are unnecessary. There is no reason for private car in big city which has subway, light rail, electric bus, taxi, etc. To control proliferation of private cars, the following taxes are necessary:

A.   Luxury tax: car is a luxury, not a necessity. One hundred percent sale tax is added on every purchase of a new and used car. The tax is the same price of the car. If a car costs a million yuan, the sale tax is also a million yuan. If the car price is 300,000 – the tax is 300,000.

B.   License tax: every car owner must pay a license tax of 30 percent of the car value. If the car value is 100,000the annual license tax is 30,000.

C.   Gas and oil tax: 20 percent is added to your bill every time you buy gasoline and car oil.

D.   Car repair and maintenance tax: 15 percent is added for whatever is charged.

E.   Car wash tax: 20 percent is added to whatever is charged. Water is precious and must not be wasted on dirty cars.

F.   Parking tax: 10 percent is added to whatever is charged.

G.   Private cars (taxi is not included) are licensed to drive according to the last digit of their license plate. If your car license plate is an even number, it means you can drive only on even days of any month of the year. For example: 0,2,4,6,8 – you drive on any even day. If the last digit of your license plate is odd number such is 1,3,5,7,9 you can only drive on odd days. Violation will be fined at 1,000 per occurrence. Twelve violations of driving on unauthorized days will confiscate your vehicle.

H.   All these rules and regulations must be broadcasted on TV and published on newspapers and on the Internet 30 consecutive days before they are enforced and implemented.

(2). Elimination of smoking everywhere.

Everywhere? Yes, everywhere, including your own home and office.

Because no one is able to control the smoke comes out cigarette which pollutes the air and the environment. Violation of smoking rule is 100 per occurrence.

(3). Elimination of public burning whether it is barbecuing, field burning, forest burning, or incense burning, etc.

Although there is religious freedom, but when your practice of religion creates smog problems, it must be curtailed. For example, smokeless incense should be allowed for those who practice worshipping idols. The fine for violation is 100 per occurrence.

(4). Elimination of dirty coal industry and factory.

Clean coal technology must replace dirty coal technology. The government should help backward industry and factory to modernize. The penalty of dirty industry or factory is 5,000 per occurrence.

Note: Law must have teeth and enforced or it becomes useless and meaningless. 

“Auto sales in China are booming, with analysts and automakers forecasting growth at 15 to 20 percent this year. But demand for the biggest vehicles is even stronger, with sales of luxury cars and SUVs expected to surge by 40 to 45 percent.”

Before the Opium Wars, the British Empire forced China to buy its opium; and when China refused that started the infamous Opium Wars. The Western powers wanted to whitewash their war crimes and atrocities by calling it a trade war. Western nations and the evil empire of Japan burned and looted China’s national treasures now displayed in their public and private museums at an estimated market value of $10,000 trillion dollars. Just as opium addicted the Chinese people before, so Chinese people are now addicted to private cars – the single most harmful and detrimental monster that causes air, noise and environmental pollutions and traffic congestion in all Chinese major cities and accidents and casualties of hundreds of thousands of unnecessary injuries and deaths.

1. It is already a disaster in China because the West and Japan are pushing and selling a new kind of Opium private cars. Cars are not Chinese dream; they are Chinese nightmares in terms of cost, traffic, pollution, negative economic impact, inconvenience and casualty as well as car-related crime.

2. In big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, the disastrous effects and impacts of private cars are already evident and transparent. It is irrational to build more express ways and roads to accommodate the proliferation of private cars. The only effective way for any big Chinese city to clear up the air pollutions is to curb the proliferation of private cars. For private cars are the major causes of environmental degradation, air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, soil pollution due to car exhaust, leaking oil, etc.

3. China should learn from the United States. Due to the conspiracy and collaboration of the oil, car, and tire industries – mass transit of subways and light rails were not developed because of the wrong decisions made by state and federal authorities. America is a car-driven and oil-run society. Consequently America has fallen into the bottomless pit of the high cost of petroleum. When a nation made a fatal strategic mistake, there is no turning back. Even if the U.S. wants to develop a national mass transit system now, it is too late because it is not feasible. Take Los Angeles, the city is expanding in all directions that makes it unsuitable and unfeasible to build a useful subway system. For a city to be suitable for building a viable subway system, it must be structured in a concentric circle with concentric circles, not stretching in a longitudinal way in four directions. The American way of driving around is the most undesirable model of traffic jams, long commute time, air pollution, noise pollution, accidents and casualties, car thefts and insurance frauds, and a set of ills caused by a car culture compounded by the high cost of oil and gasoline and increasing inflation.

4. China needs to set a comprehensive national policy of making mass transit of subways, light rails and electric buses as the sole public transportation for 85% of big city residents while allowing 5% for trucks, 5% for taxis, and 5% for private cars. If this public policy is not adopted, China will follow America falling into the same bottomless pit of petroleum with dire consequences to the economy hijacked by OPEC and oil companies, air, water and environmental pollutions, inefficiency, tremendous waste of resources and lack of productivity.

5. China needs also to start enforcing traffic rules and regulations. The educational programs can be launched on TV, the Internet and other media to educate the public of the importance of obeying traffic rules and regulations. After half a year of education and warning, enforcement and penalties will be administered to all violators. There are too many barbaric and uncivilized drivers as well as motorcyclists and bikers. Drivers, motorcyclists, bikers, and pedestrians that run through red light must pay stiff fines. Drivers who are caught driving through red light three times are dangerous drivers and their licenses must be revoked. It must be prohibitive to drive unsafe cars, unsafe speed, and drive recklessly, drive on sidewalks, or honk unnecessarily and incessantly. Driving with high beam at night on surface street also endangers other drivers and pedestrians because high beam blinds people. Drunken drivers who drive and kill people must be prosecuted as murderers.

In addition, private cars have become the most vicious, malicious, deadly, costly and dangerous social ill and societal liability in China. In China’s big cities, the traffic is so jammed and congested that ambulances and fire trucks cannot go through. This will inevitably result in unnecessary loss of lives and property. Private cars are public enemies number one. The United States of America is ruined by private cars and has fallen into the bottomless pit of petroleum. It would not be wise for any nation to follow the American failed model.

6. It is perfectly all right for Chinese automakers to build efficient and comfortable electric buses for domestic use and manufacture private cars to be sold abroad. But mass transit of subways and light rails serves the national interest and the interest of the greatest number of residents in big cities with tremendous economic benefits.

7. America is going down economically and financially and environmentally due to the effects and results of a big blunder made some decades ago in adopting private cars as the major mode of transportation. In fact it was the conspiracy of car makers, oil and tire companies to make sure America do not have mass transit of subways and light rails. Being a car-driven culture America is at the mercy of OPEC and oil companies. There has been the greatest transfer of wealth from American consumers to Arab oil-producing nations and big oil firms for a number of years. Do you know why the dictator of Libya has more gold that the EU? The answer is stupid, oil. Private cars are not only the major mode of transportation for most Americans, driving is the American way of life. In addition to the most costly and ineffective way of transportation, private cars are the major causes of environmental pollutions (air, water, land). There are a bunch of social ills related to the car culture: car theft, insurance fraud, car repair fraud, traffic congestion, fake driver license, staged accident, accident and casualty, accident fraud (that benefits doctors, lawyers and phony claimants), etc. America is going down driven by private cars, America is falling into the bottomless pit of petroleum. It is hoped that the Chinese leader will see the peril and pitfall of private cars and restrict the purchase and use of private cars by high taxation, financial penalty in maintenance and keeping of private cars. In other words, private cars should be discouraged and make it too expensive to buy and use. Subways and light rails and electric buses should be the major mode of transportation in China's big cities.

8. The costs and consequences of private cars are incalculable.

The evils of the new opium caused by cars are incredible, inestimable, and irreparable in China. Facts are stronger than fancy; evidence is more powerful than eloquence.

(A). Cars cause pollution.

Cars must be differentiated into classes. Private cars are most unnecessary, and they are no. 1 polluters of environment – air, land and water. Cars also cause noise pollution. Once I stayed at a 4 star hotel, unable to sleep because cars were noisily passing all night long. On American freeways, big rigs run creating small earthquake. In China the wicked drivers honk incessantly. The costs and consequences of air, land and water and noise pollutions are incalculable – they destroy the environment. For example, Los Angeles is the no. 1 American city polluted by cars. Asthma and respiratory ailments are prevalent in Los Angeles. The costs and consequences of health damage and diseases are incalculable and unbearable. Have you ever watched a baby having an asthma attack but unable to express his/her misery? Taxis and some private cars for business and government are necessary. Trucks for short distance transport and delivery of goods are necessary. Big cities must make mass transit such as subway, light rail and electric bus as the main mode of public transportation. In order to curb proliferation of private cars, sales tax, pollution tax, gas and oil tax, car wash tax, car accessories tax, etc. must be levied to make keeping a car costly. It should be a national policy to manufacture passenger cars mainly for export purposes. Electric buses contribute to cleaner air.

(B). Cars cause traffic jam and long commute time.

Time wasted adds to productivity cost. The consumption of gas and oil transfers wealth to OPEC and oil companies in large sums. As the price of gasoline goes up, it increases the cost of almost every thing, including goods and services, food and cost of living. Private car is the most wasteful mode of transportation. I was a guest professor at a university; every time I went to lecture I traveled by a taxi because there was no other mode of transportation. Imagine if the university has 2,000 professors and all use taxis or private cars, the waste is tremendous and apparent. Private cars contribute to low productivity to the society at high cost with many liabilities. In addition because of traffic jam created by unnecessary private cars, ambulances and fire trucks cannot go through. Consequently, the high costs of lives and property loss add to the dimension of the new opium that plagues mankind. The United States of America has fallen into the bottomless pit of petroleum, it is wise China not to follow suit.

(C). Cars cause accidents and injuries and deaths.

In China stupid and ignorant drivers drive with high beam at night to blind other drivers and thus causing accidents. Reckless drivers often cause accidents. The costs of accidents, injuries and deaths are incalculable but preventable. The transportation in China is chaotic and disorderly: car drivers, motorcycle and bike riders and pedestrians violate traffic laws by going through red light. The worst are the electric bikes (noiseless) and motorcycles that go through red light. Traffic police refuse to issue citation for the violation fined at 5 yuan to avoid hassle with the violator. Unless China changes the penalty for drivers, riders and pedestrians that go through red light, traffic will continue to be chaotic and traumatic, and people will be injured and die needlessly. China has changed the penalties for traffic violations but needs to vigorously enforce the law and heavily penalize violators. For example, drunk drivers who kill people should be counted as murder and worthy of death penalty.

(D). Car-related matters create organized crime and syndicate that prey on the public.

Car thefts have become an organized crime. In California, most stolen cars went to Mexico. In China, stolen cars go to the countryside or remote areas. A terrible organized crime syndicate exists in America for decades, they are the fake accident claims. The accident is staged so that people may make medical claims. The organized crime involves the evil trinity of fake claimant, corrupt doctor and lawyer. The fake claimant claims he/she has headache, or neck pain, or back pain as a result of the fake accident which cannot be verified by medical means. The corrupt doctor conspires to certify the medical condition. The corrupt lawyer files fraudulent suit to make the legal claim. The loot is divided three ways, 1/3 for fake claimant, 1/3 for immoral doctor, and 1/3 for unethical lawyer. This is a very lucrative organized crime that can bankrupt the innocent and increase high insurance premium; the surprise is that it continues to flourish with impunity. The American legal system is not only flawed, it is useless because it encourages crime and enriches crooks and criminals. Car repairs are the cesspool of crooks and criminals. In my experience, 95 percent of car repairs in America are dishonest and fraudulent. Repair shop or dealer make unnecessary repairs or replacement of costly parts, or charge for service not done, etc.

(E). Private cars cause massive transfer of wealth to OPEC and oil companies.

When I was a guest professor at a university in Shanghai, every time I went to lecture I had to go by taxi by myself. This is the most unproductive and wasteful way of using energy. Imagine if there are 100,000 professors in the city who routinely go to teach by using 100,000 private cars or taxis! American drivers for decades have enriched OPEC and oil companies and their cars create heavily polluted and smoggy and unhealthy city like Los Angeles, and many other major cities in America. China should not follow America falling into the bottomless pit of petroleum and problems and decline of the economy. Not only money, the precious water should not be wasted on washing cars.

China’s increasingly clogged and lethal roads are caused and created by reckless and wicked drivers; among other things include endless and needless honking, using high beam at night in city streets and highways, driving through red light, unsafe speed, unsafe vehicles, aggressive driving to cut in front of others, failure to give signal before changing lane or making turn, etc. - in summary committing all sorts of traffic violation, crimes and ruthless behavior. The proliferation of private or passenger cars is the single factor that contributes to air pollution, traffic jams, long commute hours, noise, accidents, injuries and fatalities. Traffic jams also threaten lives and property because ambulances and fire trucks cannot go through. Being the world’s largest carmaker as well as the largest car market brings many liabilities and social ills to China. Car wash is a waste of precious natural resources. According to People’s Daily, citing Public Security Bureau statistics, there were 210,812 road accidents in China in 2011 involving injury or loss of life. At least 62,387 people died in traffic fatalities in 2011, with road accidents accounting for more than 80 percent of all accidental deaths in the country. China’s traffic problems are compounded by pedestrians, bike riders, electric bike drivers and car drivers who do not observe red traffic lights and deadly drunk drivers. Unless city governments effectively limit and control the number of vehicles on the road, there is no hope of reducing traffic jams and accidents and environmental pollutions. Car is not a Chinese dream; it is a nightmare with dire consequences. The U.S. has fallen into the bottomless pit of petroleum and transfer of wealth to OPEC and oil companies. Sadly and irrationally, China follows suit in the same path of destruction.

The naked truth about the evils and ills of the new opium (private cars) in China is increasingly clear and transparent to any honest and intelligent person:

1.      The deadly results of hundreds of thousands of car accidents annually  in addition to drunk driving that kill and harm many and the unnecessary losses of lives, disabled bodies and waste of human resources on top of financial liabilities.

2.      The inestimable cost of environmental and air and land and water pollutions as a result of car use and abuse taking place in major cities of China.

3.      The incalculable losses of precious time tied up in daily traffic congestions and hardship of sitting in the cars subjected to breathing foul air.

4.      The significant and substantial increase of many types of crime related to cars, car maintenance and repair, and thefts.

5.      The unbearable noise pollution directly caused by barbaric and uncivilized drivers in making unceasing honking.

6.      The stupid and uncivilized drivers of using high beam while driving on the streets and highways to blind other drivers and pedestrians.

7.      The mounting sorrow, stress and burden of urban life and downgrading the quality of life due to proliferations of private cars call for strict control and use of private cars and demand for mass transit such as subways, light rails and electric buses to serve the 95% of the population.

January 1, 2018

Willie Wong
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