The Myth of Evolution

Williams Jennings Bryan was motivated by his conclusion that Darwinism taught "the law of the jungle" and had led to World War I by subverting the morality of the Germans.... The paper concludes that teaching evolution leads to moral relativism. As one contemporary supporter of intelligent design put it, "Darwinian evolution tells us not only where we came from but also what behavior is natural and normative for humans… Teach kids they are animals, and they'll act like animals.”

Is there anything more ridiculous and ludicrous than a hypothesis that billions of years ago (presumed scientists were witnesses), lower species evolved by its will and ascended to become higher species, and finally became ape and later ape evolved into human species? This is the most fantastic scientific myth created by unbelieving scientists without evidence. You may suppose, if the hypothesis is right, that the first lowest species created itself and evolved and evolved... without design and without intelligence. Nothing came out nothing and nothing evolved into something. The absurdity is infinite!

I do not know the information is correct or not, for I was told that the pope has accepted the theory of evolution. If it is so, the pope is fatally wrong, he is an anti-christ who rejects the clear teaching of Jesus Christ.


The diversity and variety of the living world is unimaginable and unthinkable. The fact more than 2 million species of organisms have been discovered and there are according to some estimates from 10 million to 30 million have not been discovered or known does not prove evolution is scientific. From the bacteria, to sequoias, to fungi and algae, tube worms to spiders and larkspur plants, from animals to humans – they prove the wonder and wisdom of God’s creation. The idea you can have a thing out of nothing, a thing without thought, and a thought without a thinker is unscientific and irrational. By the universe and the creation of universe one can conclude there must be the Creator, the Lord of the universe.

Isa 40:28, “Do you not know? Have you not heard? 

The Everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth 

Does not become weary or tired. 

His understanding is inscrutable.”

The smartest scientists do not understand the inscrutable; they even do not do well on the visible and touchable things.

Rom 1:20, “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.”

The universe, the creation of the world, demonstrates the invisible attributes, eternal power and divine nature of the Creator, so that men are without excuse.

Isa 40:26, “Lift up your eyes on high 

And see who has created these stars, 

The One who leads forth their host by number, 

He calls them all by name; 

Because of the greatness of His might and the strength of His power, 

Not one of them is missing.”

Isa 42:5, “Thus says God the LORD, 

Who created the heavens (universe) and stretched them out, 

Who spread out the earth and its offspring, 

Who gives breath to the people on it 

And spirit to those who walk in it.”

Isa 45:12,“It is I who made the earth, and created man upon it. 

I stretched out the heavens with My hands 

And I ordained all their host.”

As one of billion examples of the limitation of scientific knowledge, only recently scientists have discovered the expanding universe. 

Col 1:16,“For by Him (Jesus Christ) all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created through Him and for Him.”

1. The biggest scientific myth is the theory of evolution. 

Theory of Evolution is not proven. To say theory of evolution is proven is like to say the fairy on the moon is proven. There is absolutely no proof that a lower species after billions of years evolved into a higher species, or an ape evolved into a human. Scientists cannot even know the time of their deaths in only a span of few years, how could they know what happened billions of years ago since they were not there? Scientists cannot know many things they can see and touch right before their eyes, how can they know what they could not see or touch billions of years ago?

The fact there have been many scientific theories which proved to be false tells you science is fallible and scientists are human and fallible.

Arrogant scientists could make assumptions about events billions and billions of years ago, where and how the humans came from without proof or concrete evidence. If one defines evolution as descent with change, that could be supported with evidence. If one defines evolution as a lower species through billions and billions of years ago evolved into a higher species – that is an unproven and laughable scientific myth. In the first place, no one lives that long to witness what happened billions and billions of years ago. It is impossible to make scientific analysis or comparison. Not to say humans cannot be sure of too many things a few thousand years ago, people cannot even be sure what is happening right before their eyes. I recalled when I was an undergraduate, the academia were debating how the Vietnam War came about. They are still debating without conclusion. In fact, it is not too difficult to find the truth. Scientists cannot explain the phenomenon of UFO. Scientists do not know too many things. For science is not absolute knowledge, it is only the best organized human knowledge at a given time and place. The best knowledge at a given time and place may be wrong; that happens too often in medical science and economics, etc. All humans are fallible, so science is fallible as proven by many defunct scientific beliefs.

Even today scientists do not know exactly how many species exist on earth. They guess 8.7 million. It is not because they know and have counted 8.7 million species. It is easy to know the number of books in the U.S. Library of Congress on 1 February 2011 was 22,194,656, but cannot tell how many different species of plants and animals we share our world with. Some estimates of the world’s species range from 3 million to 100 million. The disparity gap is too wide, it is a very crude estimate supposed to be scientific. They simply guess, only an estimate. These estimates exclude microorganisms and virus types. Even the most rigorous mathematical analysis reflects the human limitation. Scientists make mistakes in extrapolating from a sample to determine a global total. Some scientists admit that 86 percent of all terrestrial species and 91 percent of all marine species have yet to be discovered, described and catalogued. The more scientists discover the more they discover they do not know. That is the limitation of human knowledge. Nature is a fundamental scientific mystery. Some scientists compare the planet to a complex machine of multi-million parts, all of which perform a valuable function. How complex  the life-supporting system is. Evolutionary processes do not create species. Here again scientific evidence supports the intelligent design of the creation. By the creation we come to know the Creator. It is not possible to have the creation without the Creator.

It is not reason but foolish speculation to say we know the age of our universe (13-14 billion years), the age of the Earth (4-5 billion years). If the difference between one billion is called knowledge, the disparity of billions would be wisdom. The folly and flaw of so-called scientific knowledge is hydrocephalic and hyperbolic and highfalutin and unfounded. Arrogant scientists, do you know when are you going to die? If you do not know a simple thing like when you are going to die, how can you know things 13-14 billion years ago? Where were you when the universe was formed? If you cannot know billions of things visible on earth, how can you know infinite things invisible in the universe? There is nothing more dreadful than airtight arrogance and close-minded senseless speculation!

2.  God has made from one blood every nation of men.

The Bible says, “And He (God) has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their pre-appointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings.” (Act 17:26) All humans are biologically related by blood, no matter what race or color you are. There are four types or groups of human blood: A, B, AB, and O. Now if humans came from monkeys, they must be biologically related. If monkey’s blood is compatible with human blood, there would be no shortage of blood needed for transfusion. You can raise monkeys, and there would be abundant blood banks.

Human blood is one no matter whether you are  white, black, yellow, red or brown.

An ungodly journalist wanted to solicit public attention by writing,

Rick Perry, the Republicans’ Messiah? Rick Perry was not the Republicans’ Messiah. Perry could not save himself and failed to become the Republican candidate, much less the nominee. Except Jesus Christ, anyone who claims to be Messiah is a false messiah and anti-Christ. The self-anointed and self-conceited journalist seems to know how old the earth is (she may claim she was there when the earth was formed). Evolution is not the established science; it is the greatest scientific myth. “If we are descended of some blend of apes, then we can’t have been created in God’s image. If we establish Earth’s age at 4.5 billion years, then we contradict the biblical view that God created the world just 6,500 years ago. And finally, if we say that climate change is partly the result of man’s actions, then God can’t be the One who punishes man’s sins with floods, droughts, earthquakes and hurricanes. If He wants the climate to change, then He will so ordain, and we’ll pray more.”

No apes have evolved into men, but many men have evolved into monkeys and apes morally. The deceptive and demonic prime minister of Japan is the Ape and evil beast of the 21st Century.

(A). This ungodly journalist may be descended of some blend of apes if she insists, but that does not make a scientific fact because man is not biologically related to apes. If she is related to apes, try a blood transfusion of ape's blood into her will soon find out. There is no biological link between man and apes, for that reason the blood of man is different from the blood of apes or monkeys.

(B). If we (probably it means she and unbelieving scientists) establish Earth’s age at 4.5 billion years; no, this is not a Gospel truth. It has never been established by anyone or by any means because scientists were not there and it was only a rough estimate.

(C). The Bible never says that God created the world just 6,500 years ago. Apparently this anti-Christ journalist is so ignorant of the Bible and full of mistaken ideas about God. The Bible says in the beginning God created the universe. The Bible does not define how long ago the beginning was. God existed long before time and space.

(D). Whether Rick Perry believes climate change is partly the result of man’s actions or not has nothing to do whether God can punish man’s sins with floods, droughts, earthquakes and hurricanes. The Word of God makes it clear that God can punish and does punish sinners by any means. History is full of proofs of divine intervention. Ask Nebuchadnezzar and all dictators. Just continue to sin against God and see if this ungodly reporter will die in her sin or not. Does she know when she is going to die to face judgment of God? God acts as He pleases, God does not solicit the opinion of an obscure journalist trying to make a name. God does not hear the prayers of sinners, in particular children of darkness.

“And also why he probably can’t win a national election, in which large swaths of the electorate would prefer that their president keep his religion close and be respectful of knowledge that has evolved from thousands of years of human struggle against superstition and the kind of literal-mindedness that leads straight to the dark ages.”

Here again a hydrocephalic journalist calls the Christian faith superstition and the kind of literal-mindedness that leads straight to the dark ages – profoundly reflects her ignorance of history and fact. It was Christians like Martin Luther who were enlightened by the Word of God that led the world out of dark ages. It was the Protestant Reformation that paved the way for Renaissance. There could not be Renaissance without Reformation. She may consider men like Newton, Pascal, Bacon, Goethe, Kant and countless great men and women who made history as superstitious. The first system of law was the Mosaic Law written in the Bible, and the first book printed was the Holy Bible. A little frog in the well does not know how vast the universe of knowledge is. Not too long ago, scientists believed there were only a few thousand stars in the universe; while God revealed to Abraham several thousand years ago that the stars were too numerous to count. Only recently scientists discovered the expanding universe, while prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah already knew it by revelation long time ago. Do not be fooled by people who do not even know when they are going to die. How can you believe in people who do not know what is going to happen the next hour in claiming to know events of billions and billions of years ago?

3.   Even if evolution does not teach values, it implies about values.

Atomic weapons do not teach values either; it implies the nature of their destructive values. There is ample evidence that what “ought” to be is inevitably defined and predetermined by what “is” from nature. You cannot expect a “pig” to be clean, or a “tiger” to be tame. If you are a dog, you bark like a dog and walk like a dog. If you are an animal, you live like an animal. The “ought” about human behavior is intricately and inseparably derived from the “is” of human nature. If man was created by God in His image, man ought to live in a way that reflects God’s image. Moral values are derived absolutely from the word of God. Man did not know that murder, rape, and greed were wrong until God gave the Ten Commandments. Man did not know sin until the law came. If you came from an animal and knowing you are animal, that invariably leads to moral relativism. What you are logically follows what you do. A creature with animalistic impulses will act like an animal. A robber robs and kills. Morality is connected to God as the Creator of mankind and the universe. Morality is not and cannot be connected to society because there is no perfect society as a model. A true Christian is less likely to commit murder than an evolutionist who is without God and without hope.

The whole world is corrupted by American culture of the love of money, power and sex.

4.  Jesus Christ validated the Old Testament and confirmed the truth of creation.

“And He (Christ) answered and said, Have you not read that He (God) who created them from the beginning made them male and female?” (Mat 19:4) You have religious freedom to believe what you choose, but you cannot claim to be a Christian and believe in evolution. For the theory of evolution is contrary to the clear teaching of creation by God as it is written in the Bible. I would rather believe in Jesus Christ my God and Savior than all the scientists of all times put together. Why? Not even one scientist could tell when he/she is going to die. How could I trust the theory of such feeble and flawed creatures to guide my life?

One American president advertises himself as a "born again Christian" and yet he believes in evolution. I say to you, you cannot claim to be a Christian and contradicts what Jesus Christ teaches.

Yesthere are many gaps in evolution theory. Evolution is a theory unproven and cannot be proven. No scientists can use billions and billions of years as a pretext to prove evolution is a fact. Right before our eyes Wall Street created the economic and financial crisis beginning in 2008, and yet the faulty legal system still has not put the major culprits in jail. The media and vested interests present the economic and financial crisis as if it were a natural disaster or catastrophe. After looting the world more than $50 trillion dollars, there are crooks and criminals still want to distort the fact. There are a few facts that serious and intelligent persons must consider about evolution.

(A). The unbelieving scientists do not even know when they are going to die, how can they know events billions and billions of years ago, since they were not there. When I was at the university, the academia was debating what caused the Vietnam War. How limited is human intelligence that people cannot know what is happening right before their eyes.

(B). If evolution means descent with change, there is some validity. Everything changes over time. If evolution means a lower species over billions and billions of years changes into a higher species, that is a poppycock and nonsense. Ape does not change into a man; many men have degraded into apes.

(C). All humans were made by one blood. Human blood is different from animal blood. The blood of monkey is not related to human blood. Monkeys are not biologically related to humans. If a monkey blood is related to man, then you can raise monkeys and put their blood in the bank for transfusion to humans whenever is needed.

(D). There is truly intelligent design in the creation: from the infinite design of snow flakes to billions and billions of galaxies and stars far far away.

(E). Jesus Christ who came down from heaven and died for sinners, rose from the dead by the power of God and ascended to heaven, and is coming again to be the King of kings and Lord of lords, validated the fact of creation, that man was created directly by God. I would rather believe in Jesus Christ my God and Savior than all the unbelieving scientists and scholars in the world put together.

5. The Wonder of creation.

Snowflakes have a variety of sizes and shapes. Formation of snowflakes is influenced by differing temperature and humidity, bonding of molecules, etc. How wonderful would it be if our naked eyes can see water molecules in clouds engage in a complex dance of phase changes. An ordinary snowflake has hundreds of branches, ribs, and ridges, all arranged in minutely different geometric designs. Unbelieving scientists may have manufactured reasons; the only answer why no two snowflakes are the same is the wonder of God’s creation. The formation of snowflakes is just one of countless masterpieces of God’s creation. Just imagine a snowflake is estimated to have something on the order of a quintillion molecules. (That’s the number 1 with 18 zeros.) It is too much for an ordinary man to count just one trillion, how much more is a quintillion. Remember, the best scientists can do is to estimate; they do not really know or count the exact quantity; much less if the object is almost invisible to the naked eyes even with standard optical microscope. It is estimated that snowflakes fall around a septillion every year — that’s a 1 with 24 zeros.

Psa 19:1,“To the Chief Musician. A Psalm of David. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.”

Note: From snowflakes down on earth to the countless stars in the universe they declare the glory, power and wisdom of God. This is not what the theory of evolution can explain or fathom. It is much better and surer to believe in the Lord and Creator of the universe than to believe in unbelieving scientists who do not know when they are going to die.

I do not know Georgia Rep. Paul Bron personally who said on Sept. 27. 2012 that evolution, embryology and Big Bang theory are “lies straight from the pit of hell.” I do not know what Dr. Bron refers to embryology and lay it aside, but I concur that evolution and the Big Bang theory are lies from the pit of hell. Evolution and the Big Bang theory are the greatest scientific myths unproven and unverifiable. Dr. Bron also said that he believes the Earth is about 9,000 years old and that it was made in six days. Fundamentalists who believe the Earth was created 9,000 years ago are misled and misguided. Those beliefs held by fundamentalist Christians among other things the creation accounts in the Bible are historically and literally true. The Earth was made in six days as it is written in the Bible, but the Bible does not say the Earth is about 9,000 years old. I have no problem in believing the Almighty God could create the earth in 6 hours or 6 minutes, but I have problem in believing the earth was created 9,000 years ago no matter who says it. The Bible does not give any clue or hint that the Earth was created 9,000 years ago. My fellow Christians, we are not required to believe the extraneous or extra-Biblical. Whatever the Bible says is so, what the Bible does not say no one knows for sure. Jesus Christ confirms the creation of the universe and man and woman by the direct hand of God. Fundamentalist Christians believe the Bible is the Word of God, infallible and eternal. Fundamental Christians do not believe in the teaching of any man. We must stress what the Bible stresses and not speculate what the Bible does not say. It is equally wrong to add or subtract from the Word of God. We believe the Bible as it is written, no more no less.

It is reported that astronomers have discovered the largest known structure in the universe, a clump of active galactic cores that stretches 4 billion light-years from end to end. Knowledge is divided among the knowable and unknowable, the known and the unknown. Isn’t it strange scientists just discovered the largest known structure in the universe? It is always there, but scientists did not know and so they just discovered. Just like scientists always know they are going to die, they just do not know when or the date of their death. There are many unknown things on earth right before the eyes of scientists. How can you be sure unbelieving scientists know things in the expanding universe (as Bible teaches) a couple thousand years ago. Thus human knowledge is so limited and restricted and tentative, how can you relying on dying unbelieving scientists for your soul and destiny and eternity?

By Gods revelation Abraham knew the stars in the universe were too numerous to count some 4,000 years ago, scientists only discovered the fact in modern time. You cannot have a correct knowledge of astronomy if you believe there are only six or seven thousands stars in the sky as astronomers believed not too long ago.

Isa 40:22,It is He (God) who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers, Who stretches out the heavens (universe) like a curtain and spreads them out like a tent to dwell in.

Note: The Hebrew word for circle is chuwg which means circuit, ring, compass, sphere; - it occurs only 3 times in the Old Testament. Isaiah, the Hebrew prophet, by Gods revelation in the 8th century B.C. knew the earth was round while the Chinese ancestors thought the earth was square. God sits above the circle of the earth. Isaiah also knew about the expanding universe because God stretches out the heavens like a curtain.

The origin of man could not come from evolution or big bang. The origin of the creation came from the Creator, the Lord of the universe. Evolution is the biggest scientific myth promoted by unbelieving scientists. 

If you want to believe in a lie, God will not stop you. That is your free will, but there is a consequence --eternal consequence.

January 1, 2018

Willie Wong

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“威廉姆斯詹宁斯布莱恩Williams Jennings Bryan出于他的结论,达尔文主义教野林的规律弱肉强食,导致了德国颠覆道德动起第一次世界大战...本文的结论,教达尔文主义会导致道德相对主义。正如一位当代宇宙智能设计的支持者所说的那样,“达尔文的进化论告诉我们不单在我们的来源,但也什么行为是对人类自然和规范...教孩子们,他们是动物,他们会像动物。” 如果您认为人类是动物,们就会像动物。

。进化论是最大的科学神话。傲慢的科学家能做出假设大约数十亿年前,在哪里以及如何, 没有具体的证据来证明人类从哪里来的假设。如果进化的定义是下降的演变,这可能是有证据支持。如果进化的定义是通过数十亿年较低的物种进化前进入一个更高的物种 - 这是一个未经证实和可笑的科学神话。首先,没有人活这么久,见证数十亿年前发生了什么。 这是不可能做出科学的分析和比较。不必说人类当然不能肯定几千年以前发生太多的东西,人们甚至无法知道什么是在他们眼前发生的事情。我记得当我还是一名大学生,学术界争论越南的战争是如何来的。科学家无法解释不明的飞行物现象。 科学家不知道的东西太多了。因为科学是没有绝对的知识,是在特定的时间和地点人类最佳组织的知识。所有的人都犯错误,科学犯错误是许多倒闭的科学信念证明。

人, 上,并 限,和 界。”(使 17:26)所有人类是生物有血缘关系的亲戚,不管你是什么种族或肤色。有四种类型或人血组:ABABO; 如果人类从猴子来了,他们必须有血缘关系。如果猴子的血液与人类血液兼容,就没有必要对输血的血液不足。您可以养育猴子,并会有丰富的血库。

。即使进化不教价值,它意味着价值。原子武器不教任何价值,这意味着他们有破坏性价值的性质。有充分证据表明,什么是“应该” 的是不可避免从自然中预先确定什么“是” 的。你不能指望一个“猪”是干净的,或 “老虎”是驯服的。如果你是一只狗,你
吠叫像狗,走路像狗。如果你是一个动物,你活得像动物。 人类“应该”的行为是错综复杂密不可分源自于人类“是”的本性。如果神照着他的形像造的,人应该生活在某种程度上才能反映出神的形象。道德的价值绝对来自神的话。人类不知道谋杀,强奸和贪婪是错误的,直到给了十诫。人不知道罪,直到律法来。如果你来自一个动物,知道你是动物,这必然导致道德相对主义。你是什么自然你做什么。带有兽性的生物会像一只动物冲动。强盗抢劫和杀害。道德是连接到作为人类和宇宙的创造者。道德不能连接到社会,因为没有作为一种模式完美的社会。一个真正的基督徒,比没有没有希望的进化论者,是不太可能犯谋杀。

4。耶稣基督验证了旧约和创造真理的证实。 “耶 稣 回 答 说: 那 起 初 造 人 的, 是 造 男 造 女。”(马太福音19:4)你有宗教信仰的自由,可以相信你自己的选择;但你不能说自己是一个基督徒相信进化论。进化论是违反神在圣经中明确写的创造教学。我宁愿相信耶稣基督我的神和救主,比历所有的科学家放在一起。为什么呢?没有一个科学家能说他/何时会死。我怎么能相信这种软弱和有缺陷人物的理论,以指导我自己的生命?

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Willie Wong
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