It is hoped in 2018 Singapore rejects to be a naval station of America and not to be used as a military base for the United States and the evil empire of Japan to launch their aggression and expansion into Asia Pacific and make preparation to engage in the coming war with China in order to rob China's territories and loot China's resources.

If Singapore goes the same path with military alliance with America and not changing direction, let the Chinese of Singapore ponder the consequences. Once the war of American and Japanese aggression begins, Singapore will be destroyed.  I am sure the overwhelming majority of Chinese people in Singapore would not want it. Because Singapore Chinese are also Chinese. Blood is thicker than dollar.

On October 6, 2014 I watched TV and heard the smart and sensible statement made by Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on the unlawful demonstration and destructive occupation of Hong Kong central district which has negatively impacted on business activities and personal lives of millions of Hong Kong residents. Mr. Lee is right, Hong Kong is not a sovereign state, China is; and Hong Kong belongs to China. I applaud Mr. Lee for his moral courage to speak the truth that some ignorant Hong Kong people do not know. Under China as the assistant of former British prime minster Margaret Thatcher has stated that Hong Kong people have enjoyed more democratic and political rights and freedom than when they were under the British rule. It is refreshing when Western politicians speak the truth. I urge the Hong Kong government to delay no more but take legal and decisive police action against those unpatriotic and uninformed students and riot inciters. If foreign agents are involved and discovered, send them to jail and fine them heavily before they are deported and never be allowed to visit Hong Kong ever again. I also urge the enlightened Mr. Lee to give up Singapore as a military base of the United States to be used to launch a war of aggression against China. It is not in the interest of Singapore which is composed Chinese population of more than 75 percent and it will incur destruction on such a tiny city state needlessly.

On August 26, 2013 during his official visit to China, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong stated that Singapore has a friendly policy toward China.  Not so, Mr. Lee.  Since Singapore is a military base of the United States, and since the United States is encircling China, and Singapore is a member of a chain of the front-line nations which are military bases for the U.S. to attack China. If Singapore is willing to be used by the United States to launch the coming war of aggression against China in order to rob China's territories and loot China's resources in the South China Sea and the East China Sea, Singapore is no friend of China. If Singapore is a true friend of China, it cannot be a member of the Axis of Evil. There should be no miscalculation or misunderstanding on either side. Yes is yes, no is no. Right is right, wrong is wrong.

Singapore is a city state whose population is made up of more than 3/4 Chinese, even some consider themselves Singaporean instead of Chinese. Singaporean is a state identity, not a race. Chinese is a race no matter whether you are an American, English or Singaporean. 

Singapore Chinese have the right and duty to tell Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong that they do not want Singapore to be used as a military base to launch attack against China in order to further American aggression in pursuit of absolute supremacy and world domination. If Singapore Chinese say nothing and do nothing, that means they approve to be a member of the Axis of Evil.  Any nation to be used by the American evil empire to attack China is an enemy of China and surely will invite retaliation and destruction. Singapore cannot stand one atomic bomb!

This article was prompted after reading An interview with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien LoongBy Lally Weymouth, Published: March 15 2013.

To avoid misunderstanding, I must make the following statement:

Although I am an American by citizenship, I do not speak for America. Although I am a Chinese by race, I do not speak for China. Some white supremacists accused me of getting high pay from the Chinese government. Not so, I do not work for Chinese government or any government. All the articles written and published on my website are my personal opinions or beliefs not for money. My website does not make money, it costs me money. I try to speak and stand for truth and justice. I serve Jesus Christ my Lord and my God.

This is a revealing piece of interview: it is somewhat slanted, tainted and evidently pro-America. I do not know Lee Hsien Loong. I got a feeling Lee Hsien Loong does not think or view himself as a Chinese. I maybe wrong. Whatever Mr. Lee claims to be is not the focus of this article. However, I recalled some years ago I met a young man from Singapore who looked like a Chinese and had a Chinese surname, but he did not consider himself Chinese, he considered himself Singaporean. Mr. Lee said, “If we don’t do anything, millions of Chinese would arrive at our shores.” This is a “we” vs. “them” dichotomy. Singapore is such a small city state; it does not have living space for millions of Chinese. If unfortunately millions of Chinese were in Singapore, they would not be able to exist much less to make a living; just as you cannot put 1 billion Indians in the heart of Australia, for they would vanish. 

1.     Singapore is a city state with many successes which can be credited to Lee Kuan Yew, who is almost 90 years old. Historically and probably his greatest achievement was the separation of Singapore from Malaysia in 1965 and its subsequent transformation from a relatively backward British colony into a somewhat modern city state. Of all overseas Chinese, Mr. Lee stood out as the one who captured a small island with Chinese majority and made it a city state, an independent government. Although I have relatives and friends who have been to Singapore many times, I have never been to Singapore as an adult, so I do not know Singapore as I do know Scandinavia. It is a well-known fact; however, the founding father of Singapore has made Singapore one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world. Even Singapore has a small population of about 5.3 million who live and work within 700 square kilometers (270 sq mi). Singapore is different from the other two city states, Monaco and Vatican City. While Monaco is a small European dynasty, Vatican is an old and vast religious-political empire of the Roman Catholic Church not restricted by geography. Please read ·  Catholicism.

2.     I was surprised to encounter some discontented Singapore people who dislike Lee’s authoritarian style of government. One Singapore person told me that years ago they were forced to learn Mandarin (Chinese) which was very hard for them. I answered it was Mr. Lee’s foresight, think about it now American and European children are learning Mandarin. However, Singapore English is neither American English nor British English; it has a distinctive Singapore accent. About 75 percent of population of Singapore is of Chinese descent with Chinese last name. I do not know the demographic composition of Singapore population: what percentage of them considers themselves Chinese or something else such as Singaporean; and what percentage who can read and speak Chinese (Cantonese included). Clearly Chinese Americans have faced a problem: because of their racial features and Chinese last name, white and black Americans discriminated them as foreigners. Probably that is the reason why some Chinese have foreign last name such as Locke, etc. Wong is certainly a Chinese surname and I am proud of it. Those Chinese Americans who cannot speak and read Chinese have even bigger problem. Since they are discriminated in America as a second class citizen, they are also considered foreigners in China. Their big dilemma is this: Although they were born in America or American citizens, most Americans do not consider them as Americans. If they are in China, China and Chinese would not consider them Chinese since they cannot read and speak Chinese and not Chinese citizens. They fall into a terrible category of neither this nor that. 

3.     From the beginning Lee Kuan Yew founded Singapore with his party, and his party has ruled Singapore continuously to this day, as his son Lee Hsien Loong has been Singapore prime minister since 2004. Singapore is a de facto one-party rule whether you call it democracy or dynasty. To be fair, two-party system like that of America does not guarantee democracy either; for the two American political parties do not serve the American people, they serve special interests and self-interest. The new reality that Mr. Lee is grappling with may not be a more politically empowered and tech-savvy generation, but a more discontented and restless population. A rising China should not be a reality of his concern, for a rising China is in fact benefit and boon to Singapore. The American superpower intent on pivoting toward Asia should be his number one worry and anxiety. Why? In a nutshell, they are more than tensions, but trouble ahead. We will discuss that later. The arrival of casinos in his country is the seed of social and cultural change that will have long term implications. What casinos have done to Las Vegas, Singapore will not be able to escape. This is mentioned just in passing because it is not the focus of this article. 

4.     Mr. Lee said, “We are all in favor of the U.S. taking an active and constructive interest in Asia. I’m not sure I would describe it as a pivot. First, it suggests that this area has been neglected, which isn’t quite so. Secondly, you really want a long-term, implacable, inexorable presence, and I’m not sure if the pivot conveys that nuance.” This is a highly charged statement with radioactive material. In the first place, Mr. Lee does not seem to know what has become of the United States since the end of World War II. What constructive interest that the U.S. has exhibited in Asia or the world? In 1949 the United States violated China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity by sending the 7th Fleet to protect the defeated Chiang Kai-shek regime and thus prevented reunification of Taiwan with Mainland China. Adding insult to injury, the U.S. again violated China’s sovereignty by passing the unconstitutional and illegal U.S.-Taiwan Relations Act in 1979 to make Taiwan an American ally and colony and force selling deadly and costly weapons to Taiwan so that Chinese may kill Chinese in fulfilling American strategy of “divide and destroy” China. Is it necessary to mention the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and other wars and many military interventions? If American interest is “constructive”, why would the retired Anglican Church’s archbishop of South Africa called for the ex-leaders of Britain and the United States to be made to “answer for their actions” and face prosecution at the International Criminal Court for their role in the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq? Does Mr. Lee suggest that the U.S. has a legal right or legitimate interest to neglect or not to neglect Asia? Is Asia a part of the United States? Does Mr. Lee think the Asian peoples really want a long-term, implacable, inexorable presence of the U.S. in Asia? Does Mr. Lee know the Monroe Doctrine, the America for Americans? Does Mr. Lee think Asia is for the U.S. although America is legally located in North America?

5. Lee said, “Yes, I think so, because America has got such broad interests around the world and such pressing issues to deal with in so many places. Asia is just one of them, and it is a peaceful part of the world. It may not be on the front burner.” StrangeIs the U.S. given the divine right or empowered by the community of nations to have got such broad interests around the world and such pressing issues to deal with in so many places? For example, do you know why the U.S. has such broad interest in Syria? Syria is an ally of Russia. To change the regime of Syria would make Russia losing an ally. Do you know the so-called broad interests of America around the world are the root causes of many unjust and unholy wars and brutal military interventions conducted by America which have killed millions of peoples around the world since the end of World War II? Well, why does not the U.S. deal with the pressing issues of its own at home such as huge deficits, the biggest national debt of almost $17 trillion, dollar dropping, racial discrimination, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, highest crime rate and most violent society, the widest gap of income inequality, injustice, defective legal system, fraudulent and predatory healthcare system that has bankrupted millions of families, imperial and hegemonic foreign policy, and political and economic system of enriching and empowering the 1 percent of population at the expense of the 99 percent?

6. Lee said, “The U.S. is not a claimant state in the South China Sea or in the China-Japan dispute over the Senkaku Islands. But, of course, the 7th Fleet has been a presence in the region since the Second World War, and it is the most powerful fleet in the region. I think it has a stabilizing influence on the security of the region ... encouraging countries to exercise restraint in dealing with these very difficult territorial disputes.” The fact that Lee used the term the Senkaku Islands, not Diaoyu Islands, knowingly or unknowingly, disclosed he is on the side of the evil empire of Japan, although Diaoyu Islands belong to China long before America, Japan, Singapore, etc. had existed. If Diaoyu Islands belong to Japan, why did Japan change its name, buy and nationalize it?  Do you buy and nationalize what belongs to you in the first place? Furthermore, Lee seems to legitimize the presence of the 7th Fleet which was a military tool that violated China’s sovereignty in 1949 and created the problem of Taiwan. Mr. Lee called the American aggressive and hegemonic military power having a stabilizing influence on the security of the region – a much distorted reasoning. It is tantamount to say the presence of gangs and gangsters makes the city safe. It is not known whether Mr. Lee is ignorant of historical fact or he simply disregards China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The evil empire of America in 1971 violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China by illegally and unlawfully giving administrative control of China’s Diaoyu Islands to the unconditionally surrendered war crime nation of Japan. Can China by the same token give administrative control of Hawaii to Russia? By what legal right can the U.S. do that? Adding insult to injury, the U.S. declared to defend the evil empire of Japan if China uses force to recover its territories. After you have done immoral thing to create the problem, are you now worried about a possible China-Japan confrontation in the East China Sea?  By what right the evil empire of Japan can violate the East China Sea?  Is that why Mr. Lee calls “in dealing with these very difficult territorial disputes”? Do you call robbing territories of another nation “disputes” or do you defend your own territories as very difficult? The statement falls far short of justice. Do you call leaders of nations who have no moral character or courage to right the wrong and do what morally positive as good? Do you call the nation which has been robbed of its territories by sole superpower as very difficult?

7. Lee said, There are nationalist sentiments on both sides, and it’s an issue where neither side can afford to be seen to back down. We hope neither side escalates and triggers something unintended. I think something can happen. I don’t think it’s the intention of either side to spark a conflagration, but when you have ships at sea coming close to one another or aircraft — mishaps can happen. Do nationalist sentiments transform into the right to rob the territories of others?  Do thieves and robbers have the honor not to back down?  Do Japanese warships have the right to be in China’s territorial waters or do Japanese war planes have the right to fly in China’s territorial space? When you rob property belonging to others, do you hope neither side would escalate and trigger something unintended? Is it unintended to rob and loot territories of other nation? Sure something is going to happen. For example, if an evil man kidnaps and rapes your wife or daughter and insists to keep her, do you expect business as usual and nothing to happen? Japanese aggression was no mishap, Singapore people had suffered under Japanese brutalities and atrocities. The evil empire of America that unlawfully and illegally gave administrative control of China’s Diaoyu Islands to the evil empire of Japan was no mishap. The evil Japanese prime minister Ape who lied and distorted historical facts and worships war criminals as national heroes and planning to revise Japanese constitution in order to re-militarize Japan is no mishap. Do you really believe the U.S. is standing up strong by violating international law and by bullying and threatening China who has been victimizedviolated and oppressed since 1949?  The U.S. is leading, arming, equipping, and preparing with the evil empire of Japan and rat and rogue nations to launch a war of aggression in order to rob China territories and resources and for the U.S. to become the supreme power in Asia Pacific. This will be a miscalculated war on the side of America and Japan because it will bring a global nuclear holocaust that destroys America, Japan and the world.

8. Since the infamous Opium Wars, China has been pushed around by the United States, European powers and the evil empire of Japan. What proof do you need that even an unconditionally surrendered war crime nation of Japan with American aid can illegally occupy China’s Diaoyu Islands? What more proof do you need when Taiwan even recognized by the U.S. as a part of China is made into a satellite of America and doing the bidding of its master? The duplicity and deceit of American and Japanese leaders make even demons blush by distortedly saying that China is the threat to the region. Well, Mr. Lee is right; you have to watch the actions as well as the rhetoric. The rhetoric and actions of America and Japan unmistakably point to the coming war of aggression in order to rob China’s territories and loot China’s resources. Mr. Lee said, “Yes, because they have broader interests. Their interests are not just the [islands] which are in dispute or the resources, but their larger reputation in the world as an emerging power. Are they going to be benign and not only play by the rules but leave space for other countries that are not as powerful to prosper? One of the reasons America is welcome in Asia is because with America ... there is a certain idealism and a certain bigness of soul. You want the region to prosper, you want countries to do well, and you are prepared to help them.” Mr. Lee can speak for Singapore that America is welcome in Singapore. There is no ground he can say America is welcome in Asia for he is not in a position to speak for Asia. In the first place, there is no dispute with respect to China’s Diaoyu Islands; Mr. Lee’s ancestors of a few thousand years ago can testify to the fact long before America, Japan and Singapore had existed. It is not dispute, it is strong-armed robbery. Benign? I do not know whether Mr. Lee is ignorant or unwilling to face the truth: Since the end of World War II the U.S. has killed millions of peoples around the world in many unjust and unholy wars and brutal military interventions, do you call that “benign”? Since the infamous Opium Wars, when did China ever oppress or violate other nation? Since Lee used to live under British control, he should have known the truth about Sino-India conflict which was caused by the fact the evil British empire carved out a large chunk of ancient China’s territories and marked them on a map as belonging to the Indian colony. China tried to recover what belongs to China peacefully; even today India has not done what is right. Mr. Lee’s father surely knew what benign evil empire of Japan was in committing genocide, war crime and atrocities of most inhuman kind and yet Mr. Lee has said nothing about that, and on the contrary raising the question whether China would be benign? If you examine the records and historical facts of America and Japan, do you consider them as helping peoples? Yes, China has broader interests. China wants to rejuvenate and revitalize its past glory with the Chinese dream. Do you consider the reputation of America and Japan since the infamous Opium Wars better than that of China? The U.S. has more than 700 overseas military bases around the globe to encircle China and Russia. China does not even have one single overseas military base. Why the U.S. defense (or rather war) budget is more than the combined defense budgets of all nations? Do you really believe America and Japan play by the rules in aggression, provocation and violation of the sovereignty of other nations through occupation? Do you see America playing by the rules in Wall Street creating the economic and financial crisis that looted the world more than $50 trillion? Do you see the warmonger and the American imperialist located in North America with military bases encircling China, fleets and nuclear submarines, and hundreds of thousands of troops stationed at China’s doorsteps and conducting massive provocative military exercises as playing by the rules? Do you call those evil deeds of America a certain idealism and a certain bigness of soul? If the United States has helped the world, why it is the most hated nation on earth? Do you believe being an American military base, it would be good to the people of Singapore? Ask the Filipinos, Koreans and Japanese why they want the U.S. troops out of their countries. Why the US-occupied Afghanistan and Iraq do not want America staying? If there is certain idealism, why the American economic and political system is rejected by the Europeans and most Americans? Why most Americans do not trust the U.S. government? If the Chinese system is so bad, how come in the shortest period of 30 years under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping, China has lifted 700 million people out of poverty and China has achieved most spectacular successes in such short period of time that no other nation had ever done before. If the American system is so good why it produces the largest deficits and national debt of almost $20 trillion and most Americans believe America is on the wrong track and they are pessimistic about the future. I am very reluctant to believe the current prime minister of Singapore is ignorant or he is so biased that he does not want to know the truth.

9. It is said Singapore-U.S. relationship is very deep. Any nation can have any kind of relationship with any nation. Referring to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Lee said, “It is a good standard and yet practical, and it will make a significant contribution to economic integration in APEC [the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation group].” Do you really believe that the U.S. wants countries to have a level playing field? Tons of evidence prove and show that everything the U.S. does and pursues is world domination and dictatorship. Is it the fault of China because the United States is losing market share in ASEAN [the Association of Southeast Asian Nations] to China and other countries? The U.S. economic decline is a big subject which is not the concern of this article. Lee said, “For many countries, the biggest partner is China. ... But in terms of an economic partner, the U.S. is very important — your investments, your technology. I don’t think the Chinese are in the position to match that for a long time.” It won’t be long now China’s economy will surpass that of the United States. Here lies the core of conflict because the U.S. cannot compete with China due to its high costs of labor, management, overhead, structural defect, etc.; American leaders are plotting a two-pronged attack, using military-economic clout to suppress China. The American “containment of China” policy is transformed into “constriction of China” policy. Just as the evil empire of America is using its military alliances to contain China in terms of absolute military supremacy, it is planning to use locked-up trade pacts (the US-EUROPE trade pact and the US-Pan Asia trade pact) to discriminate, exclude and isolate China also in trade. It does not take a strategist to see the evil American policy and understand what American leaders are doing against China. Please read ·  The Clear And Present Danger, ·  An Immoral Economic Theory, and ·  Why the United States Must Not Have War with China. It is a bit highfaluting to advise China to tread lightly. Most strategists believe soon China will emerge to be the number one economy in the world.

10. Mr. Lee said, “At the same time, we would like to remain friends with all our other friends, including the U.S., India and the E.U.” It is a free world; nations are free to choose their association so long that association does not threaten other nations. Mr. Lee said, “We want the U.S. to have constructive and stable relations with China. That makes it much easier for us. Then we don’t have to choose sides.” If you study the historical facts, not counting the infamous Opium Wars, just counting from the end of World War II to the present, do you believe the U.S. has “constructive and stable relations with China”? Do you know which nation conspired with Dalai Lama in an armed rebellion against China? Do you know what nation provides the staging and supporting ground for all enemies of China in waging a war of propaganda, provocation and subversion in Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan? Do you know which nation is the clear and present danger to China and the world?  Regarding nationalism in China, Mr. Lee said, “I think it’s a real factor, in China particularly. It is growing because the young generation, who have not experienced either the war or the Cultural Revolution, but have grown up at a time of stability and affluence, have the most nationalistic view of China’s role in the world. So how they play their cards when they come to positions of responsibility will make a difference.” I have engaged with many Chinese students and professors at several China’s top universities since 1985. Chinese young generation does not have the most nationalistic view of China’s role in the world as American white and black supremacists do and as Japanese leaders and people do. Chinese youth is patriotic because of what they learned from Japanese evil empire. China is not an imperialist nation as America and Japan are. The Great Wall of China was built to keep the barbarians out and not to keep the Chinese in. The Japanese blind and blighted nationalism in denying historical facts and rejecting moral responsibility for its war crimes is a real threat to the region and the re-militarized Japan with the aid of America is a real threat to security of the world. As Japanese leaders said they can build atomic bombs in 90 days. It is American leaders who get lost in the world, not knowing their place IS in North America, not in Asia or Europe. I do not see Chinese leaders will have any problem in playing the right cards. I do see Singapore is facing a bleak future with its small size and small population without natural resources. A small nation cannot live on tourism, casinos and banking only. The future of Singapore is not with America, it is with China. In the 70s I suggested Canada should be a part of America, every Canadian objected to the idea – and now I know why. Figuratively speaking, Singapore is a small pond; China is a sea – the South China Sea, the East China Sea and Yellow Sea. A pond can run dry, a sea never. If the leaders of Singapore make a blunder to be an American military base to be used to launch attack on China in order to destroy China’s fight back capability, not only the little pond will run dry, it will burn up. It is hoped the leaders and people of Singapore make wise decision to be on the right side of history. By the way, I believe the people of Singapore are culturally more compatible with Chinese than with Americans or British.

I believe the Singapore government made two blunders which will have long-term consequences: namely, to be an American military base in case of war could be totally destroyed. The risk and cost outweighs the benefit. The other is casino. Gambling is destroying a cultural and social value which will have a long term effect. Las Vegas is a proof.

January 6, 2018

Willie Wong
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