There are many types of management, such as business management, finance management, system management, project management, enterprise management, human resources management, city management, agency management, state management, nation management, etc. Above all, to an individual, self-management is the most relevant and important.

As I observe in the affairs of man and examine and study many lives including my own, I thought of some rules and I wrote them down as they entered my mind which are practical and useful but without order of importance. There is no ascending or descending order in terms of importance. Some specific rule may be more important to a certain individual because of his/her need than to others. Rules are guidelines which have general application how a person should live, one should not be too proud to think he/she is exempt from any rule.

The following four rules sum up the principle of self-management:

(1). Do not be greedy. If you believe greed is good, stop reading. This article will not do you any good.

(2). Do not take advantage of others.

(3). Do not wrong anyone.

(4). Be honest and honorable and do your best.

Please read DO NOT  on my website, they are Biblical DO NOTs. The Word of God is eternal and supreme, no man’s ideas can compare with the Bible. However, I assure you the following DO NOTs are not incompatible with the Bible. In other words, the rules I establish for one to manage oneself do not have any conflict with the Word of God.

(1). Do not create problems for yourself or others.

(2). Do not ask others to do what you can do for yourself unless you pay them.

(3). Do not leave any mess behind you; clean up your own mess.

(4). Do not postpone what you can do today for tomorrow.

(5). Do not over or underestimate yourself.

(6). Do not rely on other’s resources.

(7). Do not cry over spilt milk.

(8). Do not owe anyone anything.

(9). Do not have delusion or illusion about anyone or anything including yourself.

(10). Do not have wishful thinking.

(11). Do not sacrifice tomorrow on the altar of the immediate.

(12). Do not rush; you may miss or overlook something vital.

(13). Do not take advantage of others in anyway.

(14). Do not pretend to be what you are not; that makes you a hypocrite.

(15). Do not push or pull others.

(16). Do not waste your time and money or time and money of others.

(17). Do not be lazy.

(18). Do not be dirty.

(19). Do not indulge in self-pity or self-glory.

(20). Do not run against God; remember you are mortal.

(21). Do not try to win friends and influence people; try to do what is good and right.

(22). Do not drink, smoke, or use drugs.

(23). Do not practice uncivilized behavior such as spitting, smoking, littering, shouting, honking, driving at high beam, etc.

(24). Do not profane the name of God and Jesus Christ, for you will not escape judgment.

(25). Do not seek vainglory; if you are worthy, honor and glory will seek you.

(26). Do not go extreme in word, deed and thought or take an extreme position.

(27). Do not humiliate yourself lest others will humiliate you.

(28). Do not do things superficially; everything you do, do it thoroughly and do it well.

(29). Do not insult any race, group or individual.

(30). Do not excuse yourself as you excuse others.

(31). Do not think you have a second chance; do it as if this is your last chance.

(32). Do not do unimportant things first; do first things first.

(33). Do not violate any rule or regulation thinking you are smart and get away with it.

(34). Do not take credit for other’s work or accomplishment and do not eat the fruit of labor of other people – that is intellectual and financial theft.

(35). Do not walk in the path of darkness, for you may meet demons.

(36). Do not associate with the wicked, for you will share their sins.

(37). Do not look back, for life is to be lived forward and not backward.

(38). Do not despair, for while there is life there is hope.

(39). Do not indulge in luxuries because they will ruin your life.

(40). Do not start a task and leave it undone; finish the job.

(41). Do not argue with God, remember how little and unimportant you are.

(42). Do not be greedy which is the root of all evils.

(43). Do not leave home without making preparations.

(44). Do not look down at the lowly and flatter the rich and powerful.

(45). Do not give people a bad impression by the way you laugh, talk and walk.

(46). Do not go into debt. The more you owe, the less valuable you are. If you cannot pay off your debt, you are worth nothing.

(47). Do not burn the bridge, for you will have no way to return.

(48). Do not shirk your responsibility for responsibility is the first step toward morality. An irresponsible man is an immoral man.

(49). Do not envy power and wealth of people; admire virtues and abilities.

(50). Do not be egocentric or self-centered; not only the world does not revolve around you, before God you are less than nothing but a vapor.

(51). Do not neglect your duty unless you want to become a despicable person.

(52). Do not interrupt when other speaks, wait for your turn.

(53). Do not force your views or values on others. If your views or values are good, people will respect you.

(54). Do not run in the wrong direction whether literally or metaphysically; for the faster you run, the quicker you reach the wrong destination.

(55). Do not tolerate dirt and dust, roaches and rats in your house.

(56). Do not live by feelings, live by faith. If you live by feelings, you will be miserable. If you live by faith, you have hope and joy.

(57). Do not force anyone to do anything for any reason.

(58). Do not brag or boast about yourself in any situation.

(59). Do not invite trouble.

(60). Do not covet a little and lose a lot. Do not be penny wise and pound foolish.

(61). Do not confide your secret to anyone. Catholics confess their sins to the priest is a stupid practice.

(62). Do not rely on rich and powerful men for they die; rely on God.

(63). Do not make false accusation or give false testimony or make false claim.

(64). Do not undertake anything beyond your strength or capacity or ability. It is nice to dream the impossible dream. What is impossible is impossible. It is impossible for a lightweight to fight a heavyweight. Blessed is the man who knows what is possible and what is impossible.

(65). Do not take up the burden you are unable to bear. Do not take more than you can chew.

(66). Do not be careless; for carelessness can cost you time, money, effort and even your life. For example, I watched an old woman walking up to a going down escalator; she almost lost her balance and fell.

(67). Do not act compulsively or impulsively. Look before you leap.

(68). Do not be a child of the devil. 

According to Jesus’definition, Jhn 8:44“You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” – the one who lies and kills is a child of the devil. Lie can be spoken, written and done in deed. Japanese leaders said Diaoyu Islands belong to Japan is a spoken lie. Japanese officials revised history to whitewash Japanese genocide, war crimes and atrocities are written lies. American government gave control of China's Diaoyu Islands to war crime nation of Japan and thus violated China's sovereignty, and now declares the U.S. will defend Japan if China uses force to recover Diaoyu Islands, and the U.S. senate passed a law to aid the evil empire of Japan militarily are a combination of spoken and written lies and lies done in deeds. As you may know since the end of World War II the United States has killed millions of peoples in unjust wars and military interventions. The American presidents may not kill people directly, but they ordered soldiers to kill; and do you know any American president who has not lied?

In a nutshell, you are your own greatest friend or greatest enemy. What is in you will determine your destiny and eternity. The good, positive, constructive, right and virtuous qualities in you propel you to success. The bad, negative, destructive, immoral and wrong qualities in you drive you to failure. The most important difference between a Christian and unbeliever is this: Christian has the Holy Spirit in him who leads him to the right path. Unbeliever has the evil spirit in him that leads him to the path of unrighteousness. Whatever material successes you make in this world won’t matter or last. Whatever spiritual success you work out matters and will last forever.

Here is a list of test questions to determine whether you know how to live or manage yourself or not:

(1). Do you often waste your time and money?

(2). Do you often forget to keep your word or promises?

(3). Do you often have wrong priority and indulge in triviality?

(4). Do you often buy things you do not need but want?

(5). Do you often make the same mistake again and again?

(6). Do you borrow things from others and forget to return them?

(7). Do you owe someone money other than bank loan for your house?

(8). Do you often ask people to do you a favor?

(9). Do you often lose things (such as key, purse or wallet, cellphone, important document, credit card, etc.)?

(10). Do you often look backward instead of forward?

(11). Do you often do things half-heartedly and rarely do a thorough job?

(12). Do you often commit an uncivilized act smoking, spitting, littering, shouting, honking when you drive, using high beam, etc.?

(13). Do you enjoying in taking advantage of others?

(14). Do you often sleep late and eat irregularly?

(15). Do you regularly enjoy fatty, oily, salty and sweet food?

(16). Do you regularly smoke, drink and use narcotics?

(17). Do you often force your point of views on others?

(18). Are you arrogant and hot-tempered?

(19). Are you often late for something (work, class, appointment, date, etc.)?

(20). Are you often confused and not knowing which is more important?

(21). Are you often dissatisfied with yourself or overestimated yourself?

(22). Are you often depressed or pessimistic about your life?

(23). Are you undisciplined and often creating problems for yourself?

(24). Are you unmotivated or un-result-oriented?

(25). Are you often ungrateful or unthankful to God and people who have been good to you?

If the answers to the above questions are affirmative (yes), then you really do not know how to live and fail in self-management.

P.S. My teaching does not work for those who do not want to help themselves. 

Jesus asks you a question, 

Mar 8:36“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

Remember this: After all you are the only one responsible for yourself. No matter how bad is your environment, your country, your leaders, your supervisors, your co-workers, your parents, your friends and relatives, etc. you are only responsible for yourself.

There are three things which are of utmost importance to you, namely: your time, money and morals. Time is the stuff that life is made of. Your time is a big part of your life. To waste your time is to waste your life. Money is easy to spend and hard to earn. Wishing to make easy money or get rich quick will get you into big trouble or may even ruin or destroy your life. To waste your money threatens your life. In this world you cannot live without money. To borrow money is to be a slave. You should be the master of your money and not to become a slave to money. Your morals determine what kind of person you are, your self-worth. Without morals, a man is no better than animals. Man does not mean an adult male, it means humankind, including man, woman and child. If you fail to manage your time, money and morals – you fail to manage yourself. If you succeed and do well in managing your time, money and conduct – you are somebody, you are a success. This is humanly speaking and in view of this life, there is something above  everything esle, that is your soul which is eternal.

Imperialists, hegemonists, supremacists, capitalists, militarists, monopolists, terrorists, warmongers, dictators, oppressors, etc. are all losers in the end. Will you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and become a winner for eternity?

The evil prime minister of Japan is an outstanding example of failure in self-management and failure in nation management.

Although I do not write Chinese or English poetry, there are 20-word Chinese idioms aptly and accurately describe and depict the evil prime minister of Japan, who is a son of the devil, a despicable leprous dog. How in the world the person who is under curse can bless other people? The devil disguises himself as an angel of light.


In English the above statement means: The evil prime minister of Japan uses seductive words to fool the world, so outrageous and contrary to truth, confusing right and wrong, ungrateful and unconscionable, he is no better than a pig or a dog.

The evil prime minister of Japan, the evil beast and Hitler of Asia, is a prime example of a total failure of self-management. A person who has no sense of truth, no sense of humanity, no sense of history, no sense of morality is not a man but worse than a beast. The fact that Japanese people elected such an evil leader speaks loudly something is serious wrong with the Japanese people.

The great Chinese philosopher Confucius created many philosophical concepts or terms which are brief but profound. I am going to introduce three terms:  君子, 小人, 伪君子 which describe the dire and desperate world situation as a result of the deeds and words of two evil groups of leaders: 小人, 伪君子.

1.君子 (junzi)  – there is no equivalent English term corresponding to the Chinese term. It can be explained by a group of words combined: gentleman, superior man, good man, moral man, excellent man, honorable man, ethical man, princely man, upright man, righteous man, etc. The term refers to both man and woman.

2.小人 (xiaoren)  – there is no equivalent English term corresponding to the Chinese term. It can be explained by the combination of a group of words: mean man, small man, inferior man, wicked man, counterfeit man, useless man, worthless man, scum, rascal, evildoer, etc. – the opposite of 君子. The term is genderless. It applies both to male and female.

3.伪君子 (weijunzi)  – there is no English equivalent corresponding to the Chinese term. It can only be explained by a combination of many words: fake gentleman, counterfeit good man, hypocrite, demonic man, diabolical man, beastly man, man who has white face but black heart, man of evil pretense, insidious person, vicious and malicious dog, shameless evildoer, shameless wicked person, shameless immoral person, shameless unethical person, dark and evil character, dangerous pretender, etc. who is worse than小人. The term refers to both male and female of the lowest kind.

Twenty first century has become the century of shamelessness and lies and hypocrisy because the leaders of America, Japan, Philippines and Vietnam glorify in making outrageous lies and spreading black lies and distorting facts and walking in craftiness. These leaders have no shame, no conscience, no morality, no honor, and no justice and no truth. American, Japanese, Philippines and Vietnam leaders practice a philosophy of lies and falsehoods. They believe the louder, the more bolder they tell a lie long enough people would believe it. So they manufacture the blackest lie of China threat. The fact is America, Japan, Philippines and Vietnam are the greatest threat to China and the world because they rob and loot China's territories and resources in the South China Sea and the East China Sea. Whenever American and Japanese leaders want to do evil they always cover and justify themselves with good reason or rather fake and false pretense.

American, Japanese, Philippines, and Vietnamese leaders are not only 小人, worst of all they are 伪 君子 of the worst kind in history. There is a high probability that the evil American and Japanese leaders may cause a global nuclear war that will destroy and end the world.

The prime minister of Japan is the worst 小人 and 伪 君子 in the world today!

Japan is a most primitive civilization that practices primitive religion in glorifying and worshiping its convicted and executed war crime criminals as national heroes and true gods!

Japanese people are most stupid people because they cannot differential truth from lie,  right from wrong, peace from aggression, historical facts from whitewashed fictions - they are willingly fooled by the most diabolical, dishonest and demonic Japanese prime minister and his gangs!

Japanese evil prime minister is the most senseless, shameless and shoddiest man of sin of all times who denies Japanese war crimes, genocide of killing 50 million peoples (35 million Chinese and 15 million Asians), making hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Korean young women sex slaves (viciously called them comfort women, would it not be better for his wife to be a comfort woman for American soldiers stationed in Japan? American soldiers in Japan really need that kind of comfort), and committed most inhuman atrocities unprecedented in the history of mankind!

Japan, Japanese leaders and people have no reason to exist because they exist only to do evil and then deny the evil deeds they have done!

Self-management can be summed up in doing what you should do for yourself and refrain from doing what you should not do to others. A man without honor and justice is worst than a beast.

To receive Jesus Christ is to receive the eternal life.

Those who have been saved by the precious blood of Jesus Christ are the true winners, for time and eternity. 

January 6, 2018

Willie Wong

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