New Year’s Resolution


As the new year 2018 arrives, we as the peoples of the world must make choices, make wise choices between peace and war, harmony and conflict, prosperity and poverty, order and chaos, light and darkness, truth and lie, justice and injustice. Sadly the evil prime minister of Japan and his gang have chosen the wrong path of denial of Japanese war crimes, genocide of 50 million peoples (35 millions Chinese and 15 million Asians) and atrocities, shamelessly and immorally revising history to whitewash Japanese inglorious past, making hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Korean young women sex slaves, glorifying and worshiping its convicted and executed war criminals as national heroes, etc. The world must rise up as one man to condemn the distortion and deviation of Japanese leaders and stop re-militarization and aggression of the evil empire of Japan.

On December 26, 2013 the EVIL prime minister of Japan formally in an official capacity glorified and worshiped convicted and executed Japanese war criminals as Japanese national heroes and thus once and for all declared to the world that Japan denies its war crime nation status and refuses its war crime liabilities and responsibilities; and sets himself up as the public enemy of Chinese and Korean peoples who suffered immense inhumane treatment and loss of countless lives under the brutalities of the Japanese aggressors and militarists. The prime minister of Japan Ape (beast) should never be allowed to set foot on China’s soil, or meet Chinese leader face to face. China needs to take appropriate action, tit for tat to counter Japanese hostility and animosity. When Japan fires the first short or attacks China, that should be counted as the reckoning day of Japan. China must respond immediately with 3 atomic bombs to repay Japan for all its ware crimes and atrocities and murders of Chinese people committed in the past few hundred years. One of the 3 atomic bombs should target Yasukuni Shrine to turn the bones of war criminals into nuclear ashes to spread all over Tokyo.

A Chinese traitor and an American running dog under the guise of an obscure professor and paid by Japanese media made a false statement that the Chinese leader is emerging a dictator. This ignoramus obscurantist who is a shame to his ancestor does not know the definition of a dictator. The leader who works for the greatest good of the greatest number of people is a true democratic leader. The Japanese prime minister is a virtual dictator who deceives his people and works against the good of his country and the world; he has become the greatest liar and deceiver in the world today. The words of the evil prime minister of Japan are intended to propagandize democracy, law and peace to fool the world; indeed his deeds are for dictatorship, lawlessness and war. It is time for 1.45 billion strong Chinese worldwide to be united as one man to boycott Japan in everything, to pay back to Japan what is long overdue.

It is imperative now that the United Nations censors, condemns, expels, and kicks out the evil empire of Japan as a member as well as member of all U.N. and international institutions for the following reasons:

1. Japan does not abide by the unconditional surrender agreements it signed as a war crime and defeated nation of World War II started by its aggression.

2. Japan has violated the Charter of the United Nations in denying all its war crimes, genocide of 50 million peoples (35 million Chinese and 15 million Asians), making hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Korean young women sex slaves, and unprecedented atrocities and boldly and blatantly violated human rights unprecedented in the history of mankind.

3. In view of the facts that Japan not only denies its war crimes, it deliberately distorts historical facts by revising history textbooks, whitewashing Japanese inglorious past, worshiping and glorifying Japanese convicted and executed war criminals enshrined as Japanese national heroes and true gods, and calling Japanese soldiers of aggression as fighting for peace, and shamelessly many other lies; it is necessary for the Secretary of the United Nations to list the war crimes of Japan item by item with explanations and proofs and declare and publish them to the all the members of United Nations.

4. Japan has successfully re-militarized with the American military aid to be a big threat to Asian nations once more time, likely to repeat the tragic history of World War II. Japan also has military alliances with America, Philippines, Vietnam and Australia in order to rob China’s territories and loot China’s resources in the South China Sea and the East China Sea and the Axis of Evil led by America is making all preparations to launch a war of aggression against China to destroy China's defensive nuclear capabilities.

5. It is tragic for Brazil to join hands with the evil empire of Japan in seeking the permanent Security Council seat at the U.N., China and Russia must strongly give a veto to stop the repetition of historical tragedy of monstrous proportions. Japan is not even worthy to be a member of U.N. how much more to be a member of the Security Council?

6. The U.N. needs to condemn and sanction the United States for illegally violating international law and China’s sovereignty in 1971 in illegally giving administrative control of China’s Diaoyu Islands to the unconditionally surrendered war crime nation of Japan. The U.S. at first said it took no position on the sovereignty of Diaoyu Islands, now Obama outwitted by the evil beast of Japan says America will defend Japan against China. This is an outrageous contempt of the United Nations Charter which was formulated in principle by President Woodrow Wilson.

7. It is time for China and all peace-loving nations to condemn the evil empire of Japan and withdraw recognition and cut off diplomatic ties with the nation and people which have no reason to exist by to do evil on worldwide scale.

In modern history you cannot find any leader of any nation so abnormal, so based, so crooked, so diabolical, so evil, so facetious, so gangrenous, so hell-bent, so irresponsible, so jerky, so kinky, so lowbred, so shameless … as the prime minister of the evil empire of Japan. There is no language more precise and accurate than to use the Chinese language to describe this inhuman beast of Japan:

日本首相 – 无耻,无底洞,无法无天,无方,无济于事,无拘无束,无孔不入,



The Japanese prime minister has 3 NOs: 


The wicked Japanese prime minister is an illustrious ignoramus. He does not know the meaning of persona non grata. He is a persona non grata in China, but he shamelessly begs to see the Chinese leader. The reason is because he has discredited himself and he is despised by many for his lies and deceits and aggressive militarism. If the Chinese leader sees him, that would be considered a recognition of his illegal policy and an honor to him. He is like a leprous dog, the more people avoids him the more he wants to get close to people. Secondly, he cannot answer why he said Diaoyu Islands belong to Japan, if so, why the Japanese government pretentiously bought and nationalized Diaoyu Islands? No nation has ever bought and nationalized its own territory. China has many big sticks to strike at the Japanese leprous dog. How about reject exchange of Japanese useless yen? Cut off trade? Cut off diplomacy? Or cut off flights… Or give them three a..

I do not know historically has anyone defined the wisdom of man versus the wisdom of God and what differentiates between the two.  My definition of the human wisdom and divine wisdom is based on my understanding of the Holy Scriptures and enlightened by the Holy Spirit. You cannot discover the truth by human efforts or scientific discovery. The definitions not only help me to distinguish between human wisdom and divine wisdom conceptually, they provide me a framework of a world view, a philosophy of life.

When wisdom is applied to man it means full and broad intelligence, when wisdom is applied to God it means absolute and supreme intelligence. Wisdom originates from God. Based on my knowledge of the Scriptures, I define human wisdom as broad and full intelligence. Divine wisdom is absolute and supreme intelligence. Human wisdom no matter how broad is not absolute, no matter how full is not supreme. For that reason, human wisdom is fallible, but the wisdom of God is infallible. Why would anyone rely on the fallible and ignore the infallible? Why would anyone believe in man and not believe in God?

Recently in my observation of world events I discover there is the third kind of wisdom which is neither human nor divine – in fact it is not real wisdom but the darkest and dirtiest trick and it is demonic, diabolical and Satanic in nature. The current prime minister of Japan is possessed by this Satanic wisdom or trick characterized by distortion, deception, denial, disgrace and dishonor. It is the evil empire of Japan who robbed China’s Diaoyu Islands with American aid in 1971, the evil beast of Japan and Hitler of Asia turns around and says China is a threat to Japanese security and therefore Japan has to be re-militarized and armed with most advanced war machine. The robber is the threat to the victim, the victim cannot be a threat to the robber – this is the kind of distorted and warped wisdom purely demonic, devilish and dishonorable practiced by the evil prime minister of Japan and his gang. There is no one who is more possessed by the father of lies than the sinful, shameless and senseless prime minister of Japan. The evil and Satanic regime of Japan and its people will be condemned and destroyed by the judgment of God.

The evil prime minister of Japan does not have one drop of truth in his blood, not one gram of honesty in his mind, and not one micro ounce of justice in his heart - he is so crooked and corrupt and distorted like the devil incarnated. Judas the betrayer of Jesus had more sense of right and wrong than the evil Japanese prime minister!

The current prime minister of Japan, who is the evil beast of Japan and the Hitler of Asia, has come down so low at the deepest diabolical level of an infinitely wicked demon by deliberately distorting historical fact of aggression into fighting for peace. Japanese aggressive and inhuman soldiers who died in South Pacific, the evil prime minister worshiped and glorified those troops of aggression and inhumanity as soldiers fighting for peace! Imagine all the war crimes, genocide and sex slavery and atrocities committed by Japanese militarists were done for the sake peace?! Why would any decent and honest and moral leader of any nation associate and cooperate with such a 21st century most immoral and wicked monster? Believe it or not, Obama and other American officials, the prime minister of Australia, the leprous dogs of Philippines and Vietnam are good pals and bosom friends of the most demonic and diabolical man and greatest liar of the 21st century, the evil prime minister of the evil empire of Japan. The regime of the evil prime minister is passing laws to make Japan a lawless nation of war. All the unspeakably shameless words and evil deeds of the prime minister of Japan are made possible by American support. If Japan is a wicked demon, America is the devil behind all the troubles. It is a sad commentary of the leaders of nations that shamelessly practice distortion of historical facts, walking in craftiness and boldly trampling on the truth by associating with and supporting the evil empire of Japan! If there is no judgment to come, then this is a mad, mad and wicked world not worth living. No wonder a heroic Japanese set himself on fire in protest of the evil empire of Japan changing peace constitution into war constitution and he would rather die than to live in a remilitarized Japan repeating the tragedy of World War II. The evil empire of America is responsible for 98 percent of all evils and troubles in this world; Islamic terrorists are responsible for 1 percent, and others 1 percent. It is not a world fit for human beings, it is a world controlled by demons and monsters. I tremble when I think of the coming judgment and wrath of God on the United States of America!

The current prime minister of Japan is the evil beast of Japan and Hitler of Asia. He is the most shameless, vicious, malicious, diabolical, deceptive, immoral, unconscionable liar and killer of the 21st century. He is a corrupt and crooked agent of the devil. The man and his gang have no sense of morality, no sense of decency, no sense of history, and no sense of truth and justice. The current prime minister of the evil empire of Japan is the no. 1 enemy of China. He is the persona non grata and should never be welcomed to China to meet the President of China or high ranking officials. The dirty rat wants to see the Leader of China? Not a chance. There is one chance possible for the evil beast of Japan to do to redeem Japan and its people:

1.Return China's Diaoyu Islands to China with apology and compensation.

2.Abandon War Constitution and preserve Peace Constitution at least for one century or more.

3.Acknowledge and confess Japanese war crimes and genocide and sex slavery and begin to pay war reparations and compensations.

4.Denounce Philippines and Vietnam that make false claims to China’s territories and loot China’s resources.

5.Demilitarize Japan and obey the wishes of good Japanese.

6.Stop being the running dog of American imperialism and learn from Germany to become a respectable and responsible nation.

7.Then come to Nanking Massacre Memorial and kneel before the victims from sunrise to sundown and sincerely and remorsefully ask God and Chinese people for forgiveness.

Japanese leaders and peoples are the most dangerous and wicked in history; not only they do not repent of their sins and crimes against humanity, on the contrary they glorify in their war crimes and genocide and sex slavery, and glorify their convicted and executed war criminals enshrined as national heroes and true gods!!!

Japan is an evil empire with all its wicked and worthless leaders who are so immoral and shameless that they want to share their values to justify their aggression, deception, inhumanity and denial of their war crimes, genocide, and sex slavery with some gullible leaders of nations. The hypocrisy of liars is diametrically opposed to human values. The evil prime minister of Japan is the Hitler of Asia who is the most shameless liar of the 21st century. He should be a persona non grata that no leaders of nation should receive him, shake hands or dine with him. The evil beast of Japan is going to Australia and New Zealand and another Japanese militant is going to Washington with his counterpart to explain why Japanese peace constitution is changed into War Constitution. I am sure the leaders of Australia and New Zealand are not morons or idiots; they must have known why thousands and thousands of Japanese people demonstrate again and again against the revision of Japanese constitution and why Japanese 4 political parties oppose the adoption of War Constitution, and why one Japanese man set himself on fire and killed himself rather than to live in a warmongering Japan to repeat the tragedy of World War II. Why the evil beast and Hitler of Japan did not explain to the Japanese who chose to die rather than to live in a remilitarized Japan and thousands and thousands of Japanese demonstrators and the leaders of 4 Japanese parties? Evil men use enactment of laws to justify their lawlessness. Just like American leaders used the illegal and unconstitutional so-called US-Taiwan Relations Act to justify colonization of Taiwan and force Taiwanese leaders (who are running dogs of America) to buy costly and deadly weapons so that Chinese can kill Chinese. Strangest behavior of the biggest liar and deceiver of Asia and his gang who do not explain to his own people but trying to fool the world! American, Japanese, Philippines and Vietnamese leaders believe and practice a black magic by explaining lies into truths, wrong into right, evil into good, black into white. Japanese leaders are the worst in the history of mankind because they have the audacity to deny their war crimes, genocide, sex slavery and unprecedented brutalities. One Japanese militarist confessed in writing that he killed more than 10,000 Chinese civilians. It was documented and reported Japanese aggressors made thousands of young Chinese and Korean women sex slaves, Japanese animals raped a Chinese woman 178 times a day! There is no reason for Japanese beasts to exist in this world. There is no reason for an evil and corrupt culture and wicked race to continue. Why there is not one Western journalist who has intelligence enough to ask the liar of Japan: If Diaoyu Islands really belong to Japan, why Japanese government had to buy the islands? If Diaoyu Islands really belong to Japan, why Japanese government had to nationalize the islands? No nation would buy and nationalize its own territory! 2Jo 1:11,“For the one who gives him a greeting participates in his evil deeds.” Japanese leaders are full of evil deeds of the highest order, if you give them a greeting you participate in their evil deeds. If you receive the evil prime minister of Japan, you participate in his evil deeds. If you give a greeting to an evildoer, you participate in his evil deeds. American, Japanese, Philippines and Vietnamese leaders are practicing an evil philosophy in believing by mass propaganda, by speaking loudly and long enough they can turn lies into truth. That is why they keep trumpeting the lie of China threat; in fact they are the aggressors and warmongers who are the threats to peace and security in the world. Do not be fooled! A bad tree does not bear good fruit. You will know them by their fruits (deeds). Actions speak louder than words.

The prime minister of Japan is the evil beast and Hitler of Japan. Apparently he is succeeding in changing Japanese peace constitution into War Constitution encouraged by the American leaders. Japan is the major attack and running dog of America. The only way to get rid of the Japanese Hitler now is for good Japanese to rise up and do something radical and drastic to overthrow the evil regime of Japan once and for all.  If good Japanese do not stop the evil prime minister, he will be like Hitler who ruined Germany to determine the fate of Japan and causing the world disaster and destruction. I like to see if Japanese people have moral character and courage to do what is right and what is necessary. The time is short and the disaster looms large in the horizon.

On June 29, 2014 a Japanese citizen in Tokyo in protest against the evil regime of the evil beast of Japan for changing a peace constitution into a war constitution set himself on fire (self-immolation) and killed himself rather than to live in a Fascist and warmongering Japan repeating the tragic history of World War II. Not one Japanese media reported such newsworthy incident of protest for Japanese media are agents and tools of Japanese government the same like American media are agents of American government. I say to peace-loving Japanese, do not kill yourselves, unite and organize to overthrow the evil regime of the evil beast of Japan by force. Peaceful protest can never change an evil regime of aggression and corruption. Take up guns and bombs to defend your right and freedom to live in peace. Let the media of the world take notice of the deception and deceitfulness and distortion of Japanese prime minister and his gang who have no truth in them for they are liars and killers and children of the devil. Let leaders of nations awake and alert to the coming disaster of war and stop cooperation with the evil empire of Japan. Let Americans arise to protest the American government support and aid of the evil empire of Japan. 

American aggression and arrogance and military provocation and false accusation and facetious litigation toward China manifested in words and deeds are increasing exponentially with the passage of time and event.

The Japanese prime minister is an evil man of diabolical deception and distortion that he is like a beast (Ape) which is upside down with its head on the ground and its feet up high so it sees things lopsided and topsy-turvy and speaks with a twisted tongue and crooked way. His brain is made of the mind of the Devil, his tongue is of the ancient serpent, his heart is made of malice and wickedness, and his blood is made of pure lie and there is not one gram of truth in his whole corrupt and sinful body. American leaders are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. A hypocrite is a person who pretends to be what he is not. It was the U.S. leaders who violated China’s sovereignty and international law by illegally giving administrative control of China’s Diaoyu Islands in 1971 to the unconditional surrendered war crime nation of Japan, now American leaders not only unwilling to admit their crime and right the wrong, they condescendingly and cunningly said the dispute must be solved by international law. Lawless people and international bully talk about rule of law is like the prostitutes talk about chastity, virginity, and virtue. If Japan is a dirty demon, America is the devil behind almost all of China’s and world’s problems.

China has never faced a greater danger or threat than it is now because the United States has persistently viewed, spoken and acted and treated China as an adversary and America has lined up its allies in Asia Pacific with many military bases equipped with the most advanced weaponry and weapon systems, fleets, aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, radars, warplanes, and thousands and thousands of troops stationed at Chinas doorsteps poised to strike at Chinas nuclear capabilities and facilities. The United States under its prompt global strike program is capable of striking targets anywhere in the world in as little as an hour with deadly precision. American running dogs Japan and Philippines are making every military move in words and deeds to repeatedly provoke China. Just as the Axis of Evil led by America in Asia targets China, so does NATO led by America targets Russia. Sad and tragic are those nations that exist for the reason of warmongering and making wars of conquest.

On December 11, 2013 Russia announced that it may retaliate with nukes if it comes under conventional attack. China has no option but do the same. China must retaliate with nukes when it comes under conventional attack. This is the right strategy and policy that can deter aggression. President Putin is the smartest strategist of modern Russia. The American supremacists and militarists and hegemonists plan to use protracted conventional war to engage China in Mainland China, or limited nuclear war launched from its Asian military bases to destroy Chinas nuclear capabilities and facilities. Chinese leaders must not fall into American dirty trick or trap of having a conventional war or a limited nuclear war in China. China needs to declare if Japan attacks China with conventional weapons, China will not hesitate to execute the final solution by giving 3 atomic bombs to wipe out the evil empire Japan from the face of the earth to settle account for all its evil deeds and atrocities done to China for hundreds of years once and for all. If America defends the evil empire of Japan, China will be forced to execute mutual destruction policy through massive nuclear retaliations targeting the whole American mainland via land, sea, air and space with speed and accuracy that no American missiles or anti-missile can stop them. No American weapons can save America. The stars of Heaven are against America. In addition, there will be coordinated massive attacks inside America like one million 9-11 incidents, the whole America will be burning like one million Sodoms and Gomorrahs. Furthermore, American overseas interests (including all embassies and consulates and military bases and big firms) will be wiped out simultaneously and then some...

According the American Monroe Doctrine, the United States has no legal right or legitimate interest in Asia Pacific because America is located in North America. The South China Sea, the East China Sea and China Sea (Yellow Sea) all belong to China legally by birth right and geography for thousands of years. Recently American warship almost collided with China warship in the South China Sea is warning to the United States not to cause miscalculated war. The United States fleets should return to America, because they have no business in Chinas territorial waters except for aggression. In a global nuclear war there will be no winner. A global nuclear holocaust will destroy and end the world. Americans must not be stupid to die for dirty, filthy and unworthy paganish Japs. American leaders should learn from the great American President Richard Nixon in seeking a just and lasting peace. In self-interest, American people must rise up to demand the U.S. leaders and militarists to stop encircling, oppressing and targeting China. For peace is a million times better than war, let each nation seek peace and harmony and prosperity in order to build its own good society.

The evil and deceptive prime minister of Japan has conducted massive media campaign and even implemented yen diplomacy to buy friends. Bought friends are not real friends, not to say yen is not worth a dime. For decades American dollar diplomacy has proven to be a fiasco, Japanese yen diplomacy will have the same fate or even worse. The Ape (beast) repeatedly said: Diaoyu Islands belong to Japan. Here are two simple questions for the Japanese leader to answer:

1.   If Diaoyu Islands really belong to Japan, why the Japanese government had to pretentiously buy Diaoyu Islands?

2.   If Diaoyu Islands really belong to Japan, why the Japanese government had to pretentiously nationalize Diaoyu Islands?

In the history of mankind, no one would buy something already belongs to him. No nation would nationalize its own territory. The reasons Japan had done these because the thief has a guilty conscience.

The evil prime minister of Japan cannot answer the two questions under oath within the framework of the international law because he is proven to be the most shameless liar in the world today. Of course Japan also denied its war crimes, genocide of 50 million peoples (35 million Chinese and 15 million Asians), and making hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Korean women sex slaves, and then some of the worst atrocities and brutalities ever committed in history. There is no truth in him because he is a son of the devil. He does not have the moral courage to admit in 1971 the United States violated China’s sovereignty in giving administrative control of China’s Diaoyu Islands illegally to the unconditional surrendered war crime nation of Japan. The evil empire of Japan is relying on the sole superpower to rob China’s territories and loot China’s resources. Let the leaders of nations and peoples of the world know this: the Japanese prime minister is the no. 1 liar of the world. The reasons Japan pretentiously bought and nationalized China’s Diaoyu Islands are because Japanese officials know they have no legal claim. The evil empire of Japan is remilitarized with the aid and support of the U.S.; those who have not learned from history are doomed to repeat it!

CNBC on 11 Dec 2013 published a bold and blatant article Predictions: Asia 2014 in which it identified Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan (incidentally all allies of the United States). It is not known why supremacists deliberately left out Australia and Singapore which are American military bases.  Now you know who the enemies are. The leaders of anti-China party of Taiwan贼作父 even openly declare to join Japan and America against China. They are the first to be executed when Taiwan is liberated. Taiwan is recognized as an ally of the United States. Taiwan speaks and acts like an ally of America. There is no slightest doubt, Taiwan is treason, and Taiwanese leaders are traitors. The time is running out. Status quo is equivalent to treason. Anomaly has lasted since 1949. Time to liberate Taiwan is now. All reasons and excuses are lame and limp and lemon. China needs to act accordingly without any further delay! Tumor must be cut off and dispose.

In a war of national survival, as Taiwan is on the side of the enemies,

贼作父, there is no option but to destroy Taiwan.


Pope Benedict XVI was reported to say he is convinced that peace will prevail in 2013 despite the inequality, terrorism and "unregulated financial capitalism" that afflict the world today.

I do not know why the pope cannot and does not see the greatest threat to peace comes from the United States and its allies the evil empire of Japan and rat and rogue nations Vietnam, Philippines, India, etc. who are preparing to have war of aggression against China in order to seize China’s resources and rob China’s territories in the South China Sea and the East China Sea. The pope does not seem to know since the end of World War II the United States has started many unjust wars and military interventions that have killed millions of peoples around the world. The first public voice of conscience came from Desmond Tutu, the retired Anglican Churchs archbishop of South Africa, a voice calling for the ex-leaders of Britain and the United States to be made to answer for their actions and face prosecution at the International Criminal Court for their role in the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

2018 will be a most dangerous year because the United States is leading the evil empire of Japan, rat and rogue nations Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, etc. to have a war with China in order to seize China resources and rob China’s territories in the South China Sea and the East China Sea. This aggression may spark a global nuclear holocaust that may destroy the world.

The clear and apparent defect of American political culture is self-gratification and boast of American power in world dominance and domination. The Democratic Party and media glorified the playboy and peacock president Kennedy, and exaggerated the blunder and Watergate and downplayed the great achievements of Richard Nixon. I have said it before, I say it again: President Richard Nixon was the only American president who sought a just and lasting peace; since the end of World War II to the present, all American presidents have been seeking absolute military supremacy and world domination. If the U.S. Constitution was so great, the U.S. government would not be responsible for inciting hundreds of unjust wars and bloody military interventions that killed millions and millions of innocent people around the world and even more millions of refugees around the world living in misery and abject poverty. The U.S. government would not be paralyzed, held hostage by special interests, and incurred the huge deficits and largest national debt of almost 18 trillion... I loudly doubt if the United States of America could last another hundred years. The tragedy of tragedies is the fact that American leaders mistake and treat aggression and expansion and intervention and domination hypocritically as promoting freedom, democracy, human rights, rule of law and whatever good name or noble cause. American leaders obsessed with unholy ambition of being the dictators of the world, get lost in the world, not knowing their place is in North America, not in Asia Pacific or Europe. The Evil Trinity and Tyranny of Washington, Wall Street and Hollywood are the greatest threat to the United States of America. Out of hatred, envy and jealousy American leaders by hook or by crook treat China as the enemy; and they are doing everything possible to oppress, suppress, restrict, control, confront, and provoke China in all fronts. Unlike the Soviet Union, Russia is no threat to the world.

This is the truth and nothing but the truth.

There are three greatest threats to the world today:

Number one: American imperialism.

Number two: Japanese resurgent militarism.

Number three: Islamic terrorism.

This is NOT my personal resolution, this is a resolution suggested and made on behalf of the world and nations and peoples of the world so that 2018 will NOT bring death and destruction since the evil forces are already at work, but a new course of action that may change the direction of many nations and peoples and the world. Leaders of nations are in a position to do what ordinary people cannot. This is the historical moment for leaders of the world to act wisely, and the critical moment for all individuals to do what is right.

1.      Be it resolved that the world’s population of 7 billion peoples is untenable for the limited resources to support and sustain a life of quality and dignity – therefore leaders and peoples of nations must vigorously implement population control, in simple terms do not bear and bring children to a world of ignorance, poverty, and sickness. In the past birth control was not possible or available. If now you irresponsibly bring children to this world with no means to support them, you bear your own burden and do not expect charity from government or anyone. The life of a beggar is less than human. Those who have sex with women they do not love and produce children they do not or cannot support must be castrated and forced to pay for the consequences of their evil deeds.

2.   Be it resolved that wars of aggression and world domination are no longer acceptable or tolerable because they have killed hundreds of millions of peoples since the infamous Opium Wars – therefore the whole world must rise up and do what is necessary to stop and get rid of imperialism, hegemonism, militarism and terrorism for good. The waste and fraud in defense budgets can be better used for the benefit of mankind. The world does not need weapons of mass destruction that can destroy the world many times over.

3.    Be it resolved  that  phony democracy and greedy capitalism have done havoc in the world by creating inequality and injustice whereby 1 percent of population becomes wealthy and powerful while 99 percent of people become poor and helpless – therefore phony democracy and capitalism must be condemned and discarded by the community of nations to form a new global system of harmony, peace and prosperity.

4.   Be it resolved that the evil of dictatorship which appears in many forms from phony democracy to oligopoly, monopoly, to authoritarian rule to totalitarianism is self-evident and some dictators have met their bitter ends in 2011 – therefore let dictators give up their unholy and selfish ambition to save their own lives and the lives of the masses.

5.     Be it resolved that environmental pollution caused by business, industry, government and individual threaten the existence of the whole human race – therefore drastic measures must be taken to eliminate industrial and vehicular pollution, and ban individuals from the obnoxious habit of smoking anywhere anytime. China has ordered that its leaders must not smoke in public places. It will be great if China becomes the first smokeless nation in the world. It is most wise and advisable for big cities to have subway and light rail and electric bus as major mode of transportation and restrict proliferation and use of private cars.

6.   Be it resolved that global energy consumption from un-renewable sources have almost reached its limits – therefore it is advisable and wise that all nations of the world cooperate and coordinate efforts to meet the goal of 30 percent share of energy consumption must come from renewable sources by 2020.

7.   Be it resolved that drug and human trafficking have caused untold miseries and ruins of millions of people around the world and the evil deeds of drug cartels and organized criminals of human trafficking must not be tolerated anymore – therefore nations of the world must declare war on drug and human trafficking and execute drug and human traffickers and seize their assets to pay compensation. Drug users who create illegal drug markets must not be tolerated either; they must be put in hard labor to reform themselves. Drunk drivers who kill people must also be executed.

8.   Be it resolved that for the love of money and profit crooks and criminals have engaged in manufacturing and selling of fake and deadly drugs, contaminated or adulterated food and drink that harm and kill people – therefore let all decent governments of the world cooperate and coordinate efforts to put organized crime out of business and enact laws and impose death penalty for the perpetrators.

9.  Be it resolved that America and Europe have demonstrated that materialism and secularism born out of capitalism have failed even in this world, the American and European way of life is the wrong way of life – therefore it is advisable and wise for 7 billion peoples of the world to adopt Protestant ethics and embrace the Christian value of faith, hope and love.

10. Be it resolved that immoral economic theory and practices of huge deficits and big debts coupled with excessive spending on wars and weapons and continuous heavy borrowing with Quantitative Easing committed by irresponsible and immoral government leaders for self-interest and the benefits of special interests be ceased and desisted from the community of nations in order to serve the vital interest of the greatest number of peoples - the true democracy in action.

11. Be it resolved that the United States of America must cease and desist from its unholy ambition of world dictatorship and domination, stop doing the dirty and destructive work of inciting discord and division among nations, disband its unholy alliance with the evil empire of Japan from robbing China’s Diaoyu Islands, disapprove rat and rogue nations Vietnam, Philippines and others from making false claims to China’s territories in the South China Sea and the East China Sea. 

12. Be it resolved that the United States must cease and desist from preparing war of aggression against China with its allies and rat and rogue nations in order to seize China’s resources and territories in the South China Sea and the East China Sea and thus prevent causing global nuclear holocaust and destruction of the world.

JANUARY 1, 2018

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