*Health Care Terrorism

*The enemies of truth deleted some 100 words from this article. 

American healthcare fraud and monopolistic and predatory practices are manifestations of the worst of American capitalism and organized crime. The government does nothing to stop it.

Healthcare is a monopoly.  When the monopoly commits abuse of power and fraud it becomes a great evil.

Healthcare frauds committed by hospitals and doctors, by fake hospitals and fake doctors, with fake drugs and fake treatments are among the worst kind of crimes against humanity. The worst cases deserve death penalty.

Doctors and hospitals and nurses who conspire to lie to parents of healthy new born children that they have terminal or terrible diseases so that the parents give them up and they sell the healthy babies to make big money; those are involved should be executed and the hospitals should pay hefty financial compensations to bankrupt them.

Doctors and hospitals that make and sell fake birth certificates should be banned from medical practices and hospital owners be sentenced to long jail terms. People who buy fake birth certificates for bought children should be fined great sum of money and the children be returned to their true parents.

Real or fake doctors who use illegal means to defraud the elderly with fake drugs and treatment and false claims to all kinds of cure should be severely prosecuted, heftily fined and sent to long jail terms.

All TV commercials that sell fake drugs and treament shall be fined 100 times the price of  fake drugs and services they advertise and with long jail terms.

There is another kind of medical practice called cosmetic surgery. So many stupid and silly young women who sought beauty but lost their lives, eyesight and normal appearance. The desire to seek beauty blinds the eyes of the simple-minded young women, ignorant of the risks invovled, ignorant what is legitimate vs. illegitimate clinics, defrauded by agents - like sheep led to be slaughtered. Vanity has a great price. So many Chinese women fall preys to South Korean doctors, fake doctors, clinics and fake clinics, safe and unsafe procedures. Stupidity has no limits. China needs to shut down all beauty saloons or cosmetic clinics that defraud and destroy young lives, put the doctors and fake doctors who are guilty in jail, fine to bankrupt their business, and make the culprits pay heavily. If their malpractice causes lives lost, they should be executed and all assets seized to pay family of victims.

Lately the virus of the greed of American capitalism has infected China very bad. There are infinite varieties of fraud mushrooming and multiplying in China. One factor which becomes prominent is the healthcare, medicine and treatment. On 11/17/14 I went to see an eye doctor and asked her about two eye remedies (I do not mention them because I do not want to promote them) which are widely advertised on Chinese TV day and night. There are so-called famous doctors, specialists, professors and fake doctors who claim they can cure any kind of eye problems from cataract to conjunctivitis -- all kinds of eye diseases. The eye doctor said no such medicine. There are also great quantity of other fake medical claims of curing diabetes, heart disease, liver, kidney problems, etc. The fake medicine and fake cure only serves to make big money for crooks and criminals by fooling the unfortunate patients and people who are desperate. If the government does not stop the public propaganda of quackery and fake medicine, when the flood gate of fraud is open, it cannot be stopped, it would be worse than Ebola.

What China can do:
(1). Prosecute and punish severely all persons who make false claims of being famous doctors, big doctors, specialists and professors who are not.
(2). All medicine or remedy must be approved by China FDA to be tested effective and safe before it can be promoted or sold anywhere; when crooks and criminals and corrupt corporations are caught, make them bankrupt and seize all their assets. If their fake drug or false treatment has killed people, execute them. 
(3). Prosecute all people who participate in false testimony of fake drug and useless treatment because they are paid to give false testimonial which is a felony.
(4). Prosecute the owners or responsible persons of the TV channels that broadcast programs of fake doctors and fake drugs.

Fraud is the financial Ebola which must be totally eradicated or it may sink a nation.

Recently a Chinese graduate student went to study in America. She had a very bad toothache but she does not have dental insurance. After great hesitancy she was introduced to a dentist, who dared not extract her tooth but referred her to another dentist of Harvard University. The dentist declined to pull her tooth also. Although these two dentists did nothing for the Chinese student and yet they charged her $300. Incompetency pays well in America because of monopoly. This is a clear example of predatory service and unfair billing practice. Then an old lady who is her friend took her to her dentist. The old lady’s dentist extracted her tooth and charged her $325. All together her painful tooth cost her $625 which she had nothing to say. Had she gone to the right dentist in the first time, it would have saved her $300. Is this not healthcare terrorism born of monopoly that makes all patients victims?

Comparison is to make things clear. Having lived almost all my life in California, except a short period in Washington, D.C. and Scandinavia; I can testify to the experiences I have suffered under dentists in California, not in Scandinavia or any other part of America where I never had dental work done. Four types of dental services which scar me most are root canal, filling cavity, extraction, making and fitting of partial dentures. Once a capitalist dentist in order to save money, he gave me insufficient dose of anesthetic; and when he started to pull my tooth, I was pulled up a little from the dental chair and screamed! So by analogy when we say you will have your tooth pulled out, it means you are going to face great pain. To say you are going to have a root canal means you are going to undergo the unbearable. To have your cavity filled is to hear the unpleasant music of cutting and polishing like construction workers do. To wear denture is like to wear new shoe. The other worry is often reported on American TV about unsanitary suction tubes, dental tools and gloves because of the fear of contamination and infection by the blood and fluids of AIDS patients. In November 2014 it was shocking to hear in England dentist infected a patient with AIDS and died! The unbelievable is the fact not only China has achieved fantastic successes in the field of economy, manufacturing, etc., the Shanghai 9th People's Hospital (Affiliated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine) has better Dental Department in doing filling, crowning, root canal, extraction, and making dentures better than America. What is the greatest news: at higher quality work, superior skills and much lower cost! What is impossible in America has become possible in China. 

The misfortunes of patients are the great fortunes of the American healthcare providers. Although America claims to be a democratic nation with the rule of law, it has the most costly, overcharged, ineffective, fraudulent and predatory healthcare system is the world. American doctors, dentists and hospital owners take advantage of patients and slaughter them mercilessly and bankrupt them financially without fear of prosecution. This organized crime syndicate of doctors and hospital owners commit their corrupt practices with impunity for decades. Unbelievable but it is true, American doctors and hospitals charge and overcharge and fraudulently charge whatever they please for decades. They suck more than $4 trillion dollars a year from American economy. That is the definition of predatory practice as doctors and dentists and hospital owners take advantage of patients and prey on all kinds of pain, diseases, and incurable diseases of unfortunate human beings which almost include everyone except people of the legislative, judiciary and executive branch of government. Their healthcare costs are paid by American taxpayers without fear of bankruptcy or catastrophe. About 20 years ago emergency doctors in Orange County took X-rays of my injured thumb and declared I had arthritis and demanded me for treatment. Believe me; I never had treatment for arthritis even to this day. My fingers are still straight and bend well without pain. That is called fraudulent practice. A dentist hits a jackpot if you need a root canal. An elderly who needs complete dentures gives dentist a wind-fall of profit. Doctors hit the jackpot if you have diabetes, asthma, allergies, back pain, cancer, tumor, migraines, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney stones, gall stones, osteoporosis, skin diseases, liver disease, heart disease, etc. Surgeons hit the jackpot if you need cataract surgery, heart surgery, brain surgery, lung surgery, thoracic surgery, pelvic replacement, etc. If you have terminal diseases like cancer of all sorts, your fortune is going to be removed and moved to your doctors and hospital owners. Some diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. make you slaves to drug companies for life because you need to take medications every day for life. The misfortunes of patients are the great fortunes of organized syndicate of doctors, hospital owners, labs and medical suppliers, drug and insurance companies without end in the American world.

“Ponder that: a quarter of the U.S. economy devoted to health care. Would we be better off? Probably not. Countless studies have shown that many tests, surgeries and medical devices are either ineffective or unneeded. Greater health-care spending forfeits any superior moral claim on our wealth by slowly crowding out other national needs.”

There are 3 terrorisms in the world today:

(1). American imperial terrorism of aggression and expansion and world domination.

(2). American healthcare terrorism of frauds, predatory practices and highest cost.

(3). Islamic terrorism of mass murders.

In this article we deal only with American healthcare terrorism. 

There are seven evils of American healthcare system:

(1). Doctors and hospitals make all the decisions with regards to tests, treatments, drugs, procedures, equipment and hospitalizations without consultation and authorization of the patients.

(2). Doctors and hospitals maximize profits by maximizing tests, treatments, drugs, procedures, equipment and hospitalizations not for the benefit of patients but solely for the profits of doctors and hospitals, labs and medical suppliers, drugs and insurance companies.

(3). Doctors and hospitals maximize charges by fraudulent and excessive billing.

(4). Doctors and hospitals deliberately do not disclose costs in advance so that they can maximize profits without consent of the patients.

(5). Doctors and hospitals operate like organized crime syndicate and maximize utilization of physicians, radiologists, and specialists not for the benefits of patients but for their own profits.

(6). Doctors and hospitals commit predatory and fraudulent practices in order to fleece and bankrupt patients to maximize earning unlawful and illegal profits with respect to tests, treatments, procedures, drugs, equipment and hospitalizations.

(7). Doctors and hospitals can charge whatever their please without government control and without penalty.

You ask how this is possible? It is only possible in America - the land of free crooks and criminals run amok.

These are the evils caused by American political system of serving the special interests at public expense and capitalistic system of greed runs amok.

Why do not the American people do anything about the most costly and predatory and fraudulent healthcare system in the world?

American people are helpless and desperate and there is no relief or recourse for them because the government does not work for them.

Tracy Weber, Charles Ornstein and Jennifer LaFleur (June 20, 2013) reported, “More than 700 doctors nationwide wrote prescriptions for elderly and disabled patients in highly questionable and potentially harmful ways, according to a report of Medicare’s drug program released Thursday.

The review by the inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services flags those doctors as “very extreme” in their prescribing and says Medicare should do more to investigate or stop them.

The study mirrors a ProPublic investigation published in The Washington Post last month. That report found that Medicare had not protected patients from doctors and other health-care professionals prescribing large quantities of potentially harmful, disorienting or addictive drugs.

Medicare’s prescription drug program was started in 2006 and accounts for about one of every four drugs dispensed nationwide. Last year, the government spent $62 billion subsidizing the drugs of 32 million people.

“Strong oversight of the Medicare prescription drug program is critical for protecting patients from harm,” Sen. Thomas R. Carper (D-Del.) said in an e-mail.

The inspector general’s report focused on the prescribing by nearly 87,000 general-care physicians, such as family practitioners and internists, in urban and suburban areas in 2009. These doctors accounted for about half of all the prescribing in the program that year.

The review found more than 2,200 doctors whose records stood out in one of several areas: prescriptions per patient, brand-name drugs, painkillers and other addictive drugs, or the number of pharmacies that dispensed their orders.

Of those, 736 were flagged as “extreme outliers.” Their patterns, the report says, raised questions about whether the prescriptions were “legitimate or necessary".

The cost to the government was enormous in some instances. Medicare paid $9.7 million for the prescriptions of one California doctor alone — that is 151 times more than the cost of an average doctor’s tally, the report says.”

American lawmakers discuss the issue of how to pay for healthcare for the undocumented (illegal) immigrants (aliens) while millions of American citizens go bankrupt by the most costly, fraudulent, and excessively charged healthcare system in the world. Why lawmakers do not discuss how to stop and punish healthcare providers (doctors, hospital owners, drug and insurance companies, labs and medical suppliers) from defrauding and fleecing American people is unthinkable.

1.  During the Carter administration, I proposed a national healthcare plan that would cover everybody and the total cost would not exceed $500 billions.

Carter was not interested and did not even care to reply; but later I received a letter from him asking for donation after he was rejected by most American voters. For many years, the administrations of both parties let the beast of health care providers (doctors, hospitals, insurance and drug companies, labs, medical suppliers, etc.) loose to slaughter the American people financially greatly mercilessly. Today healthcare providers suck more than $4 trillion dollars annually from the American economy. The cost of health care is rising exponentially because the beast of greed is never satisfied like the bottomless pit, wanting more and more of money. The worst of all, the government is not stopping it.

A blank check is given unconditionally to corrupt, greedy and predatory health-care practices. 

2.   When I was a poor student working my way at college, I discovered a great injustice.

I had first hand knowledge about an unwed black young woman who came to the hospital for abortion,  she had three doctors assigned to take care of her all paid by Medicaid. When I was sick as a poor working student I could not even afford one doctor, of course I never had  Medicaid. Have you ever thought why doctors and hospitals and medical suppliers, drug and insurance companies, etc. could brazenly and boldly and continuously practice fraudulent and excessive and unfounded billings for so many years and become filthy rich if they were not protected by the governing authorities?

Firstly, I am not sure every American understands the real problems of America’s health-care system; if so, some would not have said: "Do not change my Medicare! Or, America has the best health-care system in the world!" I am not even sure every American knows how doctors and hospitals get paid for doing more but unnecessary tests, treatments, drugs, operations and procedures to maximize profits. Not only fee-for-service reimbursement is the fundamentally and financially wrong feature of the American health-care system, first and foremost the deadliest part is to let health-care providers (doctors, hospital owners, drug and insurance companies, medical suppliers, etc.) to set the fees as high and as much as they want without restrain or restriction. It is like giving them a blank check. Do you wonder why America has the most costly and ineffective health-care system in the world? There exists no such blood-sucking and lucrative business in the world like the American health-care system. 

Secondly, another deadly and wrong aspect of the American health-care system is doctors and hospital owners, etc. have absolute right to make all decisions for test, procedure, operation, treatment, drug, etc. for the patient without approval or consent of the patient. The patient has no choice. 

Thirdly, all the fees are not disclosed in advance and the patient is not required to approve them. Unlike all business transactions, the buyer knows the price beforehand and makes intelligent choices. The hospital and doctors send the bills only after the patient is discharged or dead. 

Fourthly, the medical and hospital billing system is fraudulent and excessive. They maximize revenues by breaking up the same item into many components in order to generate revenue. For example, if a mother comes to hospital for delivery it is not charged as one lump sum item. The fees will include doctors, anesthesiologist, surgical nurses, delivery room, recovery room, hospital stay, nursery, equipment, syringes, oxygen, suture, medication, dressing, hospital gowns, and many other items. If an X-ray is needed, not only the X-ray is charged, this gives the radiologist a special right to charge a hefty fee for "professional opinion" as if the attending physician is a defective physician who cannot read an X-ray. The patient medical records do not belong to the patient although paid by the patient, owned and controlled by hospital and doctors for their own benefits and protection. 

Fifthly, the medical and hospital system is run like an organized crime or syndicate. When a patient is admitted, the patient signs his/her life and assets away. It gives doctors and hospital the right to gouge and fleece the patient the way they see fit. The reason why Medicare and Medicaid or private insurance are so costly is caused simply by the way the hospital is run. I knew a black young woman who had an abortion all paid by Medicaid, the hospital lined up three doctors to take care of her. As a working poor student I could not afford even one doctor when I was ill. Medicaid patients received better services paid by taxpayers than a patient who pays his way. A doctor got pay for coming just to say hello or waved his hand. If a doctor changed the dressing, the hospital also got pay. Three doctors may change the same dressings three times a day on their rounds of visit so that both doctors and hospital get pay. This is just an evil of countless examples of medical malpractice and hospital predatory practices. 

Sixthly, there are four types of patients who are subject to the current health-care system, namely Medicare, Medicaid, HMO, and private insurance. Medicare is for the retired persons who pay premiums (Part B) as required. Doctors and hospitals treat Medicare patients by maximizing services for fees as much as allowed and even fraudulently for services not provided. Medicaid patients pay nothing as paid by taxpayers. Doctors and hospitals maximize services for Medicaid patients for fees as much as allowed and even fraudulently. HMO patients are those who work for companies that provide group insurance with premiums deducted weekly from their paychecks. HMO patients can only go to HMO designated hospital or clinic or doctor with restricted services. Doctors and hospitals do as little as possible for HMO patients because doctors and hospitals get monthly pay even if they do nothing for patients. One HMO dentist told me to take aspirin for my toothache and did nothing. HMO doctors often tell patients they cannot do for them because the group insurance does not cover the service or would not pay for. Privately-insured patients are the most desirable sheep for doctors and hospitals to slaughter and maximize services needed or not because the insurance will pay all the fees after deductible. Some private insurance policy will pay up to 90% and the patient pays only 10% of the total fees submitted by doctors and hospital. Due to very complicated and technical billing system with pages of computer printouts and hundreds of items, even a patient with a Ph.D. may not be able to read the bills intelligently, much less to be sure whether he/she is cheated by doctors and hospital or not. Unless such fraudulent and predatory healthcare system is overhauled and changed completely, whatever gimmick or reform or plan is useless in controlling costs. The health-care providers will continuously increase the costs exponentially and unconscionably because they have done it that way for decades with impunity. This explains why in 1965 — the year Congress created Medicare and Medicaid — health care spending was 2.6 percent of the budget. In 2010, it was 26.5 percent. The Obama administration estimates it will be 30.3 percent in 2016. By contrast, defense spending is about 20 percent; scientific research and development is 4 percent. This also explains why many nations like Singapore and others have cheaper and better healthcare systems than the American. The current American health-care system sucks the blood of American people at more than $4 trillion a year and has bankrupted millions of American families. I am not optimistic the situation will change because America is held hostage by special interests and politicians and bureaucrats serve the special interests. Those who greatly benefit financially from the current system want to maintain the status quo. There is no truth or justice in politics and government. There are still millions who are gullible to believe this is a great democracy where the system facilitates concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few. If America does not end the high costs of health-care now, it will inevitably end America.  

3.    A blank check is given unconditionally to corrupt health-care providers of the worst kind. 

How could you control health care cost when a blank check is given unconditionally to those corrupt and wicked doctors, hospital owners, insurance and drug companies, and medical suppliers to do as they please and charge as much as they want and mostly fraudulently and falsely? The truth is, even though America has the highest health care cost, the quality of health care is poor. These heath care terrorists can ruin and bankrupt a middle class family with just one major illness, and these poor Americans have no recourse and no appeal for justice. In almost every business transaction in the world, you are informed of the cost in advance. But the very ill and dying patients not only they do not have a right and are not in a position to bargain, they are not even informed of the cost in advance. The doctors can prescribe any test, procedure or treatment, drug and devise that benefit themselves financially. Patients are helpless captive customers. The terrorists of health care can charge any thing they like or want, even fraudulently and exorbitantly. When you sign for hospital admission or emergency, you sign your life and future away. The rich can take care of themselves; the poor are taken care by taxpayers’ money. Those who bear most the burden of taxation are the biggest victims of the wild beast of health care.

DENISE GRADY reported (Feb 18. 2011),“Too many women with abnormal mammograms or other breast problems are undergoing surgical biopsies when they should be having needle biopsies, which are safer, less invasive and cheaper, new research shows. A study in Florida found that 30 percent of the breast biopsies there from 2003 to 2008 were surgical. The rate should be 10 percent or less, according to medical guidelines. The figures in the rest of the country are likely to be similar to ?Florida’s, researchers say, which would translate to more than 300,000 women a year having unnecessary surgery, at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars. Many of these women do not even have cancer: about 80 percent of breast biopsies are benign. For women who do have cancer, a surgical biopsy means two operations instead of one, and may make the cancer surgery more difficult than it would have been if a needle biopsy had been done... About 1.6 million breast biopsies a year are performed in the United States. But in 2010, only about 261,000 found cancer (207,000 women had invasive breast cancer, and another 54,000 had a condition called ductal carcinoma in situ, in which cancer cells have not invaded the surrounding tissue). Hospitals charge $5,000 to $6,000 for a needle biopsy, and double that for an open biopsy, according to Dr. Grobmyer’s article. Doctors’ fees for an open biopsy range from $1,500 to $2,500, he said, and $750 to $1,500 for a needle biopsy. A surgeon who was not part of Dr. Grobmyer’s study said she often encountered patients referred from other hospitals whose open biopsies should have been done with a needle. “I see it all the time,” said the surgeon, Dr. Elisa R. Port, the chief of breast surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan. “People are causing harm and should be held accountable.”

There have been so much lies, deceits and deceptions continuously to confuse the public deliberately by special interests about Medicare reform and healthcare in general. Status quo means the healthcare providers (doctors, hospital owners, drug and insurance companies, medical suppliers, etc.) will continuously defraud and overcharge the public and become increasingly and exponentially filthy rich with impunity. The truth is: budget or federal spending is in fact a process of rationing. Americans have been fooled by democracy; those who have power get the most of money and benefits. There are too many Americans who are entitled to too many things they do not pay for and do not deserve. America is broke; you are not in a position to take any chances. After so much fuss, talk, and exercise of futility, American healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid cannot be reformed until the healthcare providers are stopped and prevented from continuously sucking the economic blood of the nation. The only effective way is to cut the revenue of healthcare providers by 40% immediately if America is to survive. Sadly and tragically, there seems to be no one in power wants to do the right thing. America is twisting and twisting in the wind, the tornado of debts and deficits may sweep the nation into oblivion soon.

Alina Selyukh, WASHINGTON (Reuters), August 23, 2011 reported, “The price of Seattle Genetics Inc's blood cancer drug Adcetris could top $100,000 for a course of treatment, becoming the latest cancer medicine to come at a high cost. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Friday gave its nod to Adcetris, the first drug specifically indicated for anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) and the first one approved for Hodgkin's lymphoma since 1977. Seattle Genetics on Monday said the drug will cost $4,500 per vial. In its clinical trials, the company said, patients on average received three vials per dose and between seven and nine doses per treatment. The total price would then generally vary from $94,500 to $121,500 per patient, within Wall Street's expected range.” There is no healthcare or medical treatment terrorist in the world like that of the United States. What a depraved mind and greedy heart to charge so much is within Wall Street’s expected range? The strangest thing is the fact that such blood-sucking practices are legal and continue to thrive and multiply with impunity. Catastrophic illness is the great opportunity for unconscionable healthcare providers to brutally slaughter and bankrupt helpless and desperate patients.

Drew Altman and Larry Levitt (November 192011) reported, In fact, a recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau has introduced a tool that could help do just that. This different way of calculating who is poor takes into consideration a broader range of living expenses and the help that people get from government programs. It found that 2.5 million more people are living in poverty than were classified as poor under the previous (and still official) method, bringing the not-so-grand total to 49 million Americans. The single biggest factor driving the increase? Out-of-pocket health-care costs... One of the biggest jumps in poverty under the new method is among people with private health insurance. We tend to think of such people, most of whom get coverage through their jobs, as being better equipped to handle the cost of getting sick. But even those who are insured are increasingly vulnerable to high health-care costs, in no small part because, as costs keep rising, employers have shifted more of the burden onto workers. The share of employees with an insurance deductible of $1,000 or more for single coverage has tripled in the past five years. The trend is especially strong among small businesses, where half of workers face a deductible of at least $1,000 in 2011. For those on the edge of poverty, a big medical bill could send you over it — even if you have insurance. The effect of health-care costs is particularly acute for the elderly, with the proportion of seniors living in poverty increasing from 9 percent under the official census measure to 16 percent under the alternative measure. Under the new method, an astounding 49 percent of seniors are living at or below twice the poverty level, a threshold at which people are still considered low-income (up from 35 percent under the official method).”

The reason health-care costs make so many American people poor because the greedy and predatory doctors and hospital owners, drug and insurance companies, labs and medical suppliers defraud patients so much and they become filthy rich by sucking the lifeblood of American people.

American fraudulent and greedy medical practices are also infecting China. According to a TV news report, some hospitals in Xian and other cities practice fake test results and fake medical reports to justify performing unnecessary or fake surgeries in order to make money. The government should execute all doctors who practice fraudulent and harmful medicine and hospital owners who use fake diagnosis to order unnecessary surgeries should also be executed and all their assets seized to compensate victimized patients and the hospitals shut down and put out of business.

Most people do not know why most of American doctors are men.

(A). Men became doctors for pure reason of money. Being a doctor is among the most lucrative job and highest paid in the world. The doctors charge whatever they want without first disclosing the cost to their patients. Healthcare is a monopoly and a predatory business in the United States. In all business consumers know what they pay for and make a choice. The propaganda of healing the sick and saving lives is phony. Few doctors do for that noble purpose. That is why doctors and hospital owners (many of them are also doctors who violate antitrust laws) suck the American blood of more than $4 trillion dollars a year. 

Mar 5:25-26, “A woman who had had a hemorrhage for twelve years, and had endured much at the hands of many physicians, and had spent all that she had and was not helped at all, but rather had grown worse.” The Greek word for endure here is paschō which means to suffer badly and sadly, to be in a bad plight, undergo evil experience, to be inflicted; - it occurs 42 times in the New Testament. There are so many incompetent doctors even in America. A specialist diagnosed I had asthma. One night I suffered an asthma attack with bronchial spasm and almost died. Because my HMO physician was on vacation and there was no HMO 24-hour emergency service. The next morning I waited in a clinic for 6 hours to see a female HMO patient who said I did not have asthma and did not want to prescribe the medicine that usually worked for me. One Chinese surgeon in a Chinese hospital performed a simple appendectomy; the patient still suffers pain on the appendectomy site internally even more than a year. An American surgeon and a physician who made money in China performed a biopsy and did not know what was wrong; they charged a lot and did not do any good. How many helpless patients are victims of doctors and hospitals who inflicted much pain on them and robbed their money? Just like policemen do not testify against their fellow policemen for corruption or abuse of power, so doctors rarely testify against other physicians for malpractice and incompetence. AMA and AHA are self-serving special interests rich and powerful to buy off lawmakers. Where is an enlightened and just government to make sure doctors and hospitals perform according to standards and cannot charge anything if they do not provide satisfactory service and be punished for committing malpractice?  Anyway, bad and immoral doctors and hospital owners would not escape God’s judgment.

(B). Many male doctors take pleasure in playing the breast and vagina of patients and enjoying seeing their nude bodies. There are female doctors in China also take pleasure in inflicting pain on the sexual organs of their patients under the pretext of pelvic exam.

(C). Medical schools of powerful and prestigious universities work like dynasties and organized syndicate to make sure to maintain status quo of doctors and hospitals in wielding monopolistic power and owning wealth of nation.

4.  The only solution is to stop this monopolistic, exploitative, oppressive, abusive, and fraudulent and evil business of health-care with the force of law.

Any doctor, hospital owner, drug and insurance, or medical suppler that defrauds $1 million dollars or more accumulatively will be executed and all assets seized. Lesser abuse, misuse, and malpractice would be disbarred for life with big fine and prison term.

One of the reasons for many years that health care fraud not only has not reduced but flourished is the fact that the government relies on internal investigation. Can anyone with conscience trust doctors, hospital owners, drug and insurance companies, and medical suppliers, etc. to investigate themselves? It has been a well-known fact for a hundred years or more that even in malpractice cases rarely achieve true result because doctors have been reluctant to testify against their own, just as dirty cops protect their own. There is nothing that prevents internal investigators from airbrushing the facts or, say, omitting evidence that might implicate the top executives? Self-investigation is an American exceptional joke.

Doctors and hospitals have many dirty tricks to make big money, one of them is readmissions. According to a recent Health Affairs article, readmissions have been considered a huge and costly problem. “Nearly one in five Medicare patients returns to a hospital within a month of discharge; three-quarters of these readmissions - costing an estimated $12 billion a year.”

Brian Vastag (04/04/2012) reported, “Among the tangled factors sending U.S. health-care costs soaring, unnecessary tests and procedures rank high on the list. A 2005 National Academy of Sciences report found that 30 percent of U.S. health-care spending was unnecessary or wasteful; more recent studies arrive at similar figures. That amounts to a staggering $600 billion to $700 billion spent annually on tests, drugs and procedures that most likely do no good — and can do harm.”

In my opinion, fraudulent and excessive charges rank number one as the root cause for the most costly and ineffective healthcare system in the world. Patients are never to blame because doctors and hospitals make all the decisions for them. Patients are the captured victims. Doctors and hospitals and insurance companies are the predators. Doctors and hospitals prescribe unnecessary tests, medicines and procedures and treatment and carry them out without question for helpless patients. The costs of healthcare are never disclosed by doctors and hospitals in advance to patients.

5.   There is little hope that the American health-care system will change.

The American health-care system will not change because the government has been hijacked and run by and for special interests many years. America needs a Jeffersonian revolution and there is no leader in the horizon. Terrorists will kill you even you do not know them. The health care beast kills you with a bill and a smile dressed in white like an angel. Yes, an angel of death! This angel of death does not carry a sword; it gives you a bill of death. The beast of health care will grow more and more cruel and fierce and greedy and savage in America until it is stopped. Who will stop the beast? This is one of the greatest evils of America. “Therefore the law is paralyzed, and justice never prevails. The wicked hem in the righteous, so that justice is perverted.” (Hab 1:4)

A white supremacist wrote, “In 2007, the median net worth (that is, assets minus debts) of 65-plus households was $237,000, about twice the amount for households aged 45 to 54. Among 65-plus married couples, median net worth was $385,000.” This is an example how dishonest people can use statistics to lie. The truth is most of American retirees have Social Security and only income less than $1,200 a month? Ask yourself where and how can you live in America today with a fixed income of less than $1,200 a month? They do not have net worth cited or projected; they live from day to day, choosing between meals and medicine! What the government should cut and chop are doctors, hospital owners, drug and insurance companies, medical suppliers, etc. that defraud, gouge and overcharge the American people who create the most costly and ineffective healthcare system in the world.

From president down to senators, congressmen, justices, federal employees, etc. as well as state governors and employees, etc. all have very good and generous health-care insurance coverage mostly paid by taxpayers. Not one of them will go bankrupt because of the high costs of healthcare. The current blood-sucking healthcare system for most Americans does not affect the elites and the insiders in government and business, they have no stake whether the reform of healthcare succeeds or fails. I do not know any government official who has power to do something and is sincere and bent on stopping the fraudulent and predatory practices committed by doctors, hospital owners, drug and insurance companies, and medical suppliers, etc. Under the sad and screwball situation, the hope of change in the worst and most costly healthcare system in the world is practically nil, and slim at best.

6.  The comptroller general of the United States stated.

GENE L. DODARO reported, “In fiscal year 2010 alone, Medicare had estimated improper payments of almost $48 billion; this estimate did not include improper payments in its prescription drug benefit program, for which the agency has not yet determined a total amount. And because Medicare remains on a path that is fiscally unsustainable over the long term, there is heightened pressure to improve its payment methods, as well as its management and oversight of program operations and patient care. As for Medicaid, it has taken steps to improve transparency and reduce improper payments in recent years, but more can be done. Improper payments to providers that submit inappropriate claims can result in substantial financial losses to states and the federal government. The Department of Health and Human Services has estimated a national improper payment rate for Medicaid of 9.4 percent (with the federal share estimated at $22.5 billion) for fiscal year 2010. Certain services may be more susceptible than others to improper payments. For example, in 2009 the G.A.O. found that Medicaid beneficiaries and providers were involved in potentially wasteful or abusive purchases of controlled substances in five selected states. Specifically, we found that Medicaid paid over $2 million in controlled substance prescriptions during fiscal years 2006 and 2007 that were written or filled by 65 medical practitioners and pharmacies barred, excluded or both from federal health care programs, including Medicaid.” This does not include frauds committed in private insurance and HMO, etc. Strangest thing is you never hear about prosecutions of those crooked and corrupt doctors and hospital owners and medical suppliers who defrauded hundreds of billions or even trillions for decades.

The American health-care system is a monopolistic, fraudulent and predatory system that works like an organized crime. When you sign an admission form statement, as a privately insured patient or un-insured patient you sign your life and assets away. Most privately insured patients do not realize frauds bring higher premiums and overall costs of healthcare. As a Medicare or Medicaid patient you sign a blank check for healthcare providers to defraud the federal and state governments with impunity. The doctors and hospitals will prescribe as many as unnecessary lab tests and procedures as possible without your approval and without giving you information of the cost of each test, procedure, item, treatment or service. You are totally dark and helpless and doctors and hospital are at will to do whatever they want to maximize everything, whether you need or not, in order to maximize their earnings and profits. You are like a lamb to be slaughtered by healthcare providers legally. They have a very evil cost accounting system. For example, the doctor orders you to have a chest X-ray, the attending physician is so incompetent that he is supposed not to be able to read anything. It falls on the right and privilege of the radiologist to write a simple statement in order to justify his hefty fees. Imagine thousands of different types of X-rays are done each day, the organized syndicate is guaranteed to make hundreds of thousands of dollars for just one item of test in one day. This is not counting lab tests, the attending physician is also so dumb that his training is not equipped him to read the lab results (even though a nursing student can read), so that the so-called lab specialist will write his simple lab expert opinion in order to justify his hefty fees. The attending physician is also so incompetent that he has to line up several other physicians to take care of you. Although these extra physicians are entitled to get pay for practically doing nothing, most of the time they just drop in to say hello or wave to you as they pass by. If you have a dressing, they might respectively open and change the dressing. Changing the dressing several times a day by different physicians are justified for the hospital to charge you hefty fees several times for the same thing. As to a procedure, the consideration is not what does it to the benefit of the patient. The doctor does not require your advanced approval or provide cost information in advance. There are simple procedures which are charged several hundreds of dollars each, and there are complicated procedures which are charged several hundred thousands of dollars each. The evil accounting system practices breaking up of many items for just one procedure. For example, how much for a team of surgeons, anesthesiologist, surgery room, surgical instruments and equipment, syringes, medications, gauges and sponges, and many other items. The numbers of broken up charges are so long and technical and abbreviated even a Ph.D. cannot read them intelligibly. The hospital accounting department are staffed with most creative and conscienceless and shameless people, they would even charge you for your own underwear and for dressings and others even you did not have a surgery. If you dispute the cost, they would threaten to creatively find many more items to charge you. The poor patient does not know what will hit him; he will only know the total medical and hospital bills by mail only after discharge or death. Surgical procedures are not necessarily done for the benefits of the patients; they are done because they earn doctors and hospitals extremely large sums of money. The most expensive drugs may not be effective or what the patients need, but they earn huge profits for hospitals and kickbacks for doctors. This lies the root cause of greed and immorality and fraud which create the highest cost of healthcare in the world that bankrupts millions of American families and bankrupts the America’s economy. This explains the blood-sucking of American people by monopolistic and predatory healthcare providers at more than $2.5 trillion a year. This gives you a glimpse how healthcare terrorists butcher the American people brutally and mercilessly for decades and hospitals are actually slaughterhouses.

The top Senate Republican said (May 12, 2011) tighter eligibility requirements to the Medicare and Medicaid program and reduced benefits must be a part of any deal. The issues have been studied to death. But one key factor is strangely missing, the health-care providers (doctors, hospital owners, medical suppliers, etc.) have been given a blank check for decades so much so that they have fraudulently and excessively charged the patients and bankrupted millions of families with impunity. Why no one discusses the most costly and inefficient health-care system in the world that works like an organized crime and the patient is not consulted and does not have the right to approve any test, treatment, procedure, medicine, etc.? Doctors and hospitals maximize revenue by doing the unnecessary and the most costly that patients do not need, and send them a bill that they cannot refuse only after discharge or death. Retirees who have an annual income of $500,000 or more should not be eligible for Medicare benefits because they can afford private insurance. Many receive luxurious and unnecessary benefits because they cost them nothing. A single woman having abortion should not be paid by Medicaid. Tighter eligibility requirements and reduced benefits are necessary. Above all, stop doctors and hospitals and insurance and others to rob and bankrupt the patients and suck the blood of the American people at $2.5 trillion a year.

7.  There are so much demagogueries and deceits about the American health-care.

So much demagogueries and deceits are spewed out by both parties to confuse the American people.

A. Large permanent tax increases are necessary for highly profitable firms and wealthy individuals that do not pay income tax or profits only enrich the executives with exorbitant compensations, perks and bonuses and pensions. The tax system needs to be totally overhauled to eliminate subsidies and exemptions and corporate tax loopholes.

B. Control of Medicare and Medicaid costs are not necessarily to produce economic growth, just as an individual who cuts down unnecessary spending does not make economic growth. Economic growth can only be achieved in a sound economic system with fiscal responsibility free of exploitation and manipulation and monopoly, and ingredients conducive for business and industry to expand that benefits the greatest number of people. To put America on a path to prosperity is not one thing, but above all America needs a system of government and politics free of corruption, free of lobbyists and special interests, and a new breed of officials (elected and appointed) who have character and integrity and ability.

C. Less help for the wealthy is not more for the poor and the sick because Medicare and Medicaid have paid too much already for them due to the fact doctors and hospitals defraud and overcharge too much.

D. To eliminate unnecessary and luxurious and overcharged medical tests, treatments, procedures, medications, supplies and equipment, etc. are not bureaucratically rationed health care, they are sound and responsible management of limited resources.

E. Political labeling such as social medicine, rationed health care, shared-scarcity mentality, social engineering, etc. are useful only to advance the special interests who hold America hostage and create the huge national debt and deficits in the first place. It is hoped American people will not follow demagogs.

F. To bring down health-care costs, doctors and hospitals must be deprived the sole and unlimited right to make all the decisions without the patient’s approval. All medical and hospital costs must be made known in advance so that the privately-insured patient or uninsured patient may make intelligent decision; as to Medicare and Medicaid patients there are loopholes that doctors and hospitals use to fleece and defraud the public. Billing must be itemized but not broken down in many parts. For example, delivery is a flat amount of $1,500 (including fees for doctor, anesthesiologist, room, surgical instruments, medications, etc.). All Medicaid and Medicare patients are entitled to only one attending physician who gets pay, there cannot be a line up of several physicians just to get pay for doing hello or meaningless visit. Any lab test or X-ray must come with expert or professional opinion; no radiologist may bill the patient extra. America is not a free society; it is held hostage by right and left special interests. America has not been in a very good way to operate. Right radical changes are necessary to overhaul the most costly and predatory health care system in the world, to save America from the largest debts and deficits in history, not only to put our budget on a path to balance and to put our economy on a path to prosperity. Prosperity is not possible when a nation is on the verge of default and destruction.

Matt Miller May 25 2011wrote, “As can never be said often enough, the United States spends 17 percent of GDP on health care, while every other advanced nation spends 10 or 11 percent. Those other nations insure everyone, while we still have 50 million neighbors who lack basic coverage. At the same time, the United States doesn’t have better health outcomes to show for all this extra spending, and it experiences huge regional variations in the utilization of procedures and treatments. Observers of all stripes agree that these facts mean our system is radically inefficient. (And given that mighty Singapore spends just 4 percent of GDP with as good or better outcomes than ours, the “radically” is justified).” One thing is always missing probably by design, that is the reason the United States has the most costly and ineffective healthcare system in the world is due to the fact that healthcare providers (doctors, hospitals, drug and insurance companies, medical suppliers, etc.) are given absolute power to charge whatever they please excessively and also fraudulently. No other nations would allow what happens in America happen in their countries. Take Singapore. It is time America establish fee schedules for all healthcare providers by law and to be enforced by law and do away with monopolistic and predatory practices. To give voucher to each senior to help buy private insurance is not a solution, for health care is a monopolistic industry and it will only make insurance companies even more filthy rich. Republicans and Democrats have wrong ideas because they do not like the truth and they serve special interests and they do not do what is right for the greatest number of American people.

The Editorial of Washington Post said (August 9, 2011), “There’s a reason the president’s words did not allay market fears: For all of its faults, S&P was right about its assessment of the problems that underlie the U.S. economy. Government expenditures are too high; revenue remains untenably low; and the rancorous political environment that brought the country to the brink of default last week casts doubt on the willingness of its leaders to correct the imbalance... More cuts — S&P puts the total savings figure at $4trillion must be found, lest the country risk a further downgrade.”

One thing that continuously puzzles me is the fact no one seems to be interested in cutting the predatory and fraudulent practices of doctors, hospital owners, drug and insurance companies, medical suppliers, etc. that created the most costly and ineffective health-care system in the world.

I see clearly there is a paralleled faulty thinking and doing in spending for national security and in healthcare costs. Those demand more and more money, more and more deadly weapons, more and more alliances and bases on the ground of national security as if they would really protect Americans. Doctors and hospitals use the same warped reasoning to prescribe the most costly and unnecessary tests and procedures and drugs and treatment in the name of saving lives actually making themselves filthy rich. Rob Stein (August 16, 2011) wrote about CT scans for lung cancer, “Peter B. Bach, a lung cancer specialist and epidemiologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, called testing people other than those who fit the criteria in the study — especially outside centers that have highly skilled interdisciplinary teams to follow-up on the results — “unconscionable.”

The false-positive rate could easily be significantly higher among a broader population, and the risks could be greater because those in the study were relatively healthy despite their smoking history. The scans can also detect other potential problems — and false alarms — near the lungs, including aneurysms, masses in the abdomen and even heart problems. “The scans open a Pandora’s box,” Bach said. Some question whether some hospitals and practices were offering the tests to generate revenue.“One of the reasons health-care costs are spiraling out of control is because there is a kind of medical gluttony on the part of physicians and patients,” said Brawley, of the American Cancer Society. “Sometimes it’s out of fear on the part of the patient, and sometimes it’s for other unfortunate reasons on the part of health-care providers: profit.” There is no alternative but to stop the blood-sucking and fraudulent practices of healthcare providers.

Ron Paula doctorhas been reported to say health insurance shouldn't be the governments responsibility. That’s what freedom is all about taking your own risks.The statement sounds plausible and reasonable on the surfaceit is less than honest and far from the truth like hell is far from heaven. Whose responsibilities are Medicare and Medicaid? The two programs alone have been defrauded by doctorshospital ownersdrug and insurance companies and medical suppliers billions of dollars for many decades. Paul, you do not talk like the Apostle Paul I know. You argued that the reason medical costs have skyrocketed is that individuals have stopped taking personal responsibility for their health care. What freedom are you talking about Doctors and hospital ownersdrug and insurance companies and medical suppliers have freedom to charge whatever they please on top of fraudulent billings with impunity for many decades. Imagineone course of cancer treatment costs $100,000! The patient has no freedom, the patient has only to pay or die! Do you call that freedom? Doctors and hospitals make all the decisions for patients in all tests, procedures and treatment without their consent. Do you call that responsibility? It is the government responsibility to overhaul the healthcare system to stop the blood-sucking machine of doctors, hospital owners, drug and insurance companies and medical suppliers for good. You said churches used to take care of medical costs of poor patients. Do you know the Bible? The main responsibility of the church of Jesus Christ is to preach the Gospel to every creature, not to pay high medical costs to make doctors and hospital owners filthy rich.  The only reason the American healthcare costs become the most expensive and ineffective in the world is because lawmakers and officials let it be.

I often wonder why the government let doctors and hospitals defraud and overcharge patients with impunity.

8.    Why the American healthcare costs are the highest in the world.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) conducted a study to determine WHY IS HEALTH SPENDING IN THE UNITED STATES SO HIGH?

It provided some useful facts:

A.   Health spending in the United States is much higher than in other OECD countries.

The United States spends two-and-a-half times more than the OECD average health expenditure per person. It even spends twice as much as France, for example, a country which is generally accepted as having very good health services. At 17.4% of GDP in 2009, US health spending is half as much again as any other country, and nearly twice the average. Health expenditure per capita in 2009 for the U.S. is $7,960, the highest in the world; $5,352 for Norway, $3,487 for Britain, $3,978 for France and the OECD average is $3,233. Total health expenditure as a share of GDP, 2009, US is 17.4% of $14.25 trillion (2009 est.) The U.S. health costs are already the budget’s largest single expense (27 percent in 2010, compared with 20 percent for defense). I believe the health costs of 27 percent of the U.S. budget in 2010 cover Medicare and Medicaid, not including private healthcare costs.

B.   The United States is an exception.

– Americans spend nearly $3,000 per person per year more than Swiss people, even though Swiss people have about the same level of income.

C.   The high level of spending in the United States is due to:

The cost (or price) of health care being higher in the United States than elsewhere; the United States providing more health care – more doctors’ appointments, more surgery, more drugs, more diagnostic tests, longer stays in hospital – than in other countries; some combination of the two.

D.   Health expenditure can be broken down into different categories of spending by type of care, that is, inpatient care, out-patient care, pharmaceuticals, public health and administration, etc.

A 2010 OECD study (Koechlin et al., 2010) found the US price level of hospital services to be over 60% higher than the average of 12 other OECD countries in 2007


Procedures           OECD Country Lowest                                        USA

   Unit Price




Normal Delivery



Caesarean section



Percutaneaous transluminal

coronary angioplasty (PTCA)




Coronary artery bypass graft



Hip replacement



Knee replacement




This is where OECD made big mistakes. OECD seemed to be ignorant about the U.S. Emergency Room Service – that is where patients are slaughtered greatly financially and mercilessly. Secondly, OECD does not seem to know the American doctors and hospitals practice fraudulent billing by counting the same item in multiple billings. For example, for a procedure billing is broken up in many pieces, such as the doctor fee for the procedure, medications, equipment, syringes and needles, gauzes, sponges, ABD combine pads, sterile gauze sponge dressings, and other supplies. Normal Delivery for $4,451 may be referred only to the doctor’s fees, not including the anesthesiologist, Delivery Room, Recovery Room, Nursery, instruments, Oxygen, dressings, etc. Another example, if the patient is to have an X-ray, not only the patient is charged for the X-ray, it automatically adds on the opinion of the Radiologist that the patient did not hire and never see and the fee is higher than the X-ray itself. Thirdly, doctors and hospital owners routinely and regularly defraud patients by charging service, tests, and supplies never provided or unnecessary. For example, you can be charged even for your own underwear. Not to say any item of supply used in hospital is many times higher than the market price. If you dispute with the Hospital Billing Department, they shamelessly and boldly threaten to find (in fact manufacture) more items charged to you. They have practiced maximum fraudulent charging and billing for decades. Fourthly, the doctors and hospital never provide costs information of everything or anything in advance. You only receive the long bill by mail after you are discharged or dead. Fifthly, the American healthcare system works like an organized crime. The moment you sign the form of admission, you are relinquishing your assets and life-savings to doctors and hospital. They are empowered to do anything to you without your approval and without informing you anything. The attending physician immediately lines up 2 or 3 doctors into your care so that they can be paid to share the loot. The other doctors will come to see you may be to say hello or how are you and do nothing just to get pay for their visits. If you have a dressing, one doctor may open and take a look or change the dressing. Each doctor will repeat doing the same thing. American doctors and hospitals will do many thing for you not necessarily you need them or benefit you but so that they may make maximum profits and squeeze out every drop of blood from you. For example Caesarean section is performed more frequently than normal delivery because doctors and hospitals make more money on Caesarean section than normal delivery. I do not know whether OECD knows about the predatory and fraudulent practices of doctors and hospitals in America or not. I know all the healthcare reform talks and acts, no one in power would mention or stop doctors and hospitals and drug and insurance companies from gauging and fleecing the poor patients. This is the underlying reason why healthcare costs in America are the highest in the world, and continuously rising exponentially because no one is stopping the blood sucking machine of American healthcare industry. When the doctors and hospital owners, drug and insurance companies are free to defraud and gouge and fleece the patients, you wonder why the American healthcare is the most costly in the world?

Additional updated data provided by International Federation of Health Plans.A coronary artery bypass costs $68,000 in America but a little over $1,000 in Canada. An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) costs $1,080 in America but $280 in France. According to International Federation of Health Plans, the following comparisons of prices are beyond any doubt the U. S. healthcare is the highest and most expensive in the world.




Coronary artery bypass

$1,000 +









Yahoo provided a program on the Internet Have something to ask President Obama?

Your question could be featured when George Stephanopoulos of ABC News interviews the president live on Yahoo! today.

I do not know whether my question was featured or not, and I do not know if President Obama gives an answer or not. Apparently it was never answered. I wrote the following On October 3, 2011:

Mr. President:

Some months ago I heard that you said doctors and hospitals defrauded more than $1 billion dollars, but I never heard anybody was prosecuted. In fact, doctors and hospitals have defrauded patients and government for decades and bankrupted millions of families; it is a predatory and fraudulent system. The American healthcare system works like an organized crime. All healthcare reform will not succeed or amount to anything unless the government stops the blood-sucking machine of healthcare system which allows doctors and hospitals to charge whatever they please; the patient is never informed of the costs in advance, never has a choice and only knows the bill by mail only after he is discharged or dead. There was one young man whose father went to a hospital emergency, treated several days and died. The son received a bill of more than a million dollars even his father died at the hospital. Now the poor young man has to work all his life as a slave maybe not be able to pay off the debt of his deceased father because the dead man was overcharged and fraudulently charged by doctors and hospital owner. Have you ever seen a lengthy medical bill with technical terms and abbreviations that even an educated person finds it unintelligible? The dirty trick practiced by doctors and hospitals is to break one item into multiple billings. For example, if you have an X-ray, not only you pay for the X-ray, you are forced to pay automatically for the opinion of the radiologist that you never met or hired. The bill of one X-ray should include everything, no extra charge for radiologist as if your doctor is so stupid that he cannot read an X-ray. Doctors and hospitals make all the decisions as to tests, procedures, drugs, treatment, labs, etc. to maximize their profits, not for the benefit of the patient. I wrote an article on my website called Health Care Terrorism. I could not understand why the government has continuously allowed doctors and hospitals to gouge and fleece and bankrupt patients for many decades without impunity. I know fully well why the American healthcare system is the most costly and ineffective in the world. What puzzles me most is with all the talks about healthcare costs control, no one in power is stopping predatory doctors and hospital owners and drug and insurance companies from defrauding and overcharging the patients! You see the power of capitalism and democracy in action or nonaction.

The American media is so wicked and devoid of truth that special interests habitually use mass media to spread disinformation and misinformation and lies to deceive the people. A media campaign and propaganda are launched to paint poor doctors; the so-called doctors in America are harboring an embarrassing secret: Many of them are going broke. Even those politicians and lawmakers who pretend to reform the most costly healthcare system in the world never mention the fact and the root cause it is a fraudulent and predatory system to gouge and fleece and defraud the American public and have created the sad casualties of bankrupting millions of American families with impunity for many decades and they are still doing it at acceleration and intensity. The American legal and healthcare systems are among the most blood-sucking and blatant in the world. Justice is murdered and truth is trampled by evildoers and healthcare terrorists...

The evil and terror of American healthcare system is not what this short article can cover adequately. 

Luk 11:39,“Then the Lord said to him: Now you Pharisees make the outside of the cup and dish clean, but your inward part is full of greed and wickedness.” Suffice to say the inward part of the American healthcare system is “full of greed and wickedness” which will take volumes to describe and document.  To those doctors and hospital owners, etc. who think they are Christians, Jesus Christ says, 

Luk 12:15, “Then He said to them: Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” To the greedy of any kind, the Scripture warns, 

Col 3:5, “Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry.” Only the primitive people in the world worship idols, but in America most people worship and love money. This is the deadly sin, greed is idolatry. What does the Bible say about idolaters or the greedy? 

1Cr 6:9-10,“Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the Kingdom of God.” Evidently, many doctors and hospital owners are thieves and swindlers and sinful idolaters, but strangely they consider themselves Christians. The Word of God warns, 

Rev 21:8,“But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” Rev 22:15, “Outside are the dogs and the sorcerers and the immoral persons and the murderers and the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices lying.

There are no people like American leaders and doctors and hospital owners who love and practice lying.

Health care in the United States costs much more than anywhere else simply because the prices are usually the highest in the world. For example, an appendectomy costs $13,000 in the U.S. but $254 in India. The American healthcare is the most costly because it is a fraudulent, predatory, inefficient, monopolistic and bloodsucking system, and the government lets doctors and hospitals, drug and insurance companies, etc. charge whatever they want. The American most costly healthcare costs are a direct result of a greedy capitalism and phony democratic system. A greedy capitalism and a phony democracy do not protect the helpless citizens and have bankrupted millions of American families. Why doctors and hospitals and drug and insurance companies can continue to charge excessive and fraudulent prices in healthcareBecause these wicked healthcare providers have held hostage of the public and the American government is bought by special interests and paralyzed to do what is right. Ezra Klein (March 3, 2012) wrote, “In 2009, Americans spent $7,960 per person on health care. Our neighbors in Canada spent $4,808. The Germans spent $4,218. The French, $3,978. If we had the per-person costs of any of those countries, America’s deficits would vanish. Workers would have much more money in their pockets. Our economy would grow more quickly, as our exports would be more competitive.”

Patients do not have the right to make any decision, doctors and hospitals mandate what to do not for the benefit of the patient but to maximize profits for themselves. Strangely Congress expressly barred Medicare from negotiating the prices of drugs that it was paying for. The 2010 health-reform law does not directly address the high prices set by doctors and hospitals, etc. This is the root cause of the evil and immoral and predatory practices. If you have pain or dying, you are not in a position to bargain with doctors and hospitals. Doctors and hospitals never provide price information to patients in advance. They send a bill to the patient only after he is discharged or dead by mail. Doctors and hospitals, drugs and insurance companies largely charge what they can get away with, often offering different prices to different insurers, and an even higher price to the uninsured to get their pound of flesh. Until the U.S. government establishes and sets price schedule for every procedure and service and supply provided by doctors, hospitals, drugs and medical suppliers; there is no hope the American health-care costs can be reasonable, affordable and comparable to other industrialized nations. Apparently it is hopeless to expect the government to do anything about it. The American economic system has failed to serve fairness. The American political system has also failed to serve the people. The American legal system does not serve justice for all. The only thing can be effective is for the greatest numbers of Americans to rise up and demand justice.

Posted by Ezra Klein on March 26, 2013 at 12:40 pm   - HIGHEST VS. LOWEST






2010 Health Spending as percentage of GDP












Physician fees








Bypass Surgery 




Hip Replacement




Knee Replacement










Normal Delivery








Hospital day














Hip Prosthesis   













New Zealand
























Note: There are thousands of other items including drugs, supplies, instruments and equipment which comparative prices are not available. Based on the data Posted by Ezra Klein, they are sufficient to shock and enrage any decent human being how American healthcare providers defraud, extort, rob and bankrupt millions of American families for decades. If Jefferson were alive and knew of the immense injustice, I am sure he would call for a revolution to overthrow a government that allows a blood-sucking machine that oppresses, abuses and ruins the people. 

Note: Among the most greedy and fraudulent in the world are American doctors, hospital owners, drug and insurance executives, lawyers, lawmakers, etc. and as the Word of God says, they (the greedy) will go to hell for eternal punishment.

9. American contagion of healthcare terrorism has also infected China.

American contagion of healthcare terrorism has infected China. Something frightening and fearful has happened in China! The American fraudulent and predatory practices of doctors and hospitals have come to China. It was reported that one man was treated in a Harbin hospital emergency and intensive care and died; his medical bill was 5.5 million yuan. One recent case of a patient who had gall stone surgery which was told the cost would be a couple thousand yuan. Under the pretext of saving life, then doctors and the hospital made the patient very ill but prohibited the family to visit and told them the patient was getting better but never mentioned or demanded to advance payment or disclosed the amount. Later a simple gall stone surgery killed the patient and the bill was RMB 450,000 with a dead patient. I watched on TV how the responsible doctor shamelessly and unconscionably rationalized the costs and justified the high fees of RMB 450,000 as normal and not much. Apparently the doctor had seared his conscience and lost his sense of morality and honesty and respectability. Since healthcare is a monopoly, what evil doctors and hospitals can do is inestimable and immeasurable. It is hoped the Chinese government would take drastic action now to stop the deadly contagion of American capitalistic greed before it becomes unstoppable and devastates the Chinese society. The simple but effective remedy is to execute doctors who commit fraudulent and predatory practices (such as charging large sums for unnecessary or unperformed tests, procedures, treatments, drugs, etc., excessive and fake billing, fake medical record, lies about patient condition, malpractice, misinformation, misrepresentation, etc.) and execute hospital owners who participate in the organized crime and seize their assets to pay victims. Doctors and hospitals that commit outrageous and malicious illegal practices must be put to death and put out of business. There are already American and Western doctors and dentists who practice medicine in China’s big cities and charge the rich Chinese high fees (many times what Chinese public hospitals charge). This dual medical system cannot be tolerated in a just society. Do not allow doctors and dentists and hospitals become healthcare terrorists in China. Under the Chinese legal system, no one is allowed to prey on another person. Do not let the Chinese health-care system fall into the monopolistic, abusive and oppressive and most costly health-care like that of the United States which sucks the blood of American people and bankrupted millions of American families with impunity.

China needs to regulate and control the charges and billing system of doctors and hospitals, medical suppliers and drug companies and deter any fraudulent and predatory practices with penalty that may impose death penalty for outrageous and wicked offenses.

Usually fraud in medical care or healthcare involves doctors, dentists, radiologists, hospital owners, drug and insurance companies, medical suppliers and labs in false billing and excessive billing; now it was reported to involve nurses also. The more and more evidence convinces me that the American healthcare system is an organized crime. Medicare is a $590 billion program that serves nearly 50 million people, and Medicaid spending for 2011 was about $280 billion, together they are a giant money tree for healthcare providers. Added private insurance and self-payment to the healthcare cost is more than $3 trillion per year. Fraudulent billings include unnecessary ambulance rides, unnecessary admission and lengthy hospitalization, writing prescriptions for patients who did not qualify, ordering and charging for medical supplies (such as wheelchair and other costly items) that patients do not need, charging medical supplies several times higher than market value (for example $25 for an Aspirin), ordering lab tests and treatments that never perform, charging hospital room for 3-person rate higher than a luxurious hotel, charging for surgeries and procedures that never perform, unnecessarily putting several doctors under payroll for the care of one single patient (especially Medicaid or Medicare patients) even uninsured and insured patients to squeeze out the last drop of blood, charging for unnecessary radiologist or professional opinions, charging for unnecessary or not used medical equipment, charging one item or instrument by breaking up into several components such as syringes and needles, recruiting patients for sole purpose of paying kickbacks, improperly billing the government for home health services and mental health services, and a million other items big and small. Small fraudulent items such ABD, dressings, underwear, Aspirin, etc. add up to big money. If you ever audit a hospital or medical billing, you wonder how America can be a nation ruled by law. Fraud in Medicare, the U.S. health program for the elderly and disabled, and Medicaid for the so-called poor, is massive and monumental and pervasive. Fraud in defrauding and overcharging the uninsured is more than a pound of flesh. Fraud in defrauding the insured increasingly accelerates the healthcare premiums paid by company and employee. This blood-sucking machine of doctors, hospital owners and other healthcare providers is the underlying cause of the most costly and inefficient healthcare system in the world; and the wonder of wonders is the fact all forms of medical reforms refuse to deal with the organized crime of healthcare providers. The examples of fraud "drive up healthcare costs” are unlimited. Clinics and doctor offices are small time operators in comparison to a general hospital and emergency room. The emergency department is a black hole of organized syndicate. It is wrong to “send a clear message to those perpetrating or contemplating Medicare and Medicaid fraud: It's time to start looking for another line of work.”

For decades, there is no controlling authority to send a clear message to those perpetrating doctors and hospital owners, etc. the certainty of long years of imprisonment, losing license and seizure of all assets. The American legal system is so flawed and the regulation so lax that it pays well to commit fraud and other scams in America that is why they are mushrooming. Waste, fraud and abuse committed by doctors, hospital owners and others are the most lucrative and profitable business in the world because they make all decisions for the patient without disclosing advanced cost information to the patient and without patient approval. It is difficult to investigate fraud, waste and abuse committed by doctors and hospital owners because hospital owns the patient's medical records, doctors do not testify against their own profession, and compounded by identity theft and money laundering.

The most discouraging fact is that it seems there is no president, lawmaker, politician, official who is interested in prosecuting and stopping the biggest healthcare fraud and predatory practice in the world!

January 1, 2018

Willie Wong

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