Public Notice!!!

Books and research materials provided by Google are not available or accessible in China for 1.35 billion people, will any other search engine or organization fill in the gap? Google is dead in China, will any software organization provide search materials the speed and the vast coverage that Google used to provide? The need is urgent!!!

My educational philosophy is based on the fact that man is born sinful and stupid. If man is born good and wise, why do you need education anyway? My philosophy of education is based on the premise all human beings can improve, can do better. Some improve faster than others. Education is individual and personal, you have to be willing to improve. To be the best you can be you owe to yourself, and no one else.  To be, one must become. Being is what you are, becoming is what you should be.

The need of education is based on the understanding that human nature is bad, and all children and adults need to be taught moral education as well as cognitive education.

The Chinese philosopher Mencius said, “In the beginning the nature of man was good.” If Mencius meant when God created man in the beginning his nature was good - that was correct. Mencius was wrong to say the nature of man is good. After the Fall, the nature by man is bad. Man by nature is sinful. The human nature is bad, you can even observe from infants. All the evil done in the world is because the human nature is evil. The nature of man is evil is an indisputable fact. If we define human nature as the distinguishing characteristics, including ways of thinking, feeling and acting that humans tend to have by nature, the empirical evidence that human nature is evil is incontrovertible and indisputable. Look at wars, violence, terror, greed, corruption, crime, exploitation, oppression, fraud, murder, rape, lie and deceit, debauchery, depravity, etc. -- the convincing evidence of the depravity of human nature. 

With all due respect, if Mencius were alive today, I have three questions to ask him: First, if the human nature is good, why did your mother have to move three times? Did not your mother move three times because she observed your behavior was influenced by bad environment? If your nature was good, bad environment should not have negative influence on you. Second, why children have to be taught and trained hard to learn to be good, and children tend to be bad without education? Third, before you wrote your oversimplifying statement that human nature is good, should you not consult your mother?

Education is not only to teach what people do not know. Education must include moral education, and a big part of moral education is character education. American prestigious universities produced many intelligent and highly skillful people in Washington, Wall Street and Hollywood, but they lack morality and character and courage to do what is good and right. You can never have great leaders without morality and character. 

All educated people must be moral, responsible, honest, knowledgeable, dependable, respectable and skillful.

The principle of education is summed up by Proverbs Chapter 22, in particular:

Pro 22:6,“Train up a child in the way he should go, 

Even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Note: Train in Hebrew is chanak which means to educate, instruct, imbue, dedicate, inaugurate, initiate; - it occurs 5 times in the Old Testament.

Child in Hebrew is na`ar which means a lad, boy, youth, babe, a new-born child, male and female included; - it occurs 309 times in the Old Testament. Way in Hebrew is Derek which means road, way, path; figuratively moral course of life; - it occurs 705 times in the Old Testament. Even in Hebrew is gam which is used in emphasis; - it occurs 707 times in the Old Testament. To become old in Hebrew is zaqen which means to be old, show age; - it occurs 37 times in the Old Testament. Depart in Hebrew is cuwr which means to turn aside, depart from way, deviate, move away, go away, retract, reject, turn away; - it occurs 420 times in the Old Testament.

Education must initiate from birth onward, it is an up-going and on-going process with direction where to go and not to depart from the right path even when one grows old. It validates the Chinese concept of education 学到老 (Learn until you grow old).

Pro 22:15, “Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; 

The rod of discipline will remove it far from him.”

Foolishness in Hebrew is 'ivveleth which means folly, stupidity, ignorance, impiety, unwise way; - it occurs 25 times in the Old Testament. Bind up in Hebrew is qashar which means to tie, bind together, confine, conspire, join together; - it occurs 45 times in the Old Testament. Heart in Hebrew is leb which means not the physical heart, but inner man, nature, mind, thinking, character, seat of emotions and passions; - it occurs 593 times in the Old Testament. Rod in Hebrew is shebet which means club, staff or stick used for beating or striking; - it occurs 191 times in the Old Testament. Discipline in Hebrew is muwcar which means chastening, correction, chastisement, admonition, punishment; - it occurs 50 times in the Old Testament. Remove in Hebrew is rachaq which means to distance, put far away, thrust away, repel; - it occurs 85 times in the Old Testament.

Although I believe mankind is born foolish, my observations and experimentations also confirm every child is born stupid except Jesus Christ the Son of God. Had it not for the mercy of God, my life would have been terminated in childhood. The rod of discipline will remove a child from his foolish heart. The rod does not mean always physical punishment. The rod of communication and persuasion sometimes is even more effective. The better a child is educated, the farther away he is from foolishness.

Proverbs Chapter 22 explains in detail that education has to do with knowledge, truth, justice, morality, discipline, virtue and wisdom.

I define knowledge as the ability to recognize what is or what is not (fact), while wisdom is the judgment how to apply knowledge. Knowledge is theoretical and wisdom is practical. Permissive education has produced juvenile delinquency and high crime rate in America. Flawed justice system encourages crooks and criminals and enriches law enforcement and legal professions.“The way he should go” implies the educational process is leading the child out of the cave into a broad and open place, out of darkness into light, out of ignorance into knowledge, out of bondage into liberty, out of primitive condition into a civilized state, out of blindness into sight, out of illusion into reality, and out of delusion into truth. It also implies a value system and good judgment. Understanding the nature of education cannot be separated from understanding the nature of man. Training a child is not like training a dog. The nature of education is moral and fundamental. Misrepresentation is an evil. It is impossible to misrepresent good as evil, or evil as good. There should be no confusion in vital matters of right and wrong. Moral education matters. In educating body and soul and spirit of the child, evil influence in substantive matters cannot be tolerated since man is born sinful. Education must not become a tool of deviation, distortion and oppression.

The Way symbolizes not only the content of education but the outcome of education as the way of life. The content of education is based on knowledge, truth, justice and wisdom. So from childhood onwards, children must be infused with moral values and discipline. There is a saying, Spare the rod, spoil the child. However, discipline does not mean only physical punishment but instruction on the right path.

Luk 2:40, “The Child continued to grow and become strong, increasing in wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him.”

Grow in Greek is auxanō which means to increase in size, become greater or bigger; - it occurs 26 times in the New Testament  To become strong in Greek is krataioō which means to be made strong, to increase in strength; - it occurs 6 times in the New Testament. Wisdom in Greek is Sophia which means broad and full of intelligence; used of the knowledge of very diverse matters, the varied knowledge of things human and divine, the knowledge and practice of the requisites for godly and upright living, correct application of knowledge; - it occurs 51 times in the New Testament. Grace in Greek is charis which means loving-kindness, favor, the spiritual condition of one governed by the power of divine grace; - it occurs 159 times in the New Testament.

Using the growth of Child Jesus as a model, education must include training of the body to be strong, increase in wisdom and the grace of God. Growth is a process undergoing constant transformation in the right direction.

So education involves physical, mental, moral and spiritual dimensions. Pedagogically speaking, education is a course of training which starts in childhood and continues throughout a person’s life. Physical education is easy to handle but it also requires provision of nutrition and healthy environment. Mental education is cognitive development which does not cease. Moral education distinguishes human from animal. Justice is a personal as well as a social virtue. A bad person is devoid of culture and rationality; like a wild beast uses brute violence to attain all his ends. A moral person is a responsible and respectable person. An educated person who oppresses and exploits others would be contrary to the purpose of moral education. Just as moral education is enhancing man-to-man relationship, spiritual education is instructing men and women how to live a godly life in serving God. Happiness, money and power are not the goal of moral education. A poor honest man is more valuable than the richest man who made rich through monopoly and predatory practice. A productive ordinary citizen is more valuable than the most powerful dictator, liar and killer. Happy is the man who knows his Redeemer and does the will of God on earth.

The object of education is to make wise and able person fit to live and serve God and man for the common good. Personally speaking, the purpose of education is not only to learn what you do not know, but to be the best you can be. Being is what you are, becoming is the process of what you should be. The important thing is to develop a critical consciousness in finding the true meaning of life, the abundant life. The abundant life is not the Dead Sea like peoples of Washington, Wall Street and Hollywood; it is a flowing river that serves navigation and cultivation. The abundant life is the good tree that bears good fruits. The values of an abundant life are not money, power and sex but faith, hope and love. 

The goal of Christian education is not to conform to the world, but to transform their little world – oneself, one’s family, close friends and relatives. A Christian is prepared and equipped “here and now” to serve so that “there and then” he is made worthy to reign with Christ for eternity. Christian education based on the teaching of the Bible and guidance of the Holy Spirit teaches man how to live. Life dose not consist in what you have but who you are. A poorest son of God is better and happier than the richest and most powerful son of the devil. Education is enabling a person to be the best he can be and a constant process of moving forward and looking ahead. Christians look forward to the second coming of Jesus Christ and the dawning of the Kingdom of Heaven which is the culmination and final solution for the entire universe. Christians are not building an ideal city or kingdom in this world, although we are supposed to be the light of the world. There is no Utopia on earth. Our ideal city is the New Jerusalem the Holy City. My kingdom is not of this world. I am not waiting to die, I am eagerly waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ to judge the world and reign with saints forever and ever.

To develop an educational system requires a full grasp and thorough understanding of assumptions, premises, principles, theories, research data and applications suitable to achieve desired results. System can be viewed as a tool. A specific tool is used for a special purpose. For example, a tool used to pull a nail cannot be used to pull a tooth. The system which works for college students may not work for elementary school children. The tough task of system development is to tie all variables together and form a workable and useful system to benefit a designated group of students. For example, if the system is used to apply to American situation, dependent and independent variables, socio-economic status of pupils, etc. must be taken into consideration. In comparison with China which has a homogeneous population the development and application vary.

Two theories on educational system development are interesting: one by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, another by John Locke. Rousseau’s conception of a child born in a state of natural goodness is contrary to the teaching of the Bible that man is born in sin. Rousseau's project for child development and education that fosters autonomy and avoids the development of the most destructive forms of self-interest may be unfruitful and unproductive. Rousseau's appreciation of the wonders of nature and his stress on the importance of feeling and emotion influenced his concept of child development. Rousseau's ideas about education are mainly the idea of “negative education”, which is a form of “child-centered” education. His essential idea is that education should be carried out, so far as possible, in harmony with the development of the child's natural capacities by a process of apparently autonomous discovery. Rousseau depends on his thesis of natural goodness, and his educational developmental scheme involves the protection and development of the child's natural goodness through various stages, along with the isolation of the child from the domineering wills of others. I believe the first two lessons must be taught to every child is obedience and respect. John Locke’s Thoughts and the Conduct complement each other well: the Thoughts focuses on the education of children by their parents, whereas the Conduct addresses the self-education of adults. Locke was original in thinking a child’s mind as tabula rasa. His insistence on the inculcating such virtues as “justice as respect for the rights of others, civility, liberality, humanity, self-denial, industry, thrift, courage, truthfulness, and a willingness to question prejudice, authority and the biases of one's own self-interest” sounds like Protestant ethics and reinforces qualities needed for citizens in a good society. It also fulfils the Biblical concept of education, 

Pro 22:6,“Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

John Lock’s concept of education has validity and value. However, you will see child reared in an upper class much different from a lower class. Among major system development considerations are: 

(A). Language barriers. 

(B). Age or grade suitability. 

(C). Level of proficiency. 

(D). IQ. 

(E). Socio-economic status, etc. 

There are ethnic minorities in China which is more concentrated in certain regions or locations. In America, the population of almost every city is composed of many racial groups and various linguistic differences. It is a well-known fact: Spanish-speaking children who come from only-Spanish-speaking parents do not do well at an American school due to language handicap. America is facing big problems mostly Made in the USA. For example, for years the U.S. government did not seriously enforce immigration laws, and there are so many illegal aliens of Latin America origin who speak only Spanish and have no desire to learn English. The fact that the U.S. government does not seriously deport illegal aliens, not only that many illegal aliens get welfare, food stamps, MEDICAID and they produce like rabbits. Their children, consequently do not do well in American elementary and high school. This is a black hole poor American taxpayers have poured in billions and billions of dollars with little results. In China, the difference is more prominent between city children and country children. Children who live in big cities are exposed to more positive and constructive stimuli than children who come from countryside who follow their parents to work in city.

The application of the teaching system must be focused more on the individual needs of each pupil. Country children or ethic children are handicapped culturally, even intellectually. How to teach adolescents effectively is the question. There was a theory that the top 25% of students will succeed with or without help from teacher, the middle 50% of students need help and push by the teacher, and the bottom 25% may fall behind. The analogy of teaching is like spreading water among individual bottles. If you spray water across the bottles, all bottles may get some. If you fill water one bottle by one bottle, it will be full; but it is not possible to do in a class at any school. Whatever teaching method or experiment is adopted it must be accompanied with (A).Warm personality of the teacher, (B).Care and concern of the school, (C). Positive encouragement from all concerned...Parents have more influence on their children for better or worse than anyone else in the world. Bad mother produces bad children. The influence of my godly mother on me is incalculable and inestimable and I am eternally grateful.

The fact Islamic terrorists have entered EU nations under the guise of refugees demonstrates whatever EU nation which receives Islamic refugees is committing suicide with immediate negative impact (Paris terrorist attacks on November 13, 2015) and with more deadly and destructive impacts in the years to come. They have sown the seeds of conflict and destruction no nation can manage. Poison and milk do not nurture. Civilization and barbarism cannot coexist. Light and darkness cannot have fellowship. Good and evil cannot mix.

Woe to evil Japan! Woe to wicked and worthless Japanese leaders! Woe to unrepentant Japanese, your judgment is coming!

Japanese leaders are the most worthless and wicked people on earth. Woe to Japan, the evil empire! For nothing like this has happened before. Japanese militarists started the war of aggression against China and killed 35 million Chinese in 14 years, committed genocide, sex slavery, slave labor, and atrocities of most inhuman nature. They even deny the Nanking Massacre which is indisputable with proofs and evidence (recognized by the United Nations), yet they distort facts and pervert history and claim to be victims of war. Woe to wicked Japanese leaders and people who distort history by denial and revision. Woe to Japan and Japanese! For they have brought evil on themselves. Japanese aggressors killed 50 million Asians and American 2 atomic bombs only killed a few Japanese and brought them to unconditional surrender. The atomic bombs should be dropped on Tokyo for they deserve them because they brought evil on themselves. Woe to the wicked Japanese! It will go badly with them, for what they deserve will be done to them. If God sends Japan 10 times 10-point earthquakes and 10 giant tsunamis, maybe wicked Japan will vanish from the earth.
Woe to those worthless and wicked Japanese who drag iniquity with the cords of falsehood, and sin as if with cart ropes.
Woe to those Japanese leaders who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
Woe to those Japanese leaders who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight!
Woe to Japanese leaders! Woe to Japanese leaders! Alas for them!
The treacherous Japanese deal treacherously,
And the treacherous Japanese deal very treacherously.
Woe to Japanese leaders who deny their war crimes without righteousness,
And who refuse to pay compensations without justice,
Who used “comfort women” without paying compensations;
And do not give slave workers their wages.
Woe be upon Japanese, for their day has come,
The time of their punishment.
If Japan starts again war of aggression against China, give them 3 atomic bombs to wipe them out from the face of the earth.
Woe to wicked and worthless Japanese leaders, for they have strayed from truth!
Destruction is theirs, for they have rebelled against the Living God!
They worship executed war criminals as true gods and would not repent, and they speak lies against truth.

Woe, woe, woe to those Japanese leaders who distort history and trample on truth!!! They have no reason to exist!!!

The U.S. WARSHIP violated China's sovereignty!!!

On October 27, 2015 the U.S. warship USS Lassen on purpose illegally entered waters near Zhubi Reef of China's Nansha Islands in the South China Sea without permission of the Chinese government, to violate China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and to threaten China’s security means the following:
1.    Obama is a demon disguised as an angel of light, his words and promises to China are meaningless and worthless. Obama is the number one enemy of China and no. 1 threat to world peace. China cannot have any delusion and illusion about the intention of the American imperialist.
2.    Since the end of World War II all American leaders including Obama have been proven liars and killers, except President Richard Nixon all of them wanted to destroy China without cause.
3.    The United States is the lawless nation and no. 1 violator of international law and repeatedly acted lawlessly in violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of many nations. America is the self-appointed world police and executor, yet it is the no. 1 law breaker and perverted justice without shame.
4.    The United States has done so much evil in the world under the false pretenses and pretexts of human rights, religious freedom, freedom of navigation, democracy, international law, peace and security. In fact, America is the no. 1 threat to world peace and security.
5.    The United States is the no. 1 warmonger with its alliances in the pursuit of absolute military supremacy and world domination. Since the end of World War II American leaders have instigated hundreds of unjust wars and bloody military interventions that killed millions of innocent peoples around the world and created millions of refugees in many parts of the world. The recent flood of refugees to Europe was directly caused by American wars.
6.    The United States is the imperialist and hegemon. American leaders believe that might makes right. American leaders have no respect for international law, sovereignty and territorial integrity of other nations. It is obvious that America a power in North America, and yet it puts 65 percent of its most advanced weaponry including fleets, aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, missiles and anti-missiles, warships and warplanes, radars and 360,000 troops at China’s doorsteps intended to launch surprised attacks on China’s nuclear facilities and destroy China’s strike back capabilities.
7.    The Unites States in 1971 violated China’s sovereignty by unlawfully giving administrative control of China’s Diaoyu Islands to the evil empire of Japan. At first Obama said the U.S. took no position on the sovereignty of Diaoyu Islands, later he reversed himself by saying to defend Japan against China. Obama the warmonger cannot be trusted. America incited its allies to make false claims to China’s territories and loot China’s resources in the South China Sea and the East China Sea.
8.    The United States has wronged China many times since the infamous Opium Wars to the present day. America treats Taiwan as its colony, passed the illegal U.S.-Taiwan Relations Act to force sale costly and deadly weapons to Taiwan to divide and destroy China so that Taiwanese can kill Chinese, just as North and South Korea can kill each other.
9.    The United States has implemented many illegal actions and sanctions against China since 1949 as I have recounted in other articles.
10.    The United States irrationally and unreasonably wants to have war with China all because arrogant and egocentric American leaders are jealous of China’s spectacular success and they do not want a rival or competitor because America cannot compete with China in trade and economics. So Obama wants to monopolize trade and military in order to stop the peaceful rise of China. The U.S. provocative actions threaten China’s sovereignty and security interests without sense of shame and morals and harm regional peace and stability. American acts of aggression speak louder than the phony propaganda of crying wolf. The world should take notice the U.S. may trigger a global nuclear war that will destroy America, China and the world. 

During the state visit and tour of America and UN (September 22-29, 2015) by President Xi Jinping, President Xi achieved spectacular successes unprecedented by recent world leaders with enduring consequences and positive implications in winning the approval and support of the governors of states, big business executives, and the public in Seattle; winning the approval and support of the American public in Washington, D.C. and winning the approval and support of the members of the United Nations, except Japan and Philippines, etc. President has effectively presented sound and sophisticated economic and political philosophy, practical programs and projects that will have greatest impacts on world development and peace for years to come. The year 2015 sets a milestone for the world. It is an unprecedented diplomatic triumph and world political revolution in the making. It appears to me, President Xi is emerging as a great Chinese leader chronologically and historically on a par in the China’s pantheons with Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. History is unfolding what President Xi has achieved and is achieving and will be achieving which may have world-wide impact. America appears to be dressed up in sheep’s clothing looking meek and tame, but its fox tail can be seen by the hostile congress which did not invite President Xi to speak, but did invite the evil prime minister of Japan who denies Japanese war crimes and atrocities. Birds of a feather flock together. The fundamentals of America, Japan and Philippines do not change until they are forced to change by the powerful tide of world opinion.

The US and EU are hoist by their own petard.
This is Shakespearean language which means the United States and EU are destroyed by their very devices with which they meant to destroy others. By American imperialist policy and intervention American leaders and partners with EU meant to destroy some countries like Syria, etc. that they don’t like. Consequently, those countries America and EU have destroyed or are destroying create a flood of refugees to overwhelm EU because close to them, while the U.S. is far and unreachable. The consequences and implications are far-reaching:
1.    Only a small percentage of those refugees are real refugees in the true sense of the word, while overwhelming numbers of them are economic opportunists or fortune seekers like Mexicans who crossed over to America. They create and sow the seeds of destruction, conflict, riot and instability for those European nations who received them. What they sow is what they reap. They will reap soon.
2.    Those so-called refugees or economic opportunists 99 percent of them are Moslems who are incompatible with European Christians. This is a most deadly time bomb bound to explode sooner or later. The evidence is already clear in some European nations that harbor Moslems as their citizens or residents. They are intimately tied to terrorist Islamic State by culture and sympathy. Islamic culture is diametrically opposed to Christian culture, it is impossible to assimilate just as water and oil do not mix.
3.    The American society serves as a glaring example how white and black cultures are difficult to assimilate. The same complaint and mentality will emerge among those so-called refugees in Europe. They already show and exhibit an attitude and attribute of entitlement and welfare mentality among refugees. It will be a huge drain of European resources to support the subsistence of those so-called refugees.
4.    The conflict and discontent and false sense of victimization will be the root cause of terrorist activities in those receiving European nations caused by Islamic immigrants.
5.    The only sound policy and solution is for European nations to send those so-called refugees back to where they came from and give some aid to their origin countries for resettlement.
6.    EU should cease and desist from participating again with American imperialists in fighting unjust wars and bloody military interventions.
7.    American imperialists and militarists have done enough evil in the world since the end of World War II, it is high time to ditch the empire and cease expansion policy and seek a just and lasting peace for the world as President Richard Nixon did.

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1.    The purpose of education is not only to learn what you do not know, but to be what you can be.

Robert Frost was born into a farmer’s family. He did not want to be a farmer because he wanted to be a poet. What you decide to be will determine your destiny. It is not anything wrong to be a farmer or a carpenter, or even a garbage collector. All occupations are honorable, except the crooks and criminals in Wall Street and Washington and Hollywood. But you are not doing your best if you could be a professor instead you become a garbage collector.

Academic degrees are supposed to indicate levels of academic achievement. Usually a Ph.D. is more educated than a B.A. or M.A.; but not all universities are equal. I recall once meeting a female student from another university who visited the Graduate Library of my university. She told me that she hated my university. I asked her why? She said she got As at her university and got Cs at my university. Unfortunately I met one Ph.D. and two doctors of education from that same university (a low grade private university in Los Angles) who were practically useless, incompetent and harmful. My brother had some friends whose parents were rich and they attended that university. If you have money, you would have no problem of getting admitted anyway. Their parents asked my brother why could not their children attend my university? My brother gave them amusing explanations. One Ph.D. of that university as a substitute teacher could not lecture at all because he had no knowledge of the subject matter. One Ed.D. had military connections and was promoted by his veteran buddy, both of them had no knowledge of what policies and procedures were. The Theory X supervisor operated on ignorance principle: what he did not know, he considered it wrong. Another Ed.D. was a supervisor of a hospital department, as a management consultant I discovered the man not only had no expertise in the field and he was ignorant of general management principles and that his staff members disliked him very much. I recommended that the incompetent supervisor who had a Ed.D. from a low rate university be replaced. Nowadays higher education in America is a big business, a trillion dollar industry. A president of a university makes $1 million or more. If I had to do it again, I would not be able to work my way through college because of the high costs of education and living in America today.

Once a pastor asked me what his son should study? I replied what was his son good at or good for. The pastor said he did not know. Blessed is the person who knows what he can be or do, and what he cannot be or cannot do. Education prepares a person to be the best he/she can be.

2.    Education is a learning process; it is a continuous process to enable you to be what you can be.

Being is what you are, becoming is what you should be. For examples, to learn painting is one thing, to be a painter like Rembrandt is quite another. To learn chemistry is one thing, to be a chemist is another. To learn writing is one thing, to be a writer like Ruskin is quite another. From learning writing to being a good writer is a long way. There are two types of learning: general and specialized. General learning is intended to increase your knowledge, while specialized learning enables you to acquire skills as well as knowledge. Learning is an endless process of helping you to become the best you can be.

3.    Education is more than instruction of the intellect, but also construction of character, formation of personality, and creation of practical skills.

It is shocking that most of the crooks and criminals in Wall Street and Washington and healthcare have been educated in American prestigious universities. Education without character or morality has no permanent value. Education has intrinsic value, it is good in itself. The purpose of education is not for you to make money, although an educated person is less likely to be poor. Because an educated person has knowledge and skills, therefore he is employable. An employed person has wages, therefore he is not poor.

Education enables you to acquire skills in thinking correctly, speaking clearly and writing effectively. For a thousand who can write, one can speak. For ten thousand who can speak, one can think. The better educated you are the better you think correctly, speak clearly and write effectively. The abilities to think, speak and write are great skills. These skills are so precious because no one can take them away from you.

4.     What you are is more important than what you have. 

What you have can be taken away, what you are no one can take away. It is better to be a good person and poor than to be the richest man in the world but a crook. What is the point you were educated in American prestigious universities and you became Wall Street, Washington, and Hollywood crooks and criminals?

American Ivy League or prestigious universities are outstanding failures because most of the crooks and criminals of Wall Street, Washington and Hollywood are their trained products. Intellect without integrity, skills without responsibility, sophistication without morality are the most dangerous and deadly things. A good university must produce not only educated people but decent and good people. American culture is wrong because it values what you have more than what you are.

5.    Knowledge is power, power not to do harm, but to do good.

Doctors possess highly-trained skills and knowledge, by monopoly and predatory practices they hold patients as hostages.  American healthcare providers composed of doctors, hospital owners, drug and insurance companies and labs and medical suppliers wield great power without legal restraint for decades, they charge whatever they please and defraud without shame, and so they created the most costly and ineffective healthcare system in the world. To do harm is meaningless. Warmongers, terrorists, corrupt politicians, lawyers and doctors live most meaningless lives. To do good is a joy. If you do something good for yourself, it may last a lifetime. If you do something good for others, it may last for generations. If you do something good for justice and truth, it will last for eternity.

6.     The teaching profession should not be solely for making money.

Daniel de Vise (April 4, 2011) reported, “Public university chiefs don’t rival their private counterparts in pay and perks. The most recent Chronicle survey of private university presidents showed the top executives of both George Washington and Georgetown universities made more than $900,000 in annual compensation in 2008.

Thirty private university presidents made more than $1 million that year; among public presidents in 2009-10, only Gee drew seven-figure pay.”

University is a big business in America. In America everything is geared toward money and driven by money, needless to say that includes business, government, religion, charity, healthcare, litigation, media, etc. and now education. As university presidents are paid highly and so the costs of education go up, university education becomes unaffordable even for a middle class family. As university education becomes a luxury, only the children of the rich and powerful will inherit America and inherit the world. The value of education is no longer intrinsic, it is monetary.

7.     Unqualified teachers ruin the lives of their students.

Can you imagine doctors, dentists, pilots, engineers, nurses, managers, technicians, etc. who were poorly trained or trained the wrong way?

Recently (May 2013) I met two young English men, they spoke terrible parochial English, not the standard London English. Yet they have come to China to teach Chinese children English for some years. Most Chinese are not informed about two types of English: American English and British English. There are more people in the world who speak American English than the British English. Imagine poor Chinese parents spend big money to have their children trained in substandard English! There are many foreigners of many nationalities who could not find jobs in their home countries and came to China to teach English. The Chinese government needs to restrict the qualifications of an English teacher when they apply for a visa; not any white person who can speak qualifies to be an English teacher. Not any school that hires foreigners can set up an English school to make money on Chinese children. Once I met an Englishman from Lancaster at a London international airport, he spoke the most shocking English that was totally strange to me. Beware, China, there are many foreigners who speak very strange English in China, and worst of all, they are English teachers of Chinese children.

8.     An educated person is a civilized person, honest, moral, conscionable, responsible and respectable. 

It has nothing to do with how much money you have, what position of power you occupy, or how much pleasure you enjoy and indulge yourself.

No matter how popular and glamorous are American higher education and Ivy League universities, they produce people in Washington, Wall Street and Hollywood who are not models for humanity. Americanism produced phony democracy and greedy capitalism. The American values of money, power and sex have negative impact on the world and produce most of the world’s problems, injustice, ills and evils.

In a certain city there are full of nasty women, from twenty somethings to sixty somethings they are tigresses. On a subway train, once I saw a young mother with a 3-year old girl standing on the train; since on a bench can sit six adults, if they are not fat people, it is no problem to squeeze a little girl in. But the woman in her thirty on my right showed her temper and said it was ridiculous. In fact she was the ridiculous and uncivilized woman; the subway rule is to yield seat to the elderly and the very young. This nasty tigress in human form was not willing to make a little room for a little girl. The world is getting worse and worse everyday; the wicked, the evil and the uncivilized and the undesirable multiply like weeds. I have to reassess all the millions of people I have met in the world and conclude with the following findings:

75 percent of people are uninteresting and boring.

24 percent of people cover a wide range from uncivilized, undesirable to the wicked and evildoers.

1 percent of people vary from decent people, nice, cultured to most desirable and respectable.

The more bad people (uncivilized, uncultured, unreasonable, crude, rude, rough, raw, impolite, uncouth, harsh, mean, etc.) there are in the world, the worse the world becomes.

Unprecedented educational project has been announced on April 21, 2013 by Stephen A. Schwarzman, founder of the private equity firm Blackstone, the establishment of a $300 million endowed scholarship program in China for students from around the world at Beijing’s Tsinghua University, with the first class of students scheduled to start in 2016. This largest philanthropic gift with foreign money in China’s history is more powerful than American missiles but have constructive and productive benefits. Mr. Schwarzman is right, “China’s rapid economic growth and rising global influence would define the 21st century.” Therefore, cooperation is far better than conflict. It would be wise also for American leaders to abandon “containment of China” policy now. The goal of training “future world leaders and play a positive role in relations between China and the United Statesis most noble and worthy. I applaud Mr. Schwarzman’s insight and foresight, “For future geopolitical stability and global prosperity, we need to build a culture of greater trust and understanding between China, America and the rest of the world.” There are already many bad things happening in 2013, this is the one good thing done by Mr. Schwarzman which has positive impact on the world.

For building a culture of greater trust and understanding between China, America and the rest of the world, the United States can unilaterally take the following steps:

(1). Cancel the US-Taiwan Relations Act, stop selling deadly and costly weapons to Taiwan for Chinese to kill each other, and declare never to defend Taiwan under any circumstances.

(2). Apologize to China for violating China’s sovereignty in unlawfully giving administrative control of China’s Diaoyu Islands in 1971 to the unconditionally surrendered war crime nation of Japan and order Japan to return China’s territories peacefully without further delay.

(3). Give up “pivot to Asia” policy and seek not to become the supreme power in Asia Pacific.

(4). Stop making preparations for war of aggression against China with the evil empire of Japan, rat and rogue nations of Philippines, Vietnam, etc.

(5). Abandon the evil empire by seeking harmony and peace in the world. 

The failure of American higher education is evident not academically, but morally.  Most of the crooks and criminals of Washington, Wall Street and Hollywood come from American Ivy League universities.  A famous American university teaches the secret of getting wealthy is to use the money belonging to other people. Compounded by the greed of American capitalism and cultural values of money, power and sex -- they produce a cut-throat society and the survival of the fittest. For that reason you observe many strange phenomena. 

(A). There are more economists and financial experts in America than any country on earth, and yet the American economy is the most mismanaged in the world and USA has the huge annual budget deficits and the largest national debt exceeding $19 trillion dollars.  

(B). The U.S. spends more money on healthcare, and there are more doctors, dentists and specialists in America than any nation  on earth, and yet the American healthcare system is the most costly, ineffective, predatory and fraudulent system in the world. 

(C). America is proud to be a democratic nation, and yet it serves the interest of 1 percent at the expense of 99 percent of population - a contradiction of democracy... 

(D). The United States is the sole superpower, and yet the two greatest threats to the world are American imperialism and Islamic terrorism...

(E). The U.S. has more laws, rules and regulations than any nation in the world, and yet they cannot protect innocent citizens from being defrauded, discriminated, robbed, raped, blackmailed, threatened and murdered -- the U.S. has the largest prison population among industrialized nation on earth and even greater than that of China...

(F). America has too many crooks and criminals and uncivilized people, it is a very dangerously wicked place - and yet America spends a lot of money on education and it costs a lot to get a higher education in America. 

An educated crook and criminal and official is more dangerous than a common crook and criminal and official.

Do you know the biggest crooks and criminals in Washington, Wall Street and Hollywood are well-educated and most sophisticated and smart people and they are the products of American prestigious and Ivy League universities?

January 1, 2018

Willie Wong

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