*A Response to the Norwegian Nobel Committee

* It has Chinese version in the back. The enemies of truth wiped out all my revision of this article, and I am forced to reconstruct based on memory. The enemies of truth do not like this article and hamper and hinder my editing.

Thanks to bold and noble Edward Snowden who provided (March 7, 2015) the evidence that the Axis of Evil led by the United States with Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have violated international law in invading and intercepting the communications and spying on the private telephone conversations of billions of law-abiding peoples around the world. I have recommended Edward Snowden to the Norwegian Nobel Committee for the award of Nobel Peace Prize because no one has sacrificed so much personally and stood dangerously for the right, justice and security of so many helpless peoples in the world.

After much deliberation, I therefore, propose that the Norwegian Nobel Committee award the Nobel Peace Prize to the courageous and noble Edward Snowden for his enormous contributions that have world-wide impact in his stand for truth and justice, peace and security of billions of common peoples in the world. Edward Snowden is more worthy than some of Nobel winners such as M.L.King, jr., Obama and Dalai Lama. Let the world to watch and see if the Norwegian Nobel Committee will do what it is really supposed to do. Time will tell. 

Since the end of World War II, the number one violation of international law committed by the United States of America has been conducting hundreds of unjust wars of aggression and expansion and bloody military interventions which have killed millions of civilians around the globe and made hundreds of millions of war victims living in abject poverty and misery as refugees.

The biggest blunder of Norwegian Nobel Committee has been awarding unworthy persons with Peace Prize, Obama is one of them. Obama's "pivot to Asia" policy is American aggression and expansion into Asia Pacific targeting China, and with American expansion into Europe with NATO targeting Russia.

Norway's giving Nobel Peace Prize to a traitor of China, highest paid foreign agent Dalai Lama was tantamount to supporting separation of Tibet from China and endorsing the evil and oppressive deeds of Dalai Lama to Tibetans.

It is hoped the Norwegian Nobel Committee learn from its past mistakes and start really doing something good for the sake of peace?

It may be too much to ask the Norwegian Nobel Committee, don't you know the three largest threats to peace in the world are:

A. The American imperialism.

B. Japanese resurgent militarism.

C. Islamic terrorism.

I have read the article of Thorbjorn Jagland, Why We Gave Liu Xiaobo a Nobel. In the first place I want to make it clear, I have been to Norway, I know Norway, and I like Norway. Recently I have met some Nordland officials who visited the Zhejiang Pavilion at Shanghai EXPO 2010. I personally told one Norwegian official that Norway has failed to present the beauty of Norway at the Norway Pavilion and he agreed with me. In the same way I want to say to the Norwegian Nobel Committee that it has missed the point by giving Liu Xiaobo a Nobel. It did the wrong first time by giving the feudal lord and a traitor of China – Dalai Lama a Nobel. By giving Dalai Lama a Nobel, the Norwegian Nobel Committee extolled and approved the work of Dalai Lama used by Western powers to divide and separate Tibet from China. This was the blatant and basic failure of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Some other failures include Obama, MLK,jr. etc.

When asked if China was the enemy, the Dalai Lama said (June 9, 2011), “Not China. Some hard-liner Communists. They really brought a lot of suffering.”

The fact is this immoral, corrupt, and dictatorial feudal lord and his monks used to own 95% of wealth in Tibet, 100% of power, made 95% of Tibetan peasant slaves who used to live in abject poverty and misery. After liberation, today Tibet is free of slavery, prosperous and modern. Today Tibetans enjoy more rights and privileges than most Chinese citizens. As a matter of fact, Dalai Lama has been a highly paid foreign agent for many decades, following orders of Western powers trying to “divide and destroy” China. Without doubt, Dalai Lam is the number one public enemy of China and 1.45 billion Chinese all over the world. But the time of Dalai Lama is up, he is not far away from death. If he repents and confesses his crime of rebellion against the motherland, it is time to save his reputation. Dalai is so desperate that he immorally advised his followers to commit self-immolation as a means of of politcal action to gain attention and power. Dalai Lama should never be allowed to set foot on Tibet or China because he is a traitor. Dalai Lama will be a black and disgraced dot in Tibetan history and stink for a thousand years!

I do not know anything about Liu Xiaobo; he has done nothing worthwhile that deserves international acclaim or recognition. It would be ridiculous and ludicrous to assume Liu is of any importance to world peace or anything of that nature. The only thing that he is known is an enemy of Chinese government. Western imperialists and supremacists like to use Chinese traitors such as Dalai Lama, Lee Teng-hui (of Japanese origin), Chen Shui-bian, etc. who are willing agents of the West to divide and destroy China. Don’t get me wrong, I am for freedom, above all I am for truth and justice. My two websites try to stand for truth and justice without monetary incentive. Western laws and democracy are so flawed that they only serve the interests of the rich and powerful. American democracy empowers and enriches 1 percent of population at the expense of 99 percent. Except the evil empire of Japan, all imperialists and colonialists were, and hegemonists are, Western powers. Do you assume the sole superpower has legitimate authority to pass law involving a province of China or passing laws that violate the sovereignty of other nations? Don’t you admit the so-called international standards and systems and rule of law were created by the West to benefit the West? Institutions such as World Bank, IMF, NATO, WTO, the International Court of Justice, etc. are tools of Western imperialists and capitalists. Do you know which constitutional democracy in the world today truly represents the great majority of its peopleThe so-called “white man’s burden” was the greatest inhumanity and tragedy of human history, in particular the Western history. Except Japan, almost all conflicts and wars of conquest in modern times were instigated by the West. What good are human rights if you are discriminated, defrauded, exploited, oppressed, raped, robbed and killed? The touchstones of good society are liberty, prosperity, equality, civility and security. China is improving everyday. China has done more good to the greatest number of peoples than any government on earth.

There are two tangible threats to world peace today, namely American hegemonism (neo-imperialism) and Islamic terrorism – surely it is not China. China does not have military bases all over the world like the United States is encircling China and Russia, not even one. China does not occupy or attack other nations. On the contrary, there are aggressive powers that express claims on surrounding islands and territorial waters that for thousands of years rightfully belong to China known as the East China Sea and the South China Sea. Remember the infamous Opium Wars? I am glad Norway was not among those rat and rogue nations that imposed unequal and uncivilized treaties on China. However, Norway was wrong to award Nobel prizes to Dalai Lama and a Chinese nobody bent on to divide and destroy China. Norway should learn not from America to interfere in other nation's internal affairs.

My beloved Norway has inadvertently missed its opportunity to present the beautiful Norway effectively at the Norway Pavilion - Expo 2010 Shanghai China. No matter how good was the intention, Norway has clearly done China wrong in presenting Nobel Peace Prizes to Dalai Lama and Liu Xiaobo. It would be right and good if Norway would henceforth use its resources and influence to fight the two greatest threats to world peace today – American hegemonism (including its greedy capitalism and fraud) and Islamic terrorism which have done so much evil to the world. Is it not a fact that your neighbor Iceland went or almost went bankrupt as a result of the economic and financial crisis created by Wall Street in 2008 which looted the world more than $50 trillion - the symbol of greedy and fraudulent capitalism?

The fact that Dalai Lama said Thursday (March 10, 2011) that he will be giving up his political role in Tibet’s government-in-exile poses problems for himself, his supporters, and the Norwegian Nobel Committee that awarded him a Nobel prize. This is a confession that in 1959 Dalai conspired with the American imperialist in a armed uprising against China, failed and fled, and ever since he has been a well-paid foreign agent, a traitor and public enemy of China and Tibetan peopleThe Western propaganda of supporting Dalai as a religious leader (even deified as a holy man) and champion of human rights is as phony as a three dollar bill. Dalai and his monks had 100% of power in 1959, owned 95% of wealth, and made 95% of Tibetan slaves who lived in abject poverty and misery. Today slavery is no more in Tibet, and Tibet is a progressive and prosperous province of China. See Tibet for yourself. Seeing is believing. Tibetans enjoy more rights and privileges than most Chinese citizens. The truth has shaken my belief in the good intention of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, and for the matter the Western civilization which has a brutal, cruel, aggressive, oppressive, exploitative history under imperialism, colonialism, hegemonism and capitalism. The more I am convinced there is no reason for China to copy the morally bankrupt Western systems (political, economic, financial, legal) and cultural and social values (of the love of money, power and sex). China has its rich resources to march forward on its own to build a brave new world – a world of harmony, equality and prosperity. This does not mean China cannot eclectically adopt some proven achievements of the West, such as science and technology, Protestant ethic, etc.  

China is no longer a sphere of Western influence. Western powers have done so much evil and wrong to China in the last 200 years or more. It is an insult to Jesus Christ for Western powers to claim to be Christian nations. For Jesus Christ says, “Why do you call me, 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do what I say?” (Luk 6:46) It is about time for Western nations that nominally claim to be Christian to return all China’s national treasures to China and start paying compensations and reparations. The Western powers (including the United States, Britain, France, etc.) and the evil empire of Japan had looted China's relics and national treasures worth at least US$100,000 trillion dollars not counting the interest. Start with nations which instigated the Opium Wars, not to mention the evil empire of Japan which committed genocide of killing 50 million peoples (35 million Chinese and 15 million Asians). Norway would do itself a favor by letting the Chinese people alone - let them solve their own problems, let them determine their own destiny. I have personally witnessed the most spectacular successes and greatest changes achieved by China in the shortest period of time of 35 years for the greatest number of people which no nation had ever done before in human history. I have every confidence and reason to believe that China can. China dream can be realized is not far away.

According to Norwegian police, two apparently coordinated terrorist attacks hit Norway on Friday (July 22, 2011) with 80 dead. Alas the safest and most civilized nation on earth has fallen into victim of violence and terrorism; the whole world is stunned by the tragedy. The paradise has turned into hell. It is convincing the last days have been shortened to the last hour. I believe the second coming of Jesus Christ is near. 

Luk 21:25-28, “And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; men's hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.” The redemption of the bodies of Christians draws near. The sea and the waves roaring apparently refer to tsunami such as happening recently in Japan and elsewhere. Nations of distress include the USA inability to solve its huge deficit and debt problems, and others such as Greece, nations suffering from civil wars and famine, and now Norway. Although the dust has not settled, facts have not been discovered; it would be wise for Norway, and for that matter Scandinavia countries, to deport all Moslems and ban their entry. Since the Norwegian air force has taken a major role in the NATO-led effort, sending several F-16 jets that had been carrying out 10 percent of the strikes on Libya; and Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi threatened Europe with suicide bombings as revenge for the NATO campaign, there may be a link. It is fatal and futile to fight terrorists with democracy. It is hoped that the Nobel Committee will come to its senses and realize how China and Chinese people would feel when they awarded Nobel peace prize to Dalai Lama who engaged in an armed rebellion with a foreign power against China and incited bloody riots in Tibet and called them peaceful protests. It is time for Norway and Nobel Committee to cease and desist from interfering in China’s internal matters by focusing in solving its own security problems.

I had been to Norway and I love Norway. Norway inspired a great deal on formation of  The Theory of Good Society.  There were tears in my eyes when I watched the tragic reports on TV although I do not know personally anyone among those victims and their families. I feel pain whenever the innocent suffer tragedies.

After a few months have passed since the tragic incidents of terrorist attacks took place in Norway, some assessments can be safely made as follows:

1.    The blond and blue-eyed Norwegian mass murderer who killed 77 persons is not a Christian fundamentalist. He is neither a Christian nor a fundamentalist. He is a terrorist. Many are misinformed what a fundamentalist is. A fundamentalist is a Christian who believes in the basic teachings of the Bible. All Islamic terrorists are both Islamic and radicals. There is no such a thing called a Christian terrorist. Christians and terrorists are not compatible. A Christian cannot and does not cooperate with any organized criminal group. Jesus Christ defines liars and killers as children of the devil.

2.    Norway was a paradise, the gunman’s attacks have changed that. Realistically speaking, paradise does not exist on earth; Norway is not a hell, most of the nations in the world are worse off than Norway.

3.    The terror should not be viewed as an attack on democracy. The misguided right wing radical was among those who rejected the Norwegian policy of accepting Muslim immigrants. Not all who disagreed with the Norwegain immigration policy would become terrorists.

4.    The Norwegian immigration policy of accepting Muslims can be viewed as flawed and fatal. Flawed and fatal because Islam is not compatible with any religion, and incompatible with Christianity in particular. Islam practices polygamy and veiled women and girls. No civilized nation can accept polygamy. Veil obviously can be used as a cover-up tool by terrorists to commit mass murders. The culture of mistreating and oppressing girls and women cannot be acceptable in any civilized country.

5.    It is not wise for mostly a nation of Christians to open up and welcome people of a radical religion like Islam. To invite the undesirable and the misfit into a country is like to invite wolves and foxes into a chicken coop. Even today some Islamic states openly behead any Muslim who is converted to Christianity. Muslims are generally known for burning down churchs, committing atrocities and persecuting Christians in their countries. An Islamic militant who would threaten officials with death if he is deported should definitely be deported. There is no reason why Norway should invite trouble.

6.  For a terrorist who killed 77 persons and wounded more than 100, the maximum penalty will be 21 years of imprisonment would be a great travesty of justice. The criminal justice system in reality invites and encourages criminals to do evil. Death penalty is the only appropriate punishment for all murderers and killers. It is cruel and illogical that the life of a mass killer is worth more than the lives of 77 innocent persons. It is time for Norway to reinstate death penalty. The abolition of death penalty will inevitably invite more mass murders of this sort.

7. Any nation which is lenient to mass killers and murderers at the expense of innocent lives by definition cannot be a good society.

8. The mass media is usually not good in follow-up reporting important events, but they are good at making and marking anniversary of the terrible event like massacre or tragedy. They tend to stress the tragic, negative and terrible. They do not know how to celebrate the good. Numerous events are scheduled in memory of the victims of the worst atrocity carried out on Norwegian soil since World War II are not meaningful if justice is not served, and if Norway does not learn from the bitter lesson. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who shortly after the massacre made his vow that Norway's response to the bloodbath would be “more democracy, more openness and more humanity, but never naivety.”

(A). Democracy means majority rule, if the majority of Norwegians reject immigration of Muslims, a religion starkly incompatible with Christianity, if the government is democratic it must comply with the wishes and will of the people.

(B). Western legal system is so flawed because it is expensive, very slow and ineffective to serve justice. For example, in America litigations are the gold mine for prosecutors, defense lawyers, court officials and legal professionals to make big money. The longer the trials are such as years, the more money they make.

(C). It is inhuman to abolish death penalty as is done in Europe because it effectively approves the killing and encourages massacre. If the five Oslo court judges decide the 33-year-old should be considered criminally sane and sentenced to prison, as requested by his defense, or instead follow the prosecution's line and send him to a closed psychiatric ward – the verdict would be a travesty of justice of the highest dimension and implication. The verdict would declare to the world the life of a terrorist is worth more than the lives of 77 innocent people. Death penalty is not cruel, killing innocent people is brutal. Death penalty is the only measure that makes punishment fit the vicious crime in a civilized society. 

A deadly shooting rampage took place on October 14, 2011 at an Orange County salon. The Orange County district attorney, Rackauckas said: “There are some cases that are so depraved, so callous and so malignant that there is only one punishment that might have any chance of fitting the crime.” Orange County was my home of sweet memories. I agree the death penalty is the only fit punishment. It is hoped Norway will follow Orange County, California in dealing with mass murderers.

A Japanese analyst argues that liberal democracy loses its anchor because of the decline of the middle class in the United States and around the world. The conclusion is false, it is because the phony democracy as practiced in the U.S. and Europe has failed to work for the greatest good of the greatest number of people, instead it enriches the 1 percent of the people and so the middle class is declining. Whatever you may label the Chinese system, the fact stands that the Chinese system has made outstanding economic achievements that benefit most Chinese people and also it is able to make large, complex decisions quickly and effectively compared with dysfunctional and paralyzing and polarizing American and European systems. It is a shame and sham to call China a totalitarian state while piously pride themselves as democratic states. How is it possible that a good system does not work and only serves 1 percent of the population while a bad system works and serves 99 percent of the population? A system that does not work is bad; a system that works is good. The leaders and peoples of the world should take note what system works and what system does not work and not to be fooled by a democracy that benefits 1 percent of people at the expense of the 99 percent.

Being an American citizen, not a Norwegian citizen, I do not have a right to be too critical of Norwegian domestic policy; just like Norway has no right to interfere in China’s internal affairs. No nation has a right to interfere with another nation as the Axis of Evil has done since the end of World War II. An individual, however, has the freedom of expression to air what system is good or bad, right or wrong. Being a policy analyst and a friend of Norway, I take the liberty to comment on Norwegian immigration policy which prompted bloody attacks by a Norwegian and probably with his co-conspirators. The United States for years has abdicated its responsibility in enforcing the immigration laws and brought in the undesirables without the approval of the American people. There is no general referendum in America. The so-called humanitarian gestures of letting illegal migrant workers in and pregnant Mexican women to have free delivery and medical care and welfare mushroomed into Mexican invasion of California. California used to be the golden state of America and a very good place to study, live and work and I have witnessed how it turned into an undesirable place destroyed by gangs, graffiti, graft and fraud and violent way of life. It is suicidal to bring in uneducated and poor Mexicans and Latinos and refugees from Africa and Islamic nations. In particular Islamic religion and cultural values are not compatible with the American civilization. Terrorists can hide behind veils and in their mosques. Religion that executes its people converted to Christianity should not have the privilege to practice in the free world. A religion that legalizes polygamy should not be allowed to practice in the civilized world. A religion that oppresses women and girls has no place in a civilized world. American policymakers, knowingly and unknowingly, have brought disaster and seeds of destruction to America by its foolish immigration policy. Norway should not follow the same path of destruction. Norway is committing suicide by bringing in Islamic and violent peoples. Norway would do right to hold a general referendum to determine whether the majority of Norwegians would tolerate the alien culture and evil religion to invade Norway or not. A true Christian cannot be a killer or a terrorist. Jesus Christ defines liars and killers as children of the devil. I condemn all forms of violence, in particular terrorism from left and right, or from Islamic nations; but I sympathize with Norwegians who reject the wrong way of life, and the wrong cultural values of the undesirable nations and peoples. Please read  The Wrong Way of Life on my website. This may offend some people, truth is offensive. If only weeds are allowed to freely propagate, there will be no room for flowers and green grasses. It is suicidal to let wolves into the sheepfold or snakes into the chicken coop.

Michael B. SauterMay 22, 2012reported the Happiest Countries in the World. In 1975-76 I had conducted critical analysis and assessment of the six most advanced civilizations on earth including Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. See The Theory of Good Society. I know these nations, the study by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s report on life satisfaction has some validity. The United States of America despite of all the boasting and bragging of supremacists is not among the list. That is no surprise. How can Americans be happy when 1 percent of population owns most of the wealth and power and rule over the 99 percent? The nation with the largest deficits and big national debt of over $18 trillion is sinking deeper and deeper, faster and faster. The sole superpower is either preparing or making wars, doing nothing productive or positive in the world. Americans live in fear daily, fear of crooks and criminals and corrupt officials and terrorists. Although I am not a psychiatrist, I believe if you live in a violent and corrupt society, hear and watch bad news on TV day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year – for many years, that will negatively affect your mind and may cause mental illness of various kinds. If you are serious about the American problems, please read America Is Committing Suicide. To be frank, I thought Norway was the best nation on earth if the climate were not considered. I would not survive in a cold country like Norway. The recent event of massacre in Norway and the government policy of accepting Islamic immigrants would make me very unhappy if I were a Norwegian citizen. Yesterday I met a beautiful young Norwegian girl and man. I explained to them, the Norwegian government is wrong in abolishing death penalty and accepting Islamic immigrants. For Islam is completely not compatible with Christianity.  Happiness is a relative concept, no one can be fully happy in this world. You may be surprised but it is true, China is improving and getting better every day and I have witnessed the tremendous changes in China since 1985. Some nations are much better than other nations. Many nations are the worst in the world. It would be offensive to mention those rat and rogue nations such as evil empire of Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, etc.


The Outstanding Public Debt as of 29 Jan 2014 at 02:56:33 AM GMT is:

$ 1 7 , 2 6 9 , 7 1 4 , 8 7 3 , 4 9 6 . 0 0

The estimated population of the United States is 317,533,411
so each citizen's share of this debt is $54,387.08.

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
$2.48 billion per day since September 30, 2012!
Concerned? Then tell Congress and the White House!

There is one thing I am sure of Scandinavia in general and Norway in particular: there is practically no gender discrimination. The beautiful thing is the fact that Scandinavians look at individuals base on their qualifications and abilities and there is nothing to do with gender. I had met quite a few Scandinavian female leaders in many fields. This high level of achievement is not true in the United States even in the year of the Lord 2014. Even with my qualifications and abilities, I also encountered job discrimination in hiring, position, promotion and wages and other abuses. Job and promotion discrimination is a fact of American corporate culture. In my short encounter with Scandinavians, I am not sure there is racial discrimination or not (I personally did not encounter one). There are many Chinese in Scandinavia who engage in restaurant business. I also know Scandinavians love Chinese culture and admire Chinese antiques. 

Only in a good society can people be happy. In a bad society no one can be happy. No one can be happy in an uncivilized nation. The most miserable people live in an oppressive, greedy, corrupt, unjust, unfair and violent society.

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Norway ranks no. 2 as the happiest country in the world. I know it was so. However, a very disturbing element has developed in Norway recently. On August 25, 2012 the Norwegian court declared the 33-year-old terrorist sane, sentenced him to a 21-year prison sentence in massacre that killed 77 people. When the gunman killed 77 innocent Norwegians, that was a day of tragedy for Norway. When the court sentenced the terrorist to a 21-year prison sentence, that was a day of tragedy for future Norway. It sets a precedent no matter how vicious and malicious a mass murderer is, he would only serve a 21-year prison sentence for his crime against humanity. That is a defeat for Norwegian justice. That is a blow to Norwegian legal system. All Norwegians should know the lives of 77 decent Norwegians are not worth the life of a terrorist. The whole world should learn the paradise is lost in Norway. However, there is a grain of truth in what the Norwegian terrorist or mass murderer said about Muslims, but there is not a microgram of truth in what he did. A right cause cannot be justified by a wrong means. The consequences of a wrong national policy will take years to become evident. I have written an article,  America Is Committing Suicide. I am not going to write Norway Is Committing Suicide although I believe that is exactly what Norway is doing. 

It is up to the Norwegians (if Norway is a democracy) to make self-determination. I have said what I have said.

January 3, 2018

Willie Wong
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我已经阅读了Thorbjorn Jagland 文章,为什么我们给刘晓波诺贝尔。首先我想讲清楚,我访问过挪威,我知道挪威,我也喜欢挪威。我最近遇到一些挪威官员谁访问了2010年上海世博会浙江馆。我个人对一挪威官员表示,挪威失败在挪威馆表达挪威的美丽,他同意我的意见。以同样的方式我要告诉挪威诺贝尔委员会说,它给刘晓波诺贝尔的错误。它做了第一次的错误是给封建领主和一个中国的汉奸 - 达赖喇嘛诺贝尔奖。通过给达赖喇嘛诺贝尔奖,挪威诺贝尔委员会赞扬并核准了西方的间谍达赖,强列西藏和中国分裂分开的工作。这是挪威诺贝尔委员会公然和基本的失败。


今天有两个明显威胁世界和平的,即霸权主义和恐怖主义 - 肯定不是中国。中国没有在世界各地建军事基地。中国不攻击或占其他国家。相反,有侵略国家表明,对称为东中国海和南中国海周围的岛屿和领海,几千年来理应属于中国主权的领土要求。记住了臭名昭著的鸦片战争?我很高兴挪威不是那些无赖国家强加中国不平等不文明的条约。 

我亲爱的挪威不慎错过了机会,没有效的在挪威馆表达美丽的挪威 - 2010年中国上海世博会。不管是好的意图,挪威已明确对不起中国,做出给达赖喇嘛和刘晓波诺贝尔和平奖的错误。这将是正确和良好的,如果挪威今后将利用其资源和影响力,攻打今天两个最大威胁世界和平的 - 霸权主义(包括资本主义和贪婪欺诈)和恐怖主义已在世界做了这么多邪恶。这难道不是事实,你的邻居冰岛,因为华尔街创造的经济和金融危机导致破产或几乎破产 - 华尔街,一个贪婪和欺诈性的资本主义的标志?

中国不再是西方势力的范围。西方列强在过去的200年,已经对中国做了这么多邪恶和坏。西方列强自称为基督教国家,是一种对耶稣基督的侮辱。耶稣基督说:你们为什么称呼我主阿,主阿,却不遵我的话行呢?” (路加福音6:46)

西方名义上声称是基督徒的国家,应该归还所有中国的国宝,并开始向中国支付补偿和赔偿。策动鸦片战争的各国开始,更不用提是犯下种族灭绝罪邪恶的日本帝国。挪威为自身做出一件好事,让中华民族独自做主 - 让他们解决自己的问题,让他们决定自己的命运。我目睹了中国为最多的人在最短的时间内,取得了最引人注目的成功和伟大的变化,是没有一个国家曾经在人类历史上做了的。




March 7, 2015

Willie Wong
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